Kris Allen Explains Santa Monica Concert Ruckus: I Didn't Mean to Break the Law

Kris Allen

The 'Vision of Love' singer says he just wanted to 'play some music and let my fans hear some stuff' and never meant to disrespect anyone.

One day after running into trouble for holding a concert without permit in Santa Monica, Kris Allen explained that what happened was an honest mistake. The 2009 winner of "American Idol" insisted that he just wanted to have fun with his fans and "didn't mean to disrespect anybody or break the law."

"I got kind of bored yesterday and wanted to play some music and let my fans hear some stuff," the 26-year-old singer told E! Online. "I just wanted to set up and play some music. I didn't know the rules. I thought the rule was if I wasn't selling anything I could do it. I just wanted to go out and play."

Allen did the impromptu performance on Sunday afternoon, April 29. "Who wants to go the beach and watch some guy play some tunes?" he tweeted before inviting fans to come by. "How bout the pier in Santa Monica? 8 pm. tunes...ocean breeze...birds pooping on us. It's gonna be great."

He performed his own songs like "Better Than You", "Live Like We're Dying" and the latest one "The Vision of Love". He also delighted the crowd by covering single by Justin Timberlake and did a mash-up song by Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady GaGa.

"The crowd kind of got progressively bigger and I was actually playing the last song and this cop comes up," he recalled. "He is pissed at me, just so mad. He is like, 'Stop man, stop it - you're not supposed to be here.' I'm like, 'Sorry man, I didn't know.' I went to go shake his hand and he was like, 'I don't shake hands with anybody'."

"The idea was wrong. I probably was doing something I shouldn't have," he admitted before adding, "I just wasn't supposed to be there. I was causing more of a ruckus than they wanted. You are supposed to have a permit and I had no idea. Oops. Rock 'n' roll."

Soon after the concert ended, Allen took to Twitter to inform his followers, "Well I wasn't expecting anything from tonight but that's not what I expected. Getting stopped by the cops never crossed my mind. Thanks to everyone that came out. Had a good time. And to the people that just stopped...thanks for stopping."

This led to a speculation that he got arrested due to the gig, but he quickly denied it. "People thought I got arrested, but I didn't. I didn't even get a ticket. I think that guy [cop] was scared of me," he cleared up the false report in the chat with E! Online.

Kris Allen Covering Justin Timberlake:

Kris Allen Getting Stopped by Police:



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