Jonas Brothers Start Working on Fifth Studio Album

February 16, 2010 08:22:59 GMT

In a recent interview, it is revealed that Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas have penned songs for the Jonas Brothers' next studio album.

Jonas Brothers
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After taking a hiatus for a while, Jonas Brothers are ready to make a comeback. In an interview with Galaxie magazine for its February issue, Joe Jonas revealed that they "have already started writing songs" for a new album.

Previously, the band repeatedly told fans that they will embark on another tour once they reunite. To MTV, Nick Jonas explained, "We've got a lot of exciting things coming this year as the Jonas Brothers and individually. ... we're going to be spending a lot of tome together - then we're working on plans for a world tour."

This band first reunited when they attended all-star recording session for "We Are the World 25 for Haiti" in Henson Recording Studios which was formerly known as A&M Recording Studios. In this revamped song, Nick sings Billy Joel's part.


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posted by sanjana on Dec 01, 2010
nick,u r the hottest & the cutest guy i ever saw.i love all the jonas songs cant wait for the new album
posted by lovenickbabies on Jul 18, 2010
but guys but which is the name of their new album???? and nick is the best...!!!! don;t forget that!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxo
posted by NickLover on Jun 20, 2010
Nick is so much hotter than Joe. But i love joe too. I can't wait til the next album come out.
posted by jonela on Jun 18, 2010
joe is hotter than nick!!! cant wait for the release of the album!!!
posted by elenajonas3x on Apr 03, 2010
ALSSOOOO im so excited for the world tour 2010. 2009 one was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G . 22 november 09 was one of the best nights of my life. these three boys are the most beautiful insperational people in le world and i could not thank them enough for being so amazing. there music brightens up the darkest days. AWESOME. xxoxo
posted by elenajonas3x on Apr 03, 2010
josh winnipeg tbh, you know nothing about the jonas brothers music. starters, about 50% of us are over 12. i'm 14 and i like every kind of music. im obsessed with music. just because the jonas brothers happen to be my favourite doesnt mean i dont listen to any other kind of music.
posted by qtr love the jonas on Mar 26, 2010
yay im so happy love you and i hope you came to qatar and joe is the hotter not nick joe your the best evvver
posted by jb rocks forever! on Mar 14, 2010
yes!i cant wait for the new album! every album they grow as musicians so i cant wait to hear this one! i dont care what haters have to say. jb rocks and there is nothing to it they know nothing about them anyway! love u boys!
posted by Nicks lover on Feb 28, 2010
Nick Jonas is the cutest guy ever I cant what 4 the nxt albom!!!!
posted by ATNick on Feb 28, 2010
Nick Jonas is so cute I cant wat to see the next albom!!!!
posted by xoxoxoxoNICKxoxoxoxo on Feb 28, 2010
I cant what for the nxt albom!!!!
posted by Nick J\'s Girl on Feb 20, 2010
OMJ!! Can't wait for the new album!! The Jonas Brothers are the best band ever!! Take that all of you who said they broke up!! JB PWNS!! :D
posted by josh winnipeg on Feb 19, 2010
well i have to say that this just ruined my day jonas brothers suck. They are the worst singers and the only ppl that like them and 12 year old girls who know nothing about music
posted by xoxo nick xoxo on Feb 17, 2010
i cant wait for the album!!!
posted by ILOVEJOEJONAS on Feb 17, 2010
posted by iheartthemjonasbroth on Feb 17, 2010
posted by jonasgurl300 on Feb 17, 2010
OMJ i cant wait i knew they would neva leave us fans and for u guys that think they will boo yoo
posted by Lisa on Feb 17, 2010
OMG, some of you are being so immature with fighting over which brother is hot. Think about the music and grow up.
posted by chez on Feb 16, 2010
ahh!! cant wait to hear the next album sooo glad they are working on songs as a band : ) oxo
posted by Mrs. Joe Jonas on Feb 16, 2010
Yayyy! I'm soo happy they're working on a 5th album! I can't wait to hear it!! :)
posted by Katina on Feb 16, 2010
Glad to hear they are working on some more music together. I love their music and Nick's music too.
posted by Mrs Joe Jonas on Feb 16, 2010
I knew my baby wouldnt let me down. I wanna see u already! Cant wait Jonas!
posted by rabail on Feb 16, 2010
Yay Jonas...cant wait for their new album...i knew they would neva break up...GO JONAS
posted by VickiJB on Feb 16, 2010
"reunite"? I was under the impression that they were taking a break from the crazy JBness...with Kevin's marriage and NJ and the Admin. they needed a break. I figured they couldn't stay out of the studio long or not be creative together. Tons of exciting stuff like CR2 and other stuff...exciting indeed.
posted by JoeJonasGirl0676 on Feb 16, 2010
Better bit your tongue, Mrs. Nick Jonas. LOL Joe is the hotter one. :D I knew they would come back. Everyone knew they never broke up. There is no reason to.
posted by Lexie on Feb 16, 2010
Can't wait! :D And to Mrs.NickJonas: What kind of fan are you to be picking favorites? Jk jk jk, all Jonas Brothers fans rock.
posted by ashita on Feb 16, 2010
u r d best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Victory on Feb 16, 2010
Oh yeahhhhh!!!! First of all... they never said they were breaking up. They were taking a break. But I'm soooooooooo excited for the 5th album!!!!
posted by Shannannnn on Feb 16, 2010
Omg Yayyy I Cant Wait :D They're Amazing + I Knew They Wouldn't Just Break Up Like That :) xxxxxxxx
posted by Emma on Feb 16, 2010
Omg These Boys Are Amazing Cant Wait For The Next Albem Going To Be Incredable Went to There Concert on 20th November 2009 That Was The Best Night Of My Lifee All The Best For in The Future And Hopefully Will See You on Your Next World Tour Your Guys Are Tryley My Hero's i Love You Guys x :)
posted by lulu on Feb 16, 2010
so glad they're doing a new album! can't w8 4 their next world tour either! 22nd nov 09 was the best night of my life all because of these boys :D x x x
posted by Lauz212 on Feb 16, 2010
I have missed them terribly. As convincing as theyre press release was, I couldnt help but think that was it for the Jonas Brothers. But I was wrong. This news has made my week. I cant stop smiling!
posted by musiiklvr(tweet me) on Feb 16, 2010
AHHHH CANT WAIT! for all the ppl who said they would breakup, TAKE THAT!
posted by mrs nick jonas on Feb 16, 2010
i cant wait for the new album to come out because nick is the hottest Jonas brother not Joe.
posted by JoeJonasisMyHomeBoy on Feb 16, 2010
ARRHH OMJ new album, i better wait at shops then for it (only kidding) YAY!!! im so happy for them hope its great

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