Trace Cyrus to Form New Band Post Metro Station Break-Up

March 26, 2010 04:56:26 GMT

'I will be releasing my own music very soon. With a new band name,' the brother of Miley Cyrus announces.

Trace Cyrus, Metro Station
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Soon after news that Metro Station broke up surfaced, Trace Cyrus took it to his Twitter to tell his followers he will continue making music. The brother of Miley Cyrus also talked about forming a new band.

He started his tweet by confirming the break-up report, "The rumors are true. Unfortunetly (sic) Metro Station is no longer together. We had an amazing run, toured the world, and I loved every minute." He added, "Thank you to all the fans that have supported MS and I. You have changed my life. I promise I will always continue making music."

Trace continued revealing his plan, "I will be releasing my own music very soon. With a new band name. I'm excited for this new path in my life but sad to say bye to MS."

Before breaking up, Metro Station lost two members Blake Healy and Anthony Improgo in 2009. Trace Cyrus and another remaining member Mason Musso then decided to go their separate ways.


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posted by Trace loverxxx :) on May 21, 2012
I am sooo sad that M.S. broke up.2 be honest all of u people that said trace couldnt sing need 2 get a bloody life. Trace is amazing, before they broke up M.S. (trace mostly) were my music gods. when i heard about the brake up i was heart broken. Trace is better of without mason. P.S. trace is HOT HOT HOT!!!
posted by ... on Oct 03, 2010
posted by Sara Mangoo on Aug 06, 2010
So here's the thing,, Trace's new music is good, the more i listen to it the more i like it. But with Metro station RIGHT when i heard a song from them it automatically was in my head and I knew all the words. I just wish Trace and Mason would reunite, or they would at least take it solo and make the same type of music.
posted by Brooklyn♥ on Aug 04, 2010
I'm surprisingly not sad about their breakup. They were never one of my favorite bands, but I adored their song Kelsey. You guys, as fans, just need to have a little more faith. This is just one chapter in their lives. Lots more to come. :)
posted by tashaaaa <3 on Jun 17, 2010
Trace isn't actually THAT horrible, but he does sound so much better with autotune. His new stuff (ashland HIGH) sounds so retarded, it's all like techno crap. Metro station was so much better. And Mason had a great voice; I'd rather him do another band then Trace.
posted by AAR LOVERS on Jun 09, 2010
posted by aar on Jun 09, 2010
aaww how sad:[ BUT can't wait for your new music!
posted by Dasha367 on Jun 01, 2010
im gonna miss metro station SSSOOO much too :'( but i listened to Ashland high and it is amazing!! :)I LOVE IT!!! and Trace Cyrus does not suck!! hes amazing i luv im soo much im really happy hes disided to carry on doing music :) luv you trace <3 Dasha xox
posted by lita167 on May 10, 2010
i will allways love MS
posted by afefd on May 07, 2010
trace is fucking terrible at singing..musseo was actually really good. youtube metro station busking in subway. Anyone who still thinks trace is good at singing after that is either retarded or deaf.
posted by sxxian on May 02, 2010
i really liked Metro Station but i listened to his Ashland High's song "French Kiss" and trace sucks so much it's sadr+
posted by wow on Apr 25, 2010
my world just ended. I loved them so much they were my favorite band for 3years. I never got to meet them which was one of my dreams and now its been crushed
posted by vash on Apr 17, 2010
Honestly i once was a hater of M.S. and trace especially... BUT i have since come to love his work and his new project Ashland High. I think he's really matured, and thats why i've come to REALLY REALLY like him, and to all the haters... try doing what he's doing, hes a solid guy, and honeslty there are far worse bands out there than M.S. and or his new project. (in which i think both are great)
posted by ________ on Apr 17, 2010
>_< That's slightly depressing. I loved Metro Station. I went to a concert JUST to see them. I love them with all my heart. And I'm glad I got to see them before they broke up.<3 :]
posted by Sophiee on Apr 17, 2010
so sad they broke up :( one of my favourite bands really wanted to go to one of there concerts love you trace xxx
posted by (: on Apr 16, 2010
the love of my life this man
posted by Chelsea on Apr 06, 2010
im so sad that the band is breaking up. I love them :( ....sob sob.... but at least Trace is going to make new music ;)
posted by mason musso on Apr 03, 2010
oh and people making fun of trace, why dont you become famous and sing?im sure we all gonna laugh at your ugly ass face
posted by mason on Apr 03, 2010
those who making fun of trace, i think you all are the one who looks like fish ass. only dummy makes fun of people on internet.
posted by DJ_MS_SUPORTER on Apr 01, 2010
ok let me point sumthin out if you dont like it dont bother u hate him dont make stupid coments just cuz u wana trash him. im ok wit the band sad they broke up but support trace all the way~diamond
posted by haha on Apr 01, 2010
he looks like a horse. cant wait to hear his new band of synth and whispering hahaahahah
posted by cherry on Mar 31, 2010
ah damn just when i thought he'd go away forever he starts talking about making new ''music''
posted by sosad on Mar 31, 2010
I'm so sad he decided to keep making crappy music: just retire dude, you've done enough damage. Just.Go.Away.
posted by ew on Mar 31, 2010
gosh darnit! why must he make more music? I think the few years MS was around was enough bad music to go around... no one wants anymore so dont try
posted by dannie on Mar 31, 2010
But then I died EVEN MORE when I realized he's going to start another band! FUCK! NO MORE SHITTY MUSIC!
posted by ME SO SAD on Mar 31, 2010
Baha, good luck with that, horsey!
posted by dannie on Mar 26, 2010
I died a little inside :'( They're amazing!
posted by bla on Mar 26, 2010
LOL 2 comments .. seems nobody caressssss. "didn't break my heart .. my achey breaky heart"
posted by jazzipower123 on Mar 26, 2010
:'( i am soo sad rite now! i went to all but one of their concerts they had in dallas! they were my favorite band! i feel as if my heart is breaking...
posted by Aliice Cyrus on Mar 26, 2010
aww im gunna miss them but im happy trace is gunna keep on making music!! i love him so much!! Aliice xo

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