Songwriter Sues Eddie Vedder for Changing 'Hard Sun' Lyrics

December 29, 2009 03:54:59 GMT

Gordon Peterson has filed papers in New York's Manhattan federal court after realizing that Vedder has altered his song and allegedly licensed the track without his permission.

Songwriter Sues Eddie Vedder for Changing 'Hard Sun' Lyrics
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Rocker Eddie Vedder is fighting legal action from a Canadian singer/songwriter for changing the lyrics to a song he recorded for the "Into the Wild" soundtrack. The Pearl Jam star recorded Gordon Peterson's tune "Hard Sun" in 2007 for Sean Penn's hit film, but Peterson, who originally wrote the track in 1987, wasn't happy when he heard the finished version - and realized the rock icon had altered the lyrics.

Peterson is now suing Vedder and has filed papers in New York's Manhattan federal court. The suit states, "Vedder altered certain key lyrics of 'Hard Sun'... eroding the integrity of the composition." Executives at Universal Music are also targeted in the lawsuit after allegedly licensing the track without his permission.

Peterson is demanding all profits from the "acts of infringement". However, Vedder's lawyer Gregory Clarick insists Peterson has no grounds for complaint. He tells the New York Post, "We don't see any basis for a copyright infringement claim."


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posted by JT on May 13, 2010
As much as I think Eddie is an awesome singer and who seems to be a great guy by all the activism he does, what he did here was wrong. Whether Gordon Peterson just wants a piece of the pie or not, the fact remains that he wrote that song and the lyrics cannot be changed without his permission. How Eddie's lawyer can say there's no grounds for infringement is ludicrous. Also, Universal should have licensed the song properly before releasing it the way they did. Even if Eddie wins his suit, Universal won't. Yes I'm Canadian and I say that American record labels have to stop stealing our artists' songs any time they feel like it.
posted by paul on Feb 03, 2010
Correct. That's a news correspondant with the same name. Not the singer/composer. Unfortunately this shot is all over the internet.
posted by LLtoadstool on Jan 04, 2010
I'll bet a 5 spot that the Gordon Peterson pictured above is not the Canadian songwriter mentioned in this news release.

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