'Dancing with the Stars' Season 10 Pairings

'Dancing with the Stars' Season 10 Pairings

Pamela Anderson is dancing with new professional dancer to the show, while the first moonman will be trained by a face from the past.

The pairings on "Dancing with the Stars" season 10 have been announced on "Good Morning America" and Pamela Anderson will be assisted by a newbie to the show. The "Baywatch" star who reportedly has been pursued since season 1, will be dancing with Damien Whitewood, an Australian who enrolled in Broadway's "Burn the Floor".

Retired astronaut Buzz Aldrin meanwhile is paired with Ashly Costa. The pro dancer was formerly known as DelGrosso before she took time off the show to get married and have kids. Kate Gosselin is partnered with Tony Dovolani while Jake Pavelka will work the dance floor with Chelsie Hightower.

Getting the honor to team up with two-time champions of the show, Mark Ballas and Cheryl Burke, are Shannen Doherty and Chad Ochocinco respectively. Erin Andrews gets the show's bad boy Maksim Chmerkovskiy while Nicole Scherzinger gets Derek Hough. Niecy Nash is paired with Louis van Amstel, Aiden Turner with Edyta Sliwinska and Evan Lysacek with Anna Trebunskaya.

The new dancing season will begin on March 22 on ABC.

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    Mar 07, 2010

    I agree 100% ! Kate Gosslin is the biggest phony on TV. I would be happy to nominate her for worst mother of the year! Her X husband ,Jon, is blessed to no longer have to be harassed by her on a daily basis. I really feel sorry for the kids - they need to be with their caring father and away from their self-centered,fruitcake mother. It is very hard to believe that she was a nurse - on her TLC show she never FIGURED OUT THE DIFF BETWEEN A PROBLEM AND A CRISUS. Jon was the hero with the kids. I feel so sorry for the kids to have such a lousy mom. Kate has always set such a poor example for them with her actions. It is really a sorry thing that she will be on DWS. She is NOT a nice person! ( I was forced to watch the TLC show because of my job - we talked about sending Jon a roll of Ducktape for Fathers Day - to put over Kates nasty mouth - We're sorry now that we didn't...)

    Mar 03, 2010

    good for you! Kate still has a life no matter what they say. No static on Pamela Anderson? She's no saint, but it's okay if they have pursued her since day 1 to appear on their show.

    Mar 02, 2010

    I am sooooooooooooooo sick of seeing or listening to Kate Gosslin. It is such a xhame because I am a huge fan of the show, but will not be watching because I can't stand her. I just saw one of the evening shows that said "its hard enough to dance in this show with one child, let alone 8" Who in the hell are these people talking about???? They always avt like this women is soooooo about her children and sacrifices for them. When you actually follow her story, all she is concerned about is herseld]f. All she concentrated on is her career!!!! If I had to go to work every day, (oh that';s right.....I do !!!!!!!!!) ande I did not have a cook, a chef, a maid, a lawn person...etc etc etc) well you get the picture. If I had the support, not to mention the hundreds of thoud=sands of dollars that she gets while "doing her shows" I could understand a little of what she is going though. Now, she is a supposed house wife, who doesn't really care for her children, doesn't keep her own house and is really over paid to NOT do any of it, and we are suppossed to LIKE her? get real! She is a joke and I think this network should be really embarrassed to have included her in this line-up. Unless your idea was to have housewives across the US boycott her and your network...in that case you can count me in!!

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