Inside Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's Love Nest Revealed

August 20, 2010 07:39:22 GMT

Several pictures of Robert and Kristen's love shack in Los Angeles have been revealed, showing the natural scenery, which also adds values to one of the bedrooms, surrounding the abode.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson
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Closer looks on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's love nest in Los Angeles have been revealed. E! Online has now obtained several pictures inside Robert and Kristen's love shack, thanks to curious fans who lurked around in the resident.

One shot shows the abode from above, which also exposes hills and a lake surrounding the love nest. The house also boasts an outdoor swimming pool. Another picture gives fans a closer look inside the resident, a bright kitchen set.

Moreover, a side view of the house is also obtained, revealing its minimalist style, while another image shows a bedroom with a wide open door facing to the lake and hills. The house is said having five-bedroom and five-bath home.

According to the site, the L.A. abode is a place where Robert and Kristen headed to once they landed at LAX on Tuesday, August 17, after ending their long weekend in Montreal, Canada. When the rumored-lovers were not there, the gate leading to the house is reportedly left wide open, giving paparazzi and curious fans a chance to scope out the scene.

Robert and Kristen were first reported scouting for a home in L.A. neighborhoods back in December 2009. A friend of the two told In Touch Weekly at the time, "They're not ready for a huge commitment, but right now the best thing to do seems to find a home with a lot of privacy and security where they can find out how compatible they really are."


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posted by rozenn on Oct 05, 2010
For me, they look good together.. But i think guys it's not right to stalk them! I mean though they are a public figure but they deserve to have a privacy..
posted by rayne on Sep 05, 2010
kelly,seriously,y would anyone give u either of their phone numbers.
posted by mainegirl on Aug 22, 2010
stalking theses two ,R.P&.K.S.IS SO WRONG.respect them , when they want the fans to photo them<if asked to leave them for some fun&downtime, leave them be, i agee, if the PP..,don"t stop chasing them, one or both can be hurt, we the fans, at least mayself want them to be safe, together or not, friends are just as good,and maybe better, they are very young. friends are for LIFE.STALKINGis a crime.... robert,kristen ,can"t wait for beaking dawn, your awesome in theses saga , movies, they bring the books to life. love the both of youuuuuuuuuuuu.
posted by wriscops on Aug 21, 2010
Are you people idiots? These are not photos taken by fans and/or paparazzi sneaking into/trespassing..They are all taken from a helicopter. Plus thats not a old Nova in the driveway.
posted by Mel on Aug 21, 2010
this is BS! NO PICTURES MEANS NO PROOF! I don't believe anything without any pics!
posted by lily on Aug 21, 2010
whatever.... give them space..
posted by Donna on Aug 20, 2010
I want Rob to know Jesus loves you, and the pops and fans should leave him alone. It's nice to know how he's doing, but stalking is a crime. He's very important to his fans, and we believe the ever-hungary-pops and photogs need to leave him be.
posted by mer on Aug 20, 2010
I'm sure they want Kelly and every other psycho fan e-mailing and phoning them. "Like it's REALLY IMPORTANT that I talk to them"? Get a life, and let them have some privacy in theirs. Some of you morons are taking this fan thing over the line. Could be they are just friends and Rob is staying there until they start shooting Breaking Dawn. The press gets carried away and wants a big story so they will make up anything. I'm sure RP and KS are sick to death of all of this. Can't blame them.
posted by Susie on Aug 20, 2010
We are talking about privacy here and letting them have their space, so Kelly why would you want their phone or email? Are you kidding?
posted by nessie on Aug 20, 2010
posted by desertann on Aug 20, 2010
these pictures are on
posted by natasha29 on Aug 20, 2010
where are these so called pictures? Come on you guys this is all a bunch of crap!!
posted by k on Aug 20, 2010
i want they number or e-mail anyone know.i really want talk to them.
posted by becca on Aug 20, 2010
I think they deserve some privacy as well. They both have been working so hard give them some time to relax before they start filming Breaking Dawn!
posted by Val on Aug 20, 2010
These two are stalked. Too bad their "private" location has been revealed. I hope somehow they can get the peace, respect, and privacy they deserve! Love them both and wish them the best. Thanks for not splashing the pics of the location in this article!
posted by Georgie on Aug 20, 2010
I agree,its their lives,if people respected their private space they might be a bit more forthcoming and not want to hide all the time,they're so young,leave them be!
posted by D on Aug 20, 2010
you sure this isn't a hoax and they aren't somewhere totaly opposite of the world.
posted by kelly on Aug 20, 2010
yeah that true ppl should them alone already...does anyone know how i can get kristen or robert number or email i really want to talk to either one of them is really important..
posted by jennielee on Aug 20, 2010
and people wonder why stars are short and defensive. do we really need to follow them to their homes? it's called privacy people, you enjoy yours let them enjoy their's. It's not like they dont give you a chance to take pictures when they are out and about. I get being a fan, I like their work, I am a movie nerd but we dont need to know about everything they do!!
posted by kelly on Aug 20, 2010
which pics u talkin about lol..
posted by Aeden on Aug 20, 2010
thanks for not posting the pics only bastards do that!!
posted by k on Aug 20, 2010
i just wantin to talk to them about something..i guess no one have it.
posted by kelly on Aug 20, 2010
i just ask because i wanting to talk to them about something..but i guess no one have it..
posted by kelly on Aug 20, 2010
i love both of them so much the such a cute couple i wish to meet them in person one day
posted by Cam on Aug 20, 2010
too much for the potty-mouth Kristen. But heart wants what it wants, I guess.

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