Soulja Boy Removes 'Let's Be Real' From Internet and Excludes It From Album

September 08, 2011 06:22:34 GMT

The rapper whose real name is DeAndre Way has his team work nonstop to delete all traces of the offending song from the web, and vows to never release it for purchase.

Soulja Boy
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Soulja Boy and his camp continue their effort to do damage control. After issuing a public apology over his army-offending song "Let's Be Real", the "Turn My Swag On" rapper confirmed through his rep that they are taking down the track from the internet.

The representative for Soulja's management team, Debby Coda, revealed to TMZ that they along with the people from his record label have been working nonstop to remove all traces of the viral video from the web. Accordingly, they have started the cleaning since a week ago.

Beside deleting the video from online world, Debby also gave assurance that Soulja has vowed to never include the foul-mouthed song in his future albums. Saying that the music was "hastily and foolishly posted to the Internet," the rep added it will never be released commercially anywhere.

Soulja Boy has got a lot of protests after spitting the controversial lyric of "f**k the troops". The rhymer was demanded by a military veteran to apologize to all soldiers, mocked by another army member to change his famous moniker, and hit with boycott threat by Army and Air Force Exchange Service (Aafes).

Ltc Thomas Shrader from the Service, which oversees merchandise sold on military bases, calls the music "unacceptable and not the kind of thing we would want to market." Soulja's album will be banned from their shelves if the offending track makes the final cut. The boycott will be reevaluated once he agreed to exclude it from the album.


