Original Sugababes Reunite to Sue the Band's Current Members

March 04, 2010 06:35:58 GMT

Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy are seeking rights over ownership of Sugababes name.

Original Sugababes Reunite to Sue the Band's Current Members
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The original line-up of British all-girl group Sugababes have reunited and filed legal document to seek rights over ownership of the band's name. The three singers applied legal document to the European Trademarks Authority earlier this week.

Mutya Buena actually sent the application under her name in November last year, just few months after Keisha Buchanan left the group. Later on, she revised the paper and resubmitted it with the inclusion of Keisha and Siobhan Donaghy's names.

Sugababes currently have Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen on the line-up. After several pushbacks, they are gearing up to release a studio album titled "Sweet 7" later this month.

In the meantime, they are given a chance to launch an official opposition against the lawsuit until May 8, according to Holy Moly!. If they lose it, they have to release the CD under new name.


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posted by benny on Oct 23, 2010
mutya was the founder of sugababes
posted by dave on Oct 06, 2010
At the end of the day if album sales are what you are going by take a look at the Sweet 7's sales. They are the lowest album to date. One Touch had minimal promotion and it still managed to go gold. Now those of you who slag off Siobhan, the actual founding member of the group what the fuck is wrong with you? She has released to albums that have received the highest critical acclaim. Her songs are meaningful and unlike 4.0 and the later part of 3.0 (sans keisha) she writes her own material and she has creative control. 4.0 do not experiment they do what they are told. Amelle is just a publicity hungry trash bag. A one night stand, a gang banger. Now do not get me wrong all members past and present have good and unique voices, but Overload is still their greatest single and 4.0 will never achieve the previous successes achieved in the past. That is just the cycle. Too many changes have hurt them too much. After Mutya things started going downhill.
posted by Tio on May 02, 2010
Well.. Mutya did longer than Heidi bcuz they start in 1998 you bitches!! New sugababes music is very impersonating, when no one could make like Overload or Soul Sound, now they can vocoding Get Sexy easily copying! Wtf! Heidi isn't match with Mutya n Keisha.. And why Heidi did reject the offer for Solo, bcuz She knew she will flop..! Even more than Siobhan! Look up the other group, Spice Girls, All Saint.. All their solo aren't match up their group success and Heidi knew it! So don't think Heidi is best! And yeah! Their 2010 Album is poor.. None of the songs from the album written by the group.. Shame! Look at One Touch to Catfights.. From 1.0 to 3.0 they wrote d' words! So Sugababes 4.0. is totally not deserve the name!
posted by alyx on Mar 25, 2010
and excuse me tietie, but i dont care what you say, but heidi range is much more of an original babe than sioban and mutya....heidi has been in the band for 9 years.....and has helped make the sugababes what they are.....the old sugababes are rubbish! for one thing, there vocals arn't as good as line up 4.0, secondly they never looked happy (probs because of keisha being the bully she is).
posted by alyx on Mar 25, 2010
i hope 4.0 keep the name. i actually hate mutya so much....this whole thing has nothing to do with her....its between heidi, amelle and keisha....but mutya keeps sticking her nose in.
posted by christian on Mar 09, 2010
the new sugababes are rubbish they are using the success of the original members and it's purely a money making machine now, not music.
posted by tietie on Mar 09, 2010
The real sugababes should be able to keep their name, none of the current members were even in the band at the beginning!!!!! I think slagging them off is abit sad and immature. The new trio should get a new name to give themselves a fresh start. It wouls work for them in the long run. TNI
posted by marky on Mar 07, 2010
The Sugababes 4.0 are better. Kiesha mutya are just being horrible - they will never get awya with it n hope u fade away into nothing. Heidi you have kept your loyalty and put so much hard work into the band - one day people will realise. Sugababes 2010 are the best n the sugadogs fans will have to come to terms. Kiesha is a bully mutya walked out as she though she was better.
posted by candy cain on Mar 07, 2010
So what if they came up with the name - they walked away cos they though they were bigger. Heidi ha worked sooo hard and deserves to keep it, she has been a member longer than mutya by 3 years n counting. Sugababes 4.0 u the best.
posted by bob on Mar 06, 2010
Does not matter if your a fan of heidi,jade or amelle if someone comes up with a name it belongs to them. So keshia,mutya and siobhan came up with the name and started it off they should have rights to it, its the same if someone wanted to take the name mac dondalds they would have to pay for the brand name which these girls are using to sell there records! If there good enough they should start off fresh and work as hard as every other new band does.
posted by bezzer on Mar 05, 2010
