50 Cent Challenges Beats by Dr. Dre With Sleek Wireless Headphone

January 07, 2011 06:36:43 GMT

Launched in Vegas, Sleek by 50 is a wireless headphone with a hybrid technology which offers 'top-level performance.'

50 Cent
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Photo credit: Judy Eddy/WENN

50 Cent has launched a new wireless headphone line on Thursday, January 6 at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Partnering with Sleek Audio, the rapper offers Wireless Hybrid technology using military-grade metals and the latest in fit and performance.

Wearing a formal tuxedo, Fiddy said he is aware that people compare his headphone with the one launched by fellow rapper Dr. Dre. But he confirmed he has something that hasn't been in the market yet. He is confident it will help fans enjoy music in a way that they haven't experienced before.

"I see everyone, not just my fans, enjoying the music. Music is the language of love. Music can break language barriers," he said when introducing the new product to the press. The Sleek by 50 will be available worldwide by Q2 of this year and will be priced at about $350.

"I was fortunate to find Sleek, the technology they employ and their knowledge of how we hear music truly blew me away. It was a perfect match, I didn't want to create another pair of loud headphones, I wanted to create headphones that offer top-level performance, style and new technology," he added in the press release.


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posted by freh-man9 on Feb 07, 2011
that is to mutch money
posted by Rahim on Jan 21, 2011
Wow I really like the Sleek, Dre's Beats I don't like them, to many complaints about the wire from them. Now if Fiddy joints sound better than Bose he is in there! Now see wireless is like the best you don't have to deal with wires! He got Dre beat!
posted by hiphophead on Jan 14, 2011
hahah, they will not outbeat BEATS by DR. DRE. Ludachris is going to outsell you with his own headphones first.
posted by me on Jan 10, 2011
you are the beast
posted by 614 Grind on Jan 07, 2011
Get em Fif! Now, make the price point something that the average music listener can afford...unlike Dre.
posted by jun mhoon on Jan 07, 2011
This is cool. 50 Cent is showing young artist how they must become entrepreneurs.
posted by hihater on Jan 07, 2011
These look DOPE! Best headphones out!

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