Trace Cyrus Landing 'French Kiss' With New Band Ashland High

April 07, 2010 04:56:38 GMT

The newly-formed band's MySpace page has been crashed following the arrival of their first song 'French Kiss'.

Trace Cyrus Landing 'French Kiss' With New Band Ashland High
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Only days after confirming the break-up of Metro Station, Trace Cyrus revealed a new song which he recorded with his new band Ashland High. The track is called "French Kiss" and heavily features Auto-Tune on the hook.

"I need to know if you love me too? cause this feeling that I get, I only get with you! so take off you're dress and show me what you do," he tweeted part of the lyrics on his Twitter. Also, the Miley Cyrus' brother informed his followers that a newly-launched Ashland High MySpace was crashed for "getting so much traffic" soon after the song was out.

Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso were the only remaining members of Metro Station after Blake Healy and Anthony Improgo left the band in 2009. Despite continuing to make music together, Trace and Mason decided to go their separate ways. Reason behind the split is still unclear, but rumor suggested it happened because there was too much drama in the group.


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posted by TraceCyrusGRL on Apr 18, 2010
Nooooooooooo! It can`t be Trace go solo what about the Metro Station quantity (dont kow how to spell) It feels like a part of me has left and while writing this I am crying!!!!
posted by ilovetrace on Apr 18, 2010
i loved metro station, i like this song too but no offense metro station was better! but i love trace and ill keep supporting him no matter what he does
posted by Superior on Apr 09, 2010
No where close to as good as the music with metro station. That's my initial thought. I mean this was definitely too robotic. Where was the talent?? How will he pull that song off live? It's going to end up a brittany spears concert...GODSH I LOVE ME SOME TRACE...Babe has to step his game up though, pretty face can only go so far. And he was lacking his usual seduction even with all the word play in French Kiss. Sitll love ya Trace but I'm not loving Ashland off that track, surprise me later yeah?
posted by mfan on Apr 08, 2010
Just listening to this song I can tell why he and Mason split. It sounds like Trace likes electronic more, and Mason likes things a little more rock. Good luck to them both. (As a side note, I wonder if Trace struggles with making the charts, if Miley will kick loose some money to buy songs?)
posted by MissPinkBby on Apr 07, 2010
Why would you guys split everybody has problems but there just opertunities in disguise.....dont get me wrong i love the new song!!!!Just keep making music for fans like me!!!!!

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