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posted by mrspretty on Nov 02, 2011
YOu ought to be a shame of yo damn self because troop take the time to protect this country and protect our lives by risking theirs
posted by bhollywood on Sep 14, 2011
Congratulations soulja boy, the military officially hates you more than terrorism itself. Every night that you get to sleep in your mansion and rest I hope you know that someone stronger than you is out there risking their life so you don't have to. Have a good one.
posted by SouljaBoyTellem on Sep 13, 2011
posted by squady on Sep 13, 2011
after any length of time spent in the services, none of us deserve this idiots ranting. there are more records/discs with foul language on them that should have been banned ages ago. When the first record highlighting the bravery of a soldier in Ireland was released it was banned immediately, but i bet this would not have.
posted by Tracie on Sep 12, 2011
Still on youtube
posted by Navy_Vet on Sep 12, 2011
BULLS**T.... I didnt serve 4 years of my life to protect stupid people like this!!!!!
posted by Dat1Youngin on Sep 12, 2011
lmao.... But hes still a lame azz rapper either way... I dont support him.. But I support him in dis situation
posted by Dat1Youngin on Sep 12, 2011
Itz his freedom of speach.... Sure he shouldn't hav said it,, but itz his song.... If yall dont lyke it then dont listen 2 it.... Yall take stuff too far... Dont let dis dude make yall mad over his dim witted protests....hes jus rappin bout wat he thinks and expressin his rites.... if yall dont lyke it then dont buy his stuff... Itz az simple az that... He shouldn't apologize for speaking his mind
posted by Robinjw80 on Sep 12, 2011
I am a female Vet and I hope your mother is ashamed of you becasue I know alot of other mothers that are you can not fix stuiped
posted by MrSelfDestruct on Sep 12, 2011
He looks like a burnt match...this guy has no idea what being a soldier is about. Go back to your cave monkey.
posted by SouljaBoyTellem on Sep 12, 2011
I am sorry I am a piece of shit I let my money get the best all I wanted to do was use freedom of speech I guess I will lynch myself or better yet take my $21 G5 n crash in the Atlantic
posted by mizzy on Sep 12, 2011
Soulja boy how daré u say something about our troops. U have no idea what it is 2 be one. U punk lil boi
posted by Soldier on Sep 12, 2011
I hate you Soulja faggot! I am a real life Soldier Boy, and I want to beat your bitch ass!!!!
posted by deployedsoldier on Sep 12, 2011
so i think they should send his ass over here to fight side by side or even better just make him do a show here and see what happens lol wont end well you lost a lot of fans SOULJA fuck you and fuck your music
posted by Vaquero on Sep 12, 2011
What a doof. Those of you who confuse rap with art need look no further than this dweeb. His "shocking" video was expressly developed to sell to those other dweebs who wish to hear a rapper "be real." What a bunch of sheep.
posted by nigger on Sep 12, 2011
what a fucking nigger
posted by whatabuz13 on Sep 12, 2011
FUCK YOU SOULJA BOY! You were always a wack ass rapper to me anyways. Now the whole world knows it! Chumps like you are ruining the rap/hip-hop industry. My Brother is one of thse troops as well as a few friends. If it wasn't for them you wouldn't be jumpin around like a dumbass singin "Let me see that Soulja Boy" Much Love to all of the men and women enlisted and God Bless America!
posted by NativeChik23 on Sep 12, 2011
Well stupidity isnt something anyone can fix but Soulja Boy even if U take all that shit off the web it aint going 2 help U cause U shouldnt B disrespectful 2 begin with & if U dislike them so much leave our country then cause ur pretty much sayin U hate our country!!!
posted by a REAL vet on Sep 11, 2011
NO NO NO...don't just ban his shit if that song makes the final cut! Ban him period!! Don't negotiate with them. JUST BAN SOULJA BOY NO MATTER WHAT. PERIOD.
posted by Air force one on Sep 11, 2011
It's good to see what we do day in and day out is making an affect in our society. If we weren't, then this 100lb with his clothes wet piece of shit would be dragged through the streets and have his head cut off in front of thousandths of people! Only in this country can you say such bullshit and still go home and smoke your blunt and beat off to call of duty and act like your a man! Keep it up soulja boy, you're a prime example of what we do is protecting your right to freedom of speech!
posted by sarge on Sep 11, 2011
To bad you can't be deployed to the middle real nice to see you there
posted by ThisItIs1253 on Sep 11, 2011
Soulja should be absolutely ashamed of himself! You are a disgusting pig. Karma is a Bi*** and I hope it hits you hard because of this. You lost my respect and me as a fan. never listening to your music again!!
posted by Missy on Sep 11, 2011
I know it says here that the song was "hastily" written and put on the internet, but one's true feelings always show through, even in times of "haste" & "not thinking". I knew there was a reason I was never really too fond of "Soulja Boy" & now it's all clear. Don't hate "souljas" cuz you ain't one!
posted by Thinkaboutitisadumba on Sep 11, 2011
thinkaboutit, you contradicted youself, you are a poor excuse for an american. I hope you die in a terrorist attack since you think our troops protecting you are shooting people for sport. F you and your Family.
posted by YankeeAirPirate on Sep 11, 2011
Free speech has a price. The price this miserable little zit will pay will be to starve in the gutter where he belongs. Any agent, sponsor or backer who sticks up for or picks up this scumbag when he gets dumped is to be included in the boycott rage.
posted by Jeremy on Sep 11, 2011
I am not on this douche bag's side. I think he's getting exactly what he deserves. However, whenever people talk about how our soldiers dying is protecting our freedom, I always wonder HOW! In the Revolutionary War? Yeah. That protected our freedom, but how does sending our young people to kill and die in wars that have nothing to do with freedom or protecting our country apply? I just don't get it, and I wish this entire country would stop it with this false reasoning. Our young soldiers are being sent to fight bullshit wars. Their deaths are avoidable and WRONG, and so are the deaths of people who call home the countries our soldiers are sent to conquer. I support our troops, but I support them by saying that they need to be sent HOME!
posted by us army troop on Sep 11, 2011
He said what he said, and can't take that back. No need in apologizing, he lost total respect from everyone.
posted by Judifem on Sep 10, 2011
Let's invite him to Iraq or Afghanistan for a few months to work side by side with our Military and see if he can hang! He couldn't do it. Soulja Boy, You are a piece of SH*t. Leave our Country!
posted by mark royall on Sep 10, 2011
Neva heard of you, n aint gona try, curl up n die wanker.
posted by STXMAIS on Sep 10, 2011
Let me tell you this, I just went to a car accident that involved 4 teens (3 dead), and then I hear this CRA*. I am not in the military, but DEFINITELY support all men and women who PROTECT ME AND MY FAMILY. Buddy (Soulja Boy) you don't have any fricken' balls. What a piece of trash, rapping...try defending the free country you live in asshole!
posted by IMug4nugz on Sep 10, 2011
I mean you can put him out of buisness and ruin his sales, but he doesn't have any to begin with. Is he so desperate that he has to do this? What a fool... Throw him out there on the warzone, let him say some shit out there. No one likes him anyways.
