Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest Are Said Moving In Together

July 30, 2010 04:41:47 GMT

Julianne and Ryan reportedly take their relationship to the next level by living together at the 'American Idol' host's home in Los Angeles' Nichols Canyon.

Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest Are Said Moving In Together
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After joking about carrying Ryan Seacrest's baby, Julianne Hough is now allegedly taking her relationship with the "American Idol" host to the next level. The two lovers, who have been spotted getting cozy together several times but never confirmed their relationship, are reportedly moving in together.

In Touch Weekly claimed Julianne is set to move into Ryan's home in Los Angeles' Nichols Canyon. According to the publication, the 35-year-old host has lived alone in his mansion ever since he bought it for $11.5 million from "Swing Vote" actor Kevin Costner in 2006.

Julianne and Ryan sparked speculation that they are in romantic relationship following their several outings. In early May, Julianne and Ryan were spotted having a dinner date at Los Angeles seafood restaurant Providence, with a witness telling Us Magazine that they "kissed a few times."

Additionally, back in June, Julianne and Ryan again fueled the romance report after they were caught enjoying a downtime in Malibu, California. The twosome was spotted strolling down the beach together with their arms around each other, while in early July, they were snapped arm-in-arm on a romantic getaway to Portofino, Italy.


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posted by joshua on Jun 17, 2012
Mormons are decent people but their religion is false as proven by much research. You can't make heaven by good works or success.
posted by extrafeetmom on Apr 07, 2011
Hello? Mormons are just people. Some fall away from their beilfs and some don't.Her brother isn't active anymore. I am mormon, born and raised in Utah, and life goes on people.It's her life., and I am not going to judge her or Ryan.I don't think she is out to convert people.
posted by chgh on Feb 07, 2011
posted by Dakota on Dec 17, 2010
So I guess she's not a virgin anymore if she's gonna move in with him. She vowed marriage before sex. Yeah right!!!
posted by STEVE on Nov 28, 2010
posted by Utah Country on Nov 24, 2010
...Tanya Tucker also lived in utah as a child.
posted by Utah Country on Nov 24, 2010
I'm no fan of either one of them. But Marie Osmond somewhat of a country singer and she's from Utah. Lacy J. Dalton has Utah ties. Diamond Rio also, etc. Utah can be just as country as anyone else. There are a lot of farms and ranches and hard times...those all qualify for country/western authenticity. Hough spent more time in the U.K. and Hollywood than in Utah anyway.
posted by baditudebabe on Oct 27, 2010
I don't understand why everyone makes a big fuss about either one as long as they are happy who cares what everyone else thinks. I am sure everyone else out there isnt living up to everyone elses expectations either. Life is too short enjoy it while you can. It if makes you happy do it. Worry about your own life leave theirs alone.
posted by lany on Aug 03, 2010
Country Singing Fan - Actually Salt Lake City is only 22% Mormon - so no, it isn't a mormon state.
posted by Kaycee on Jul 31, 2010
Even though it's a joke to the media about having a Seacrest baby and Ryan Seacrest's sexuality, it's very tacky and poor taste for Julianne to make comments! She surely lacks dignity, integrity, and respect..she sure just lets her mouth fly and do the talking. She doesn't stop and think before she speaks. Julianne always put her foot in her mouth that is getting to be so disgusting. I remembered some of the mean comments she said about Apolo. Apolo was the one who helped her get famous and it weren't for him, Julianne would have been another regular DWTS pro dancers who wouldn't be in the limelight so much.
posted by Nova on Jul 31, 2010
Must be a coverup or busines convenience..Ryan Seacrest being gay and Julianne Hough needs a career booster since her country singing has been on a decline. Ever since the blonde hoofer left DWTS, no one has missed her presence since there were other great pro dancers on the show.
posted by Hoofer on Jul 31, 2010
I wonder how her Father Hough is feeling about what's happening the apple of his eye wild daughter???? He is a strict Mormon.
posted by Surfer Boy on Jul 31, 2010
If this is a publicity stunt, shame on Julianne Hough to stoop so low to be enamored with wealth, fame, greed, and deception. She lost her credibility with the public! Just sold her soul to the devil! She needs to go back home to Salt Lake City and respect the Mormon beliefs!
posted by mrs.couch on Jul 30, 2010 many negative comments. You folks do realize that whatever happens in the celebrity realm holds no real bearing on our lives and our opinions are just wasted space on a computer screen, right? Or did I just let the cat out of the bag? Oops...awkward...
posted by imaviator on Jul 30, 2010
to Country Singing Fan, you just look stupid when you write. I don't have a strong opinion about people finding love, but Salt Lake City is a CITY and not a state. Lots of talented people are from all over the United States, including Salt Lake City, the CITY. Talk real or don't talk.
posted by NoWay on Jul 30, 2010
Ohno isn't gay but Seacrest is.
posted by country singing fan on Jul 30, 2010
Fans already figured what makes Julianne tick! If this Hollywood Lolita continues her wild lifestyle, fans will abandon Julianne and her career will suffer a set back. I think her country singing has gone down the drain! There are many true blue country singers out there such as Carrie Underwood,Shania Twain,Taylor Swift,Miranda Lambert, and others. I read an article where a fan wrote in that many fans walked out while Julianne was singing at a fair. Her singing wasn't that great . Julianne will never be able to compete with that fakey raspy southern twang of hers! How can she be a country singer when she's from the Mormon state of Salt Lake City, UT.
posted by Sassy on Jul 30, 2010
