Criminal Past of Ted Williams the Golden Voice Dug Out

January 07, 2011 09:26:23 GMT

As his meteoric rise to stardom continues to escalate, people find out what happened during the two decades he spent homeless and drunk.

Criminal Past of Ted Williams the Golden Voice Dug Out
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Guy with the golden voice Ted Williams may have become some kind of celebrity but he's yet to experience the downside to it. The latest dig into his past may be his first challenge to cope up with the sudden rush of fame. The Smoking Gun has a rap sheet of his criminal records which include theft, robbery, escape, forgery and drug possession.

Around 12 mug shots of the 53-year-old in various appearance are posted on the website and they were taken in the past two decades. The most recent one took place in early July when a Colombus businessman called cops on Williams and his female companion because they were "refusing to leave the business property" and had become an "ongoing problem" for the business.

Williams reportedly begged for money from the business' customers while the woman "gets picked up and dropped off in the parking lot by various and numerous males in different vehicles." The businessman who only wanted to be identified as Dan also said that Williams sometimes stole items from cars parked by the company's customers. "He's basically been a thief for the past two years," Dan said.

Williams appeared on "Today" on Thursday, January 6 morning to reveal that he went to a dark place when caught up with drugs and alcohol. But he promised his mother who believes in a second chance that he won't let her down anymore. The man, who just a few days ago lived in a tent, has been hired by MSNBC to give a voiceover for "Lean Forward" campaign which airs Thursday night and is considering other job offers.


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posted by momma on Jan 13, 2011
ive been in the dark place ted was,by the grace of god&and prayers of many i am much better i can even see a light at the end of the tunnel,its a long road to recovery i need all the love and prayers i can get.i get stronger a little every day,its like a brick wall when people look down on mei tell myself constantly "i am a child of god and desirve to be happy" the hardest thing is beliving im truly forgiving for my sins,guilt is a deamon that finds me in the bottom of any bottle..
posted by Pvt on Jan 11, 2011
I agree, when you are homeless you do what you must to survive. Although, what is the excuse for walking out on atleast 5 children and never looking back?
posted by Desireeleanne on Jan 07, 2011
When people where telling Jesus why he forgave Mary Magdalene Jesus said "let the one who has no sin cast the first stone and no one did.Like the thief beside Jesus on the cross,God is giving Ted Williams a second chance who are we to object? Are you sinless? and i mean sinless? Go ahead throw the first stone...
posted by anti o on Jan 07, 2011
You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig!He will revert to his old ways.
posted by NY on Jan 07, 2011
When you're homeless and very hungry with no access to funds whatsoever, I'm pretty sure you'd try to beg or steal from other people too. Give this dude a break... I watched the Today show interview and he seems very overwhelmed which is unsettling but let's hope that the people who give him opportunities and money, also give him the moral support that he truly needs.
posted by Zeety on Jan 07, 2011
What possible risk could he pose to an employer? No doubt the same people who think he shouldn't be able to get a job are the ones who scream the loudest about lazy people on welfare.
posted by PJ on Jan 07, 2011
Ted admitted that he had a drug problem but never mentioned his criminal activity. I think that is a little disingenuous of him. In his shoes, I would feel guilty taking all that heaping praise without admitting the hurtful things I did to others.
posted by rimima on Jan 07, 2011
Thanks MSNBC for helping this man to turn his life around. With help and encouragement from others he may make it. The rest is up to him.
posted by JD9 on Jan 07, 2011
The guy admitted he had a storied criminal past. So beat the dead horse again and again.
posted by m9 on Jan 07, 2011
What did you expect? Go out and find real news.
posted by DC on Jan 07, 2011
You'd have to be a writer for aceshowbiz to think this is newsworthy. Seriously, reporting that homeless people have criminal records. Were you born yesterday?
posted by Anon on Jan 07, 2011
Frankly, if I were homeless individual I would feel absolutely hopeless and helpless. Therefore, I would lie, cheat and steal constantly to survive. That's simply human nature.

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