Avril Lavigne's New Album Titled 'Goodbye Lullaby'

November 27, 2010 03:43:15 GMT

Going to be preceded by lead single 'What the Hell' in January next year, 'Goodbye Lullaby' will be out two months later.

Avril Lavigne
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Avril Lavigne revealed what she is going to call her next studio installment. At American Music Awards on November 21, the 26-year-old Canadian pop/rock singer said the album which follows up her 2007 "The Best Damn Thing" is called "Goodbye Lullaby".

At the same event but in a different interview, she told MTV that she plotted to drop the album two months after the release of the first single. "My single's coming out in January; it's called 'What the Hell,'" she explained. "And my record's coming out in March, so I'm pretty excited."

"This album is different ... I'm older now, so I think that comes across in my music, it's not as pop-rock and it's a little more mellow and it's deep," she stated more. "But my first single is very 'up' and pop-rock. The first single is very much like my older stuff, but the rest of the album is a departure."

One of the producers Avril tapped to work with her is "Love the Way You Lie" mastermind Alex da Kid. According to him, the album will be a mixture of Avril Lavigne's pop/rock root and his Hip-Hop sound. He said, "We've got some things that are Hip-Hop leaning, and we've got some things that are more pop/rock leaning, so it's what we both do just kind of combined into one thing."


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posted by re-re on Mar 10, 2011
it dont suck at all. if you were a tre avril fan you wouldn't care you'd syport her
posted by dmndbahik on Mar 07, 2011
I'm dissapointed!
posted by Me on Mar 06, 2011
It really sucks! What if she gets older? Why can't she play the same pop-rock music?!..HIP HOP? SERIOUSLY NOW? This is not Avril that i used to love..her old music was really good. special. AND NOW HIP HOP? It's just not her!
posted by BABILA on Feb 13, 2011
posted by Lemon on Feb 11, 2011
I cant wait to listen your new albim . Avril Forever !
posted by ayko... on Jan 23, 2011
im so excited to hear your voice again!!! im super excited!!! we love you!!
posted by avril lavigne on Jan 23, 2011
You're so sexy
posted by Hina on Dec 31, 2010
Finally!! I can't wait for it!!! <3<3<3
posted by luis on Dec 06, 2010
yo igual ya no me guanto de tener el nuevo cd de ella y ver el primer single, ella es la mejor y muy poca que sacan video bonito y sobre todo la vida de ella
posted by avril sidah on Dec 03, 2010
where can i download it is there a site
posted by k.k on Dec 01, 2010
Sooooo excited!! Can't wait to see new listen the new single. I'm sure Avril will be the best artist in 2011.
posted by Rian on Nov 30, 2010
Lets countdown... :D
posted by Catvril on Nov 29, 2010
wow!! i really can't wait for her new album,, is "won't let you go" is included in this album? <3 it really good to listen that song.... love avril
posted by Vanessa on Nov 28, 2010
Great ! Can't wait. This album is for sure going to be awesome. I wanted to see Avril defeat all the other artist especially Justin Bieber ! :))
posted by d d on Nov 28, 2010
I hpe the new album hit the chart and i hpe avril will be together with evan
posted by Abbey on Nov 27, 2010
Can't wait! :) Pleased to see that she's taking a more mature direction, UMS was really good so I hope it channels off of that style
posted by ankaranx on Nov 27, 2010
its named 'goodbye lullaby' and 'its like a departure', the last album maybe?
posted by Mike on Nov 27, 2010
Looking forward to this album! Avril Lavigne's one of the few pop artists that doesn't seem completely controlled by their record label these days, and she's got true singing and songwriting abilities.
posted by Jantotxz on Nov 27, 2010
Im so excited! Im from Philippines, i cant wait for her next album and single. Love u avril!
posted by Kik on Nov 27, 2010
I thnk tats cool! I hpe her new album wil b the best ever,also cant wait to listen to 'what the hell' n album title 'goodbye lullaby' is very clear tat its rely personal wow i love the way avril sings ballads,remembr innocenc im wit u,hw does it feel OMG rely excitd cnt wait!

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