posted by CBUNN266 on Sep 09, 2011
posted by Badcat.1 on Sep 09, 2011
Let's not try to deny anyone the freedom of speech or song. Let's not either deny me and countless others our rights to the same. He may be about to lose a fortune because myself and others would pull their own nails rather than part with one cent for him. His entourage and hangers-on can do what they may to limit the damage - too little, too late. Soulja Boy - I think not. Cry-boy, ohmygodimgonnalosemoney boy, more like. Working for deadhead profit at any cost record label, too - He's going to last about as long as anyone else in the public eye who is so full of hatred, disrespect and ignorance. About 5 minutes.
posted by Collins on Sep 09, 2011
Lets protect freedom of speech and the freedom to NOT spend my money on this piece of trash. You messed up Soulja and now you are trying to back pedal because it hurt you pocket. You are not the only one... your label and surrounding peers obviously did not mind the lyrics because no one apparently gave you the good advice of trashing it.
posted by joela on Sep 09, 2011
What Whoop24 said. The law's not going after him. (It's not like he yelled Fire! in a crowded room or something or slandered character, etc.) However, freedom of speech does not shield you from consequences of your words which is happening with the military's ban of sales of his albums. It can do that - that, too, is protected.
posted by DaveH on Sep 09, 2011
To say f you to one soldier, is to say it to all of them. That would be saying it to my Grandpa who served in Korea, his Great grandfather who was in the Civil War, and my friend and brother who were in Pakistan . This man is crazy and must not know what it is to be an American. America loves its' Warriors' and the freedoms they have won for us! What other world power has ever idolized their soldiers like we have? The Romans, the Greeks, maybe the Huns. This man should be dealt some harsh punishments. A ban on that song without an expressed apology as a track on the C.D.
posted by realsoldierboy on Sep 09, 2011
Just because us real soldiers are better than any civilians doesn't mean that prick should talk shit to us. We fuckin fight for this fuckin piece of shit country the civilians should be worshipping us like gods instead of making minimum wages and being losers and having kids yo get welfare.
posted by NudderVet on Sep 09, 2011
Freedom of speech means the government can not censor it. It does not mean that the public can not react to stupid ass statements like his. Every action has repercussions. Let him live with his. At least he has a home with the Westboro Baptist Church.
posted by Real Soldier on Sep 08, 2011
I guess Soul Whatever is going to finally feel what is to be a Real Soldier by getting a real Job. How dare does he disrespect the Soldiers!!!!
posted by Whoop24 on Sep 08, 2011
TK doesn't understand what free speech means. It means he won't be imprisoned for his lyrics. Nobody's denying him the right to say anything. They're just invoking their own right to NOT distribute his worthless garbage.
posted by Old Soldier on Sep 08, 2011
Fuck that piece of shit...
posted by RTH on Sep 08, 2011
Absolutely, tk, he has a right to free speech. A right bought for him by soldier's blood! And, that means you respect those who fought for YOU!!
posted by wineru on Sep 08, 2011
To tk, yes he has the right for free speech which is defended by us veterans/troops and our right is to attempt to stop all purchases of Soulja's material.
posted by Tig on Sep 08, 2011
And the military has the right to say fuck you, your not selling your shit in our stores. If he does anything he wants, thats fine, but do it away from those who fight to keep him safe.
posted by Bama92 on Sep 08, 2011
Well i aint never been a fan of that rap crap....the music is stupid and this just helps make my case...but this new song of his is just down right disgraceful...yes i am in the military currently and i know too many people that have given up everything, we give up everything so little stupid punks like him can have freedoms...we want recognition for it we do it because we love this country and so everyone can enjoy the freedoms we have...but his phrasing he says came out wrong..thats a load of bullshit because it takes months and months to cut a record he knew what the hell he was saying...i know we have freedom of speech but when you bash the ones who die for it thats just just plum ignorant and people like that can not only kiss my ass but can get the hell out of America. So, Soulja Boy, you need to freakin change your name from sounding like something that you apparently dont appreciate nor give a damn about...
posted by tk on Sep 08, 2011
OK now this is just going too far. This is denying Soulja of his right to free speech. Don't make Soulja an industry slave. That's one of the main things real music fans still like about Soulja - he does that raw shit. He does whatever he wants when he wants.
posted by SGT D on Sep 08, 2011
Dear Puss-Bag Soulja Boy. Bring your 100 pound self out to a real war zone and see just how long you survive in a fore fight. You use our name to bring you fame, and then you disrespect us in the same breath. Your bodyguards wont save you from us. If I were them i would retire before they get retired. Yes this is a threat/promise.
posted by Stop_Him_Now on Sep 08, 2011
@TK, Nobody can do what they like when they like. You live in something called a society (what there is left of it) that has nothing to do with free speech but everything to do with respect and understanding. Those who choose to live otherwise must be stopped, usually by custodial sentences, or more appropriately in this case, a bullet.
posted by prdmom82nd on Sep 08, 2011
What a jerk.. No one should buy or listen to one thing he records!! That is the only way he will understand that his disrespect matters . This is sickening. To imagine that it took an uproar to remove.Bullshit. To think it out loud is bullshit. Move somewhere else asshole..
posted by ArealSOLDIER on Sep 08, 2011
Indeed, he has the right to say his piece. But he is speaking on shit he doesn't know about. What does he know about war? Risking his life for his country? These young men and women that have died defending this nation dont deserve those lyrics. He wouldn't make it past bootcamp..thats hard and real.
posted by AFvet on Sep 08, 2011
I think due to the fact he even released this song, we all now his real feelings. My real feelings is to put this idiot out of business.
posted by ThinkAboutIt on Sep 08, 2011
Hmmm... Hey at least he is not one of the soldiers killing people for game in IRAQ. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE AND SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, but really if you don't like it, don't listen to it. I think they should just get rid of that track and let it be. RE-TARD-ED if you ask me. F*ck, you, F*ck you, F*ck you, your cool and f*ck you... I'm Out.
posted by MrzFranchize on Sep 08, 2011
He can use his power to free speech all he wants but as long as his free speech disrespects the armed forces he won't have any record sales and he will be boycotted. Do you think we go overseas for the fun of it? Soulja boy, is full of shit!! If he's not a real musician. If he was real about his music and what he said then he wouldn't be apologizing, taking the video off the net or taking the song off the album!! He knows he was wrong, he's not about the music he's about the money!! Screw Deandre Way and everything he stands for!! Change your name cause you don't deserve to called Soulja Boy.

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