Video Premiere: Mark Ronson's 'Somebody to Love Me' Ft. Boy George

Video Premiere: Mark Ronson's 'Somebody to Love Me' Ft. Boy George

The Culture Club are seen throwing a surprise birthday party for one of their members in this home video shots for Mark Ronson's track.

Mark Ronson's music video in support of his track "Somebody to Love Me" has made its way out via Dazed Digital. The clip pays homage to his collaborator Boy George, featuring him with his Culture Club bandmates during their heyday.

Coincidentally, George said earlier this week that Culture Club will reunite in 2012 to mark the band's 30th anniversary. "We're definitely doing it, yeah, yeah, in 2012. Our D-Day is April 30, which is the same day as our first ever single release, 'White Boy', and yeah, we're doing it, it's going to be great fun," he said.

The music video is directed by Saam Farahmand and Ronson praised him for using Culture Club's home video shots for it. Ronson said, "Saam is a wonderful boy genius. There could be no better moving image to accompany this."

Beside having Boy George's vocal, "Somebody to Love" also features Andrew Wyatt. The song is included in Mark Ronson's third studio album "Record Collection" which has been in stores since September this year.

Mark Ronson's "Somebody to Love Me" music video



    Feb 25, 2011

    I so agree with Tommy. It's quite obvious that it's a woman playing the role of Boy George in the filmclip and in a few shots you can make out her boobs. Plus boy george is taller that the petite girl playing him. And there are no other band members in the clip. I know he was close to Marilyn for awhile and there's someone resembling Marilyn in the clip but you're trying to pull the wool over our eyes!

    Nov 03, 2010

    I don't see the other members of Culture Club including George's ex-boyfriend Jon Moss anywhere in this video. Just random people. And why is George being played by a girl? The whole point of George is he wore makeup, looked feminine, but was obviously a guy in his mannerisms. You can't have a girl playing George.

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