Taylor Swift Is a Nerd in ACM Vote Campaign Video

March 23, 2010 08:54:44 GMT

Taylor Swift shows fans what makes her deserve ACM trophies for Song of the Year, Video of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year and Entertainer of the Year.

Taylor Swift Is a Nerd in ACM Vote Campaign Video
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Taylor Swift is carrying on the tradition of putting together a viral video asking fans to vote for her at the upcoming Academy of County Music Awards. The footage starts with a scene where she gathers her team in a meeting room to discuss about the campaign.

Each category where Taylor gets nominated receives different treatments. In Song of the Year and Video of the Year, "You Belong with Me" is featured as the theme song. Fans, putting on similar make-up and outfit she is wearing in the accompanying music video, get highlighted in this part.

In Female Vocalist of the Year meanwhile, one of her team does "science" and shows that Taylor is the tallest nominee compared to the other contenders, such as Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood and Lee Ann Womack. And so based on the "research," the country music singer already "topped" them.

In the last category Entertainer of the Year, footage from Taylor's Fearless tour are flashed, showing her entertaining thousands of her devotees in live concerts. The clip then ends with her appearing as a nerd, wearing an oversize jumper and thick-framed glasses and putting on fake teeth.

2010 ACM Awards will be held on April 18 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas with Reba McEntire taking the mic as a host. Voting to determine the winners will begin on April 1.


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posted by Jesus Saves on May 19, 2010
Why do Taylor fans always have to say the f word or some other bad word to get there point. All of this evil from Taylors fans makes me like Carrie even more!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Mike on Apr 21, 2010
To all the haters, back off!!!! Whatever you said, you won't change anything in Taylor's music carrier success!!!!! Non-talented artist can't throw sold-out shows, write her own music, play musical instruments... Her vocal is not the best in the world, we all know, obviously... But at least, she try to stay true to herself and has guts to sing live... Her ACM 2010 performance proved that her vocal is improving day by day... Take that, haters!!!! I know many of haters are Carrie fans who hate and are mad at Taylor for winning over Carrie many awards last years... You haters have no class and under-standard and immature!!! We swifties still congrats Carrie though Taylor should have won EOTY award for many reasons which all the people know!!!! I'm sick and tired of haters!!!!
posted by im4everbusy on Apr 04, 2010
Taylor should not be considered in ANY 'vocalist' category - she can't sing!! And to be nominated for Entertainer of the Year is an insult to the other nominees who actually deserve it. In a couple of years Taylor will be a has-been. All of her little teeny bopper followers will have grown up and moved on. That time cannot come fast enough for me!!!
posted by Carlee on Mar 25, 2010
Been to 6 on her concerts and the CMAS just for you Taylor!! :) Your my entertainer of the year :) Your SOOO amazing.. ps to haters: She should get it because she has SOLD OUR EVERY CONCERT EVER!!!
posted by Stephaie on Mar 23, 2010
I Love Ur Songs They Rock!!!
posted by stephaie on Mar 23, 2010
UR SONGS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by djvv0923 on Mar 23, 2010
Jeda there is enough hate in this world do you really have to be so harsh!! Come on.
posted by Great on Mar 23, 2010
She isn't a joke and it definitely isn't desperate. She is the most successful country singer out there right now. Album of the year at the grammy's. If she's a joke, I want to be a joke like her. Go Taylor. I am actually impressed that she even cares so much considering she just won the biggest honor of all in music. Just goes to show, she loves all her awards. But honestly I'd much rather her win since she's the most successful, then them to keep awarding carrie who's only really popular because of idol. Had she never gotten all those fans from idol she too would be a struggling to win just like Miranda Lambert currently does.
posted by Jeff on Mar 23, 2010
She definitely is not as popular as she was, say November of last year. She does not deserve Entertainer of Female Vocalist. Maybe Album, but that's because of sales. In reality, You Belong With Me is not a great song. Other Songs/Singles that are nominated are so much better. Like Lady A's Need You Now. I'm rooting for Lady A and Carrie Underwood, two artists/groups who actually deserve to win.
posted by beth on Mar 23, 2010
I love Taylor Swift
posted by Adam on Mar 23, 2010
The more foolish she is, the more haters she get... If Swift wins, let it be... Cos' not an "honest" "true" success at all !
posted by Adam on Mar 23, 2010
The reason she's doing this vid just to attract more fans from pop music to join this country music award show...That's how she get the success in 2009. Same thing. "Good" plan by Mr.Borchetta. She will definitely get less number of votes if she dont promote it to ppl outside country music. BOO!
posted by Adam on Mar 23, 2010
Watching this video make me like a fool...stupid meaningless video!
posted by Jenny on Mar 23, 2010
Go Taylor! I'd totally vote for you!
posted by leo on Mar 23, 2010
I'll vote for taylor coz I love her music...If you don't then don't vote 4 nid to bash her...She's not traditional country but she's definitely contemporary country like shania, faith, leanne, trisha, lonestar, etc. let country evolve and not remain stagnant
posted by leo on Mar 23, 2010
I love taylor swift...for those who don't then don't vote for her, simple as that but allow us fans to vote for taylor!!!She's not traditional country but she's conyemporary country music, she's evolving and is not music deserves to evolve in time too and lots of country sngers did what taylor is currently doing like shania, faith, lonestar, trisha, leanne, dixie chicks,etc...Go taylor...don't mind the jealous people wishing their favorite artists would win at your expense by destroying your image...
posted by clayaikenbackformore on Mar 23, 2010
I love Taylor Swift --- please vote for Taylor Swift
posted by Kenny on Mar 23, 2010
She is such a joke! How can anyone even consider voting for her?
posted by Adam on Mar 23, 2010
Entertainer of the Year is not equal to ARTIST OF THE YEAR !! Just keep voting fans, you are making country music lovers more hate on these stupid voter
posted by Adam on Mar 23, 2010
To Mr.Great... Popularity for Entertainer of the Year only. Entertainer of the Year doesn't mean he/she has to be the one who sell the most digital or album sales..Still remeember the past winners like Kenny Chesney, he wins not because all these stuff, it is because of his performances around the year, giving good impressions to others...For this year, I rather have Brad to win this. But, since it is fan-voting, we know who will win, the one who spreads ACM Voting party news to the others in the world. If you guys keep on voting like that, I would advise Kenny, Brad, Sugarland and others to quit singing.
posted by Jess on Mar 23, 2010
Desperate much? This is exactly the reason why I have so much more respect for the OTHER nominees.
posted by Jeda on Mar 23, 2010
Desperate much? I hate her.. She shouldn't even be considered country.. more less be nominated for female VOCALIST against Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Reba McEntire. She doesn't deserves those at all.

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