Selena Gomez Caught on Camera Sitting on Justin Bieber's Lap

April 25, 2011 06:52:11 GMT

The 'Who Says' songstress lets loose with her affection toward the 'Baby' hitmaker boyfriend while joining him in the Indonesian stop on his My World tour.

Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber
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Photo credit: /WENN

Selena Gomez gets more daring in showing off PDAs with boyfriend Justin Bieber when they are away from the spotlight in Hollywood. The "Wizards of Waverly Place" beauty joined the "Never Say Never" singer during the Asian leg of his My World tour, and she has been snapped sitting comfortably on his lap while in Indonesia.

The 18-year-old was wearing white tank top under a light purple jacket when caught on camera, while her 17-year-old boyfriend sported a black shirt with a pair of dark shades. In the pictures taken, the two seemingly didn't mind flaunting their affection toward each other and were all smiles though there were a lot of people standing by.

Selena and Justin arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia on Friday, April 22 after performing at Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia the night before. The young couple were photographed with their arms around each other when they made their way out at the Bandara Soekarno Hatta airport amidst tight security.

On Saturday night, April 23, Justin performed to a sold-out crowd at Sentul City International Convention Center in Bogor. During the gig, he teased the concert-goers with a little cover of Selena's "Who Says" when they asked him to sing hit single "Baby". After the show, he tweeted, "Indonesia was HYPED!!! Great show and met the Indonesian CHUCK NORRIS...he was the guy driving the pickup truck in our Police escort. #BEAST."


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posted by Just Passing Thro on May 09, 2011
No matter whom Justin's going out with, his fanatic stans are going to hate her and wanted to kill her. Y'all sounding like a terrorist!
posted by Voldomort snowbells on May 07, 2011
are they really lovers?I know someday they'll breakup cos selena is too old 4 Justin!
posted by Patricia on May 03, 2011
I Think Selena SUCKS ! Justin Needs Somebody Better. & He Says He '' Like Big Butts & He Can Not Lie '' WTF SELENA GOMEZ IS FLAT AS A BOARD.
posted by adie on May 02, 2011
dtag ke aceh se kali ok
posted by Aleah Clark on Apr 30, 2011
Well, I really don't care now because I'm an unbelieber.
posted by Aleah Clark on Apr 30, 2011
Jelena,you can tell me where you have been but, you can't tell me where you are going! touche
posted by JASMINEBIEBER on Apr 28, 2011
posted by jkh on Apr 27, 2011
posted by random person on Apr 27, 2011
I think selena is a little big for him. I mean she's not fat or anything, she's skinny for sure. Justin should find someone a little smaller than him.
posted by iamqueen on Apr 27, 2011
all the girls say...
posted by Rey on Apr 27, 2011
Just let them
posted by Mini on Apr 26, 2011
Hey i like Jelena but didnt you notice, that when theres a new hottie around, selena is the first one to go out with them and in the end she breaks their heart, i hope she doesnt do that with Bieber x :/
posted by demi lovato on Apr 26, 2011
selena you re so cuit stay with justin
posted by jane on Apr 26, 2011
justin stay with selena dont break her heart
posted by antoniaaa on Apr 26, 2011
fuk herrr!!
posted by tiffany on Apr 26, 2011
justin and selena r so cute together just please stay together for the rest of your lifes
posted by TIFFANY on Apr 26, 2011
posted by jelena lover! on Apr 25, 2011
hey u guys back off of selena if u R a TRUE BELIEBER u shoudn't be hating justin or selena for going together u should be happy of what he does because that is what a TRUE FAN does, and besides as if u BELIEBERS have a chance on him! HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW U GUYS EXIST!!!
posted by ... on Apr 25, 2011
They're teenagers, it's normal for them to be showing PDA. And to the girl who said she's so old... She's 1 year older than him. Seriously? You little delusional girls need to grow up. If he didn't want her, he wouldn't be with her.
posted by Jbl on Apr 25, 2011
Yes they are a cute together
posted by lookatmenow on Apr 25, 2011
they arent denying that they're a couple they just dont talk about it. and so what if he's doing pda? he IS a teenage boy
posted by belieberluv on Apr 25, 2011
okaii ur rite i think selena gomez is using justin bieber but they are cute but Jelena nahhh they dont belong together its like puting ketchup and icecream together but justin needs to focuc on his stardom cuz every since they started going out he has been losing ALOT of fans and i think thats selena's plan all along
posted by me on Apr 25, 2011
who nows zey will b hasband n wife!
posted by isabelle on Apr 25, 2011
fuck her
posted by a very big hater of on Apr 25, 2011
Dis monkey gurl wouldn't stop pushing herself to Justin'..! Why is she like that..? At first I like her but when I knew that she had a crush On him me and ma friends started to hate her alot..! Shes so old..! Some hater are hating her because of what shes d0ing! She kn0wz dat Justin iz zo fam0uze and she pushing herself to him what kind of a gurl..! He like Justin because hes rich and fam0uze right now'what if Justin L0se and getting older'? She g0nna break up with him..!
posted by marry popppin on Apr 25, 2011
so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by mj on Apr 25, 2011
i think that selena is an over age ;xoxo mj
posted by Justin fan 100 on Apr 25, 2011
I think that Justin and Selena are a cute couple but i'm really jelus of Selena. I LOVE JUSTIN!!!!!!!
posted by devotedjustmine on Apr 25, 2011
fuck you flirt selena!!!
posted by adult fan teresa on Apr 25, 2011
i think that they should take it slow- they are too young. justin has so much at stake- he should focus more on his music. he has so much more to offer. and PDA! he's a role model.
posted by kim B on Apr 25, 2011
ithink dat JB +SG should stp denying and they r a cute couple
posted by mary on Apr 25, 2011
justin n selena r so cute together

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