Kings of Leon Hate Their Own Song

December 29, 2009 09:15:34 GMT

Originally intended to be an apology song, 'Use Somebody' turns out to be the song that the whole band reluctant to hear again.

Kings of Leon
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Kings of Leon megahit "Use Somebody" was written by Caleb Followill as an apology to his bandmates after a drunken fight - and now the group hates the song. The frontman came up with the tune by speeding up Joe Cocker tune "Up Where We Belong" during a soundcheck in Scotland - and now the song is up for a clutch of Grammy Awards next year after becoming one of the biggest hits globally in 2009.

He recalls, "We'd had a heavy night of drinking... We'd all been in an argument, so the next day at soundcheck, no one was looking at each other in the eye. I started playing that melody... and then I started singing: 'You know that I could use somebody...' That was my apology."

Followill admits his bandmates - all relatives - had to convince him to include the track on the Kings of Leon's hit album "Only by the Night". Brother Nathan Followill recalls, "You could tell there was something magical about it. Everyone just shut up and looked at each other." Caleb adds, "I was embarrassed by it. I thought it was sappy. By the time it was finished, I was like, 'That's not going on the record...' But everybody was like, 'You gotta put it on there.' So we did."

And despite the song's success, the group now hates it. Jared Followill tells Spin magazine, "Before it was on the radio every five seconds, I thought 'Use Somebody' was a good song, but it's hard to f**ckin' like it when you hear it 90 times a day."


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