Video: Justin Bieber Wows U.S. at Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular

July 05, 2010 07:11:42 GMT

Under the Queensboro Bridge of New York City, the Canadian singer pumped up the crowd with his hit singles in celebration of U.S. independence day.

Video: Justin Bieber Wows U.S. at Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular
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Although he is a Canadian and doesn't celebrate independence day on July 4, Justin Bieber is more than happy to take the stage and entertain his fans on the U.S. big day over the weekend. The teen singer took the mic, singing and dancing to "Baby" and "Somebody to Love".

"It's still fun to be here," Bieber said. "You know, I enjoy it. I live here now." He performed for the screaming tween under the Queensboro Bridge in New York City. "I think New York City kind of represents all of the United States. It's kind of the center of America. It's the center of the world they say, so it's pretty cool," he gushed.

Aired on NBC, the event is dubbed Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular and also featured performances from Enrique Iglesias and LeAnn Rimes. Nick Cannon and Alison Sweeney hosted the gig. Closing the night was a glorious spectrum of colors, shapes and sparkling dazzlers from more than 40,000 firework shells which illuminated the sky over New York City.


"Somebody to Love":


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posted by straberry shortcake on Jul 14, 2010
halla at me on my space justin i wanna meet cha gatta help me be famos
posted by cool on Jul 13, 2010
justin= AWESOME
posted by #1Jbfan on Jul 11, 2010
I luv the videos they rocked I luv u justin!!;)
posted by cheez<3 on Jul 07, 2010
ur always number one haha:D hope i was there...:\
posted by <3 on Jul 07, 2010
Love you, love all your songs your amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by awesome16 on Jul 06, 2010
what time is it in california
posted by jack on Jul 05, 2010
Wow, his voice is really changing for the worse. Yuck!
posted by Krazi4_bieber on Jul 05, 2010
Wow dat kool!! :P
posted by najwa gurlz on Jul 05, 2010
hu hun this is the best...=)

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