Amazing loose lipped Julianne hasn't developed fat lips after liplocking with all the men who crossed her path! She's always caught smooching with every new guy she just met!
posted by Robert on Jul 30, 2010
This is all publicity. Ryan Seacrest is as gay as they come. He's doing exactly what Ricky Martin did a few years supposedly sporting a girlfriend. Ryan is GAY! 100%
posted by Carina on Jul 30, 2010
Julianne changes men as she's changing her underwear. At a very young age, men passed through her fingers like water. Fans of DWTS used to complain that Julianne was a user..a user to her own advantage who can help her achieve whatever she wanted.
posted by RocketMan on Jul 30, 2010
Looks like Julianne is very desperate in getting the rich and famous lifestyle she craves. She'll latch on to any guy who is stupid enough to allow this.
posted by SF on Jul 30, 2010
They only dated for about two months and now, she's planning to move in with a guy who's old enough to be her father or uncle! Julianne maybe a hot chick but look at what kind of person she truly is. Why did Chuck Wicks dumped her??? He had alot of common sense to finally realize she was way too young for him and couldn't put up with her immature shenanigans. He stated that she was a young handful for his age of 30! Apolo Anton Ohno also rejected her because he knew what kind of girl she was in private and wouldn't put up with her either. Julianne needs to concentrate in getting college education instead of chasing older men at a very young age.
posted by Mikeeee on Jul 30, 2010
Isn't Ryan Secrest gay??
posted by jj on Jul 30, 2010
JH is hot... Go fo it RS
posted by Judy Ann on Jul 30, 2010
Julianne is always after the older men...perhaps, her father was missing in her life whilc growing up. Perhaps, she feels more secure with older men because they're like a father figure to her. Just wondering....
posted by Apolo fan on Jul 30, 2010
I don't think Apolo is gay..he has a small built since he's of Asian descent. His father Yuki is of small built.
posted by Nikki on Jul 30, 2010
Julianne Hough looks older than her age but she still is very immature for a 22 year old. She still has alot of growing and learning about life experiences and people.
posted by Apolo fan on Jul 30, 2010
If Julianne was not so eager to get into relationships right away, I like to see her and Apolo have a reunion. She never takes the time to be single for a while ..always hopping to next guy! Julianne is way too young to messing around with an older man like Ryan Seacrest. I was never a fan of him!
posted by Lilo on Jul 30, 2010
Excuse me while I laugh. Are you kidding me. I guess the "having a baby" joke was not given enough milage and now this story. Are we supposed to be saying, "ahhh, how very romantic", sorry not buying it one bit.
posted by that chick on Jul 30, 2010
she seems to be attracted to the gay men. first ohno, now seacrest (yes, apolo is gay. gayer than gay-de-gaygay-gay.). she's like a professional beard!
posted by Disappointed Fan on Jul 30, 2010
Isn't Julianne a Mormon who believe in being a virgin until she gets married and wants a Mormon temple marriage? She seems to have abandoned her religion beliefs altogether. Julianne will certainly disappoint her fans with her fakey miss goody goody two shoes image. She has shown she loves living the fast lane and loose morals. Are her family being way too permissive with her behavior and why are they tolerating this. If I was her mother, I certainly would be concerned the huge age difference because she's still a very young and naive 22 year old gal.
posted by Chika on Jul 30, 2010
There's definitely something wrong with Ryan Seacrest!! If he is serious settling down, why in the world would he stoop so low as to choose a very young and immature "Lolita" Julianne who just turned 22 this month and could pass for his baby sister. Julianne is still a very immature 22 year old girl who has not live the life experiences have to offer, not worldly,not sophisticated enough, and constantly putting her foot in her mouth and ending saying the wrong things! There are so many beautiful and intelligent women closer to his age who would be good for him!Julianne has always had the reputation of being the aggressor in a relationship. First, she tried to hit on Apolo Anton Ohno and threw herself at him shamelessly whiie engaged to her fiance Zach Wilson and then, Chuck Wicks whom she stated on the tabloid that she was aiming marriage with him! Both men rejected her in the end Julianne needs to do alot of growing up still instead of rushing to marriage with every guy she meets.
posted by Jaya on Jul 30, 2010
It's rather crass and out of place for a young woman to just say that she's having Ryan Seacrest's baby to the media. I think that it's tacky and just tasteless! Julianne is probably doing it for a shock effect.
posted by Letty on Jul 30, 2010
Julianne needs to slow down when it comes to relationships. She is nonstop when it comes to men and appears to be very needy to validate her own worth. Why not concentrate on her career first and go as far as she can with it. She is still very young and has plenty of time to get serious and settle down with someone whom she would be happy with.
posted by diva on Jul 30, 2010
I don't believe in anything that comes out of Julianne's mouth anymore. She has played the lying games too often in the past just to create something the public can talk about! Julianne has put her foot in her mouth too often which hurt others. She needs to go away for a change!
posted by Just saying on Jul 30, 2010
The lives of the celebs have no bearing on our personal lives but it's just an interesting interesting discussion for a lazy summer day. I am not a fan of Ryan Seacrest and never has been but we just find a bit odd that at his age he goes after a very young woman who just recently turned 22 years old. Truthfully, he could pass for her eldest brother.
posted by country singing fan on Jul 30, 2010
To Imaviator--isn't Salt Lake City, UT a Mormon state??? I have nothing against the Mormons. The real homegrown country singers are from the real country states. You sure talk very stupid with your ranting and ravings. Everyone here can express their own opinions being attacked. You're the STUPID ONE!!!

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