Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Talk Their On-Screen Love in 'Amazing Spider-Man'

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield

Garfield says that Peter Parker finds his true love in Gwen Stacy, while Stone promises that there will be an iconic first kiss which is different from the famous 'upside down' version.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have revealed some details on Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy's romance in "The Amazing Spider-Man". While attending a recent press conference of the film in Tokyo, the two stars explained that Spidey's love story in the upcoming Marc Webb movie will be different from the other "Spider-Man" films.

"In our movie, [Peter] finds his true love," said Garfiled, as quoted by Superhero Hype. "Gwen Stacy was always the true love of Peter Parker...We found a very, very good story about what makes a human being. About what sets their destiny."

Stone, meanwhile, promised that there will be an "iconic" kiss, which is different from the one that Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst had in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man". The real-life girlfriend of Garfield teased, "You want to watch the movie and find out."

"Plus, it would be weird if we were like, 'There's something iconic coming up!' You've got to decide if it's iconic or not," she added. "But there is a nice first kiss and it's different than the upside down one. And we liked it."

During the conference, producer Avi Arad also explained how Dr. Connors a.k.a The Lizard will affect Parker and Stacy's relationship. "We introduce our villain, Dr. Connors, and in the great tradition of Marvel, Dr. Connor is going to be connected to Peter Parker, in our case even more interesting, to Gwen Stacy," he said.

"Right there, the challenge of having to deal with a villain who is a mentor and the only one who you can look at and say, 'So what really happened to my dad?' That's a very hard person to fight," the producer continued.

To open wide in the U.S. theaters on July 3, 2012, "The Amazing Spider-Man" puts its focus on Peter Parker. Like most teenagers his age, he is trying to figure out who he is and how he to be the person he is today. In his journey to put the pieces of his past together, he uncovers a secret that his father held. The secret will ultimately shape his destiny as Spider-Man.

Joining Garfield and Stone in the cast ensemble are Rhys Ifans who stars as Dr. Connor a.k.a The Lizard, Denis Leary who tackles the part of Captain Stacy, as well as Martin Sheen and Sally Field who portray Ben and May Parker respectively.



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