Video Premiere: Mariah Carey's 'Angels Cry' and 'Up Out My Face'

January 28, 2010 02:14:15 GMT

Mariah Carey is all wet in the 'Angels Cry' video, but keeps it dry inside the box of Barbie doll in the Nicki Minaj-featuring video.

Video Premiere: Mariah Carey's 'Angels Cry' and 'Up Out My Face'
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Mariah Carey has debuted music videos in support of her remixed singles "Angels Cry" and "Up Out My Face". In the "Angels Cry" video, she is sharing screen with her collaborator Ne-Yo, singing in the rain. Meanwhile, the "Up Out My Face" video sees her as a sexy Barbie doll with Young Money's artist Nicki Minaj.

Both of the revamped songs will be included in the R&B/Hip-Hop/Pop repackage of Mariah's "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" album. The forthcoming release was initially slated to arrive in January before then being pushed back to early March. Most recently, it is said the effort has once again been delayed, being scheduled to hit the stores across U.S. on March 23.

Mariah Carey is currently touring to support the record. She has kicked it off on January 2 and is going to wrap it up next month on February 26. Serving as her supporting act is RydazNrtist, a new R&B group signed to her husband Nick Cannon's NCredible Entertainment.

Mariah Carey's "Angels Cry" music video

Mariah Carey's "Up Out My Face" music video


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posted by ALICIA on Nov 14, 2010
posted by mary on May 27, 2010
shes a great singer
posted by kitty cat b on May 24, 2010
wat the hell u cant even like see the dame video this so dame dum ass shit somebody need to fix this shit this my song fuck
posted by non ya on Mar 11, 2010
so why can't we watch your video?):
posted by non ya on Mar 11, 2010
i love m c she is such a good singer and she is so pretty(:
posted by nesha f bby on Mar 01, 2010
i love mariah thats my bby hahaha jk bht i love her alot she can sing her ass off better then anybody thats how i feel fuck!!
posted by angel_eyeZ on Feb 12, 2010
WAT mariah carey is way prettier then beyonce
posted by Alex on Feb 07, 2010
Angels Cry is an amazing song!!!
posted by nameless on Feb 05, 2010
Just an OK song..
posted by snail song on Feb 05, 2010
Struggling to make it into top 40 R&B.. Lady Gaga could do it in 2 days.. :(
posted by Rest Please on Feb 05, 2010
Fat cows cries. This will flop worldwide harder than Janet's!!!
posted by jake on Feb 02, 2010
great songs, great videos, music to my ears!
posted by janet on Feb 02, 2010
angels cry is such a classy vid, its sooo beautiful!
posted by Alex on Feb 02, 2010
the videos are amazing!!!
posted by alexandra on Jan 31, 2010
i love song by mariah carey
posted by Diz on Jan 28, 2010
She's one dumb whore.
posted by angel_eyeZ on Jan 28, 2010
i luv mariah carey she is my favourite singer i luv u ~*MIMI*~
posted by I Get It on Jan 28, 2010
You're sagging 40 -years old, Mariah. We get it. You have fake melons. We've seen every curve of it for the past 10 years. Now put on some pants and bras and go to the kitchen. Please! :(
posted by Ouch on Jan 28, 2010
Beyonce sold 6 million copies..worldwide. Mariah?
posted by Yolanda on Jan 28, 2010
Mariah will end up sweeping confetti at Beyonce concert in 5 years time. LOL
posted by Zzzz on Jan 28, 2010
Can someone please make this fat lady disappear for good?
posted by Angels Dry on Jan 28, 2010
her songs sucks, videos less than impressive & her tour is the size of basketball arena.. Retire!
posted by NiceN\'naughty on Jan 28, 2010
Flop Alert, ya'll
posted by Medina on Jan 28, 2010
40 yo and still singing in the back alley? HILAR..
posted by Rest In Peace on Jan 28, 2010
awwww...Another boring n awful video to save her plunging career?
posted by xmas on Jan 28, 2010
Amazing Vids! Wouah!!!
posted by Kelky G on Jan 28, 2010
Disappointed! Nothing but recycle idea from Through The Rain. Flop!
posted by reckless peaches on Jan 28, 2010
does this woman ever NOT look like a 2 bit whore?
posted by I See MooMoo on Jan 28, 2010
Mariah looks a cross between a lost VENEZUELAN MAID in NY stuck in a dark alley somewhere & someone desperately needs a water ..shower! LAME video
posted by hateonurmama on Jan 28, 2010
Beyonce has grown up idolizing Mariah. and so have numerous other artistes who feature a rapper in their 'attempts'.. MARIAH STARTED IT ALL. without her you nigs would have been still painting graffiti.
posted by isa_equal on Jan 28, 2010
i lurv it so much love you mimi
posted by ugh on Jan 27, 2010
we cant see the videos! :(

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