Sugababes 2010 - good luck and love you all. Heidi - a true star.
posted by PMT on Mar 05, 2010
Kiesha, mutya n ginger u r petty u r the original SUGADOGS that its. Sugababes 4.0 - best ever. However, all bitternes aside - mutya and keisha should re-join - the hits would be amazing - am sure Heidi, Amelle and Jade will get along with it as they are nor bitter Heidi and mutya the best
posted by mick n sam on Mar 05, 2010
Sugababes 4.0 - u have nothing to fear. so waht if their music is changing it always does - aleast they not like girls aloud who are sooo predicatble n always sing similar things. Heidi you go girl, Kiesha is a bullying little cow
posted by chantelle on Mar 05, 2010
Heidi all the way ! true babe not a back stabber hold your head up high. Sugababes 2010 to win the others had their chance Nice to see the babes getting along Sugadogs fans should stop being as bitter as the old three
posted by AndyTut on Mar 05, 2010
The old sugadogs got dropped in 2000/2001. Enter Heidi they became big - simples. The Sugababes are trying a new style in 2010 - if you dont like it F off. Good luck girls the sugadogs will loose they are bitter in more ways than one.
posted by Kim and tim on Mar 05, 2010
Heidi is a Sugababe, she was there at the start - its true they would not have got a record deal in 2001 without her - FACT. I knoe this for fact ! When Heidi was offered a solo by simon cowell did she stabb the other in the back - NO NO NO. any other little tramp would have. Sugababes 4.0 rock , good luck girls hard lines SugaDOGS u had your chance n u r nasty bitter little girls
posted by BB on Mar 05, 2010
ha ha ha mutya , kiesh and other 1 = sugaDOGS nice one michelle. Sugababes 2010 best Go Amelle, Heidi n Jade
posted by michelle X x X on Mar 05, 2010
Loving the new sugababes, they are much better n not affraid to try new things. They would not have got the new deal in 2001 with Heidi. Heidi, Amelle n Jade - dont worry the sugerdogs will not win.
posted by Josh on Mar 05, 2010
The new Sugababes are Better. no more slagging of other celebs n no more bitchness. Kiesha is a bully. Heidi is the best, she never stabbed them in the back when simon cowell offered her a solo career.
posted by chloe on Mar 05, 2010
To wtf ... Get your facts right and do the maths ... if you can as u must be thick. Heidi has been a SUGABABE longer then Mutya the mut. The old ones are the SugaDOGS.
posted by gaz on Mar 04, 2010
win win win, cant stant the new plastic sugerbabes all look fake.
posted by wtf on Mar 04, 2010
to chloe ... get your facts straight. mutya has been in the band longer than heidi. she was one of the original member. i think they should start out with a new name since it's an entirely new group. no point in using sugababes
posted by markngaz on Mar 04, 2010
bring back the true sugerbabes. 2010 are all slappers, you go girls get your name back and come bk we all miss the TRUE sugerbabes...
posted by Kate on Mar 04, 2010
Sugababes 2010 are the best - no more bitchyness and they get on. Why can people take music at face value - Good luck to the new line-up. Well Heidi is an original memebr cos sugababes got a new deal in 2001 with Heidi Heidi stay strong babe. Hope truth prevails u are a star heidi, ask simon cowell
posted by Joanne on Mar 04, 2010
Mutya the mut had a solo flop, kiesha = bully n the other other can not sing. SUGABABES 2010 = BEST good luck Heidi, Amelle and Jade as the Truth will out, hold your head up high
posted by Helen on Mar 04, 2010
Kiesha is a bully - they are doing this cos they are hopeless and jelous Sugababes 2010 are the best they are true talent n not bitchy. they had their chance n blew it. Heidi is a REAL member and not court will allow the old sugadogs to win. Good luck heidi amelle and jade the old sugadogs are just jelous and are showing their old bully ways good ridance to them
posted by me on Mar 04, 2010
Hopefully the original lineup wins. They are not the sugababes, they are not even a true band. They are just a group of manufactured dolls who are told what to sing and when to sing it, they are what is wrong with the world of music at the moment. There is no creative force within the group, possible name changes "Sugafakes", "Sugalames", "Brandbabes" or "Poserbabes". The original group was a genuine band.
posted by chloe on Mar 04, 2010
They should not be allowed to get the sugababes name. They left the band and the others Heidi, Amelle and Jade are all legal members. Heidi has been in the band for 9 years Mutya = 7 years Kiesha must be a bully cos why would a whole managment team side with Heidi and Amelle. Mut, Keisha and the other 1 = loosers I hope u lose becasue Heidi, Amelle and Jade semm like nice girls.
posted by andrew on Mar 04, 2010
Kisha is a bully and the truth will come out. They should not win and are only doing this for attention. Heidi is the Sugababes and they would not have got their record deal in 2001 without her. Amelles voice is soooo street that its better the mutya's. Sugababes 2010 are better.
posted by Ben on Mar 04, 2010
I hope they dont wim. Heidi IS an original member because she was the sugababes when they got their record deal in 2001. Sugababes 4.0 is the best so far Sugababes forever Heidi, Amelle and Jade are the best Kiesha is a bully Mutya is a mut the other one no one remembers

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