Topless Miley Cyrus Photographed While Getting Tattoo

Topless Miley Cyrus Photographed While Getting Tattoo

A picture taken at a tattoo parlor earlier this year leaks online, showing the 'Can't Be Tamed' songstress covering her assets with a flannel when a dream catcher is inked on her ribcage.

Another racy photo of Miley Cyrus has leaked online. This time, the 18-year-old star is captured on camera taking off her shirt to get tattooed. The image, taken earlier this year when she had a dream catcher inked on her ribcage, displays the former "Hannah Montana" babe clutching a flannel to cover her bare chest.

Miley has previously found herself in hot water after posing seductively with another woman. In the image surfacing in late 2010, the singer/actress is seen sitting on a couch while her alleged assistant pulls the 18-year-old's dress and licks her nipple.

Just last week on May 12, the "Party in the USA" hitmaker flaunted her bod in a skimpy bikini when hitting a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with her mother Tish. She took a time out to relax before performing in the city two days later.



    May 22, 2011

    Ok for starters...Miley Cyrus is not a teenager she is an ADULT! second of all she is getting a tattoo that requires her side to be exposed, and third SHE ISNT SHOWING ANYTHING, the most that is showing is her arms for gods sake people get over yourselves get a life and leave miley's alone. im sure you have done way worse stuff than that. GROW UP!!! she did!

    May 18, 2011

    Uh...What's wrong with this picture? She's getting a tattoo where you kind of need to have your shirt off. Get over people just let her do her she's a big girl now.

    May 18, 2011

    Miley Cyrus is not hannah montanah anymore.....shes a teenager just like the rest of us cant expect her to keep up the hannah image...shes done with that i suppose!!!!!!!!

    May 17, 2011

    Isn't it a coincidence this photo magically "leaks" the same day Demi Lovato posts pics of herself in a bikini?

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