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Mariah Carey - Up Out My Face (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

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posted by Sucks on Nov 02, 2010


posted by retire gracefully on Nov 01, 2010

If this is the kind of porn you people watch then your lives suck.. Mariah can and will always be able to sing.

posted by Anonymous on Oct 31, 2010

i loved it me nicki

posted by me nicki on Apr 07, 2010

ummmmm u guys need to listen to the beat not the words this is a bomb ass song and who ever said who's nicki minaj bxtch ur hella stupid she's all over the radio along wit drake and lil wayne cuz get ya mind rite or shut the fxck up

posted by wtf u mesn whos nick on Mar 11, 2010

Lame concept

posted by garbage on Feb 19, 2010


posted by done on Feb 14, 2010

Nothing special...becoming tiresome after few listening.

posted by Next on Feb 11, 2010

GAGA rulez!

posted by Poker Face on Feb 10, 2010

Nicki Minaj is appalling and disgusted me. Hate her..

posted by No stars on Feb 10, 2010

Doomed to flop!

posted by RIP Mariah on Feb 10, 2010

Never heard of Nicki Minaj..we probably won't ever again after this video and song fade out.

posted by Who is Nicki Minaj on Feb 09, 2010

Please..this video makes Rude Boy looking like a HIT video.

posted by True on Feb 08, 2010

hardly enter Top 40..

posted by struggling much on Feb 05, 2010

This is so WRONG!

posted by Mariah Sucks on Feb 05, 2010

cute.... but i can better.. XD

posted by me on Feb 01, 2010

Eminem won...again! Ha Ha

posted by Garbage on Feb 01, 2010

T A C K Y !

posted by She\'is Old Diva on Feb 01, 2010

Rest, relax n diet..the only thing she needs to do now.

posted by Yaya on Jan 31, 2010

yall need 2 stop hatin on my sis and my besty mimi. some of needs to go sum where. if yall got hate on my girls u don't need 2 say nuthin'.u sayin dat cuz yall not on the video. thats right queen bee. DIZ IZ ME SAYIN DONT HATE CUZ U AINT IT.

posted by Nicki\'s sis\' on Jan 31, 2010

Wrong is many levels..

posted by EnoughIsEnough on Jan 29, 2010

I dont really like her these days..Notting new :(

posted by Dania90 on Jan 29, 2010


posted by Langoria on Jan 29, 2010


posted by QUEEN BEE on Jan 28, 2010

~*MARIAH*~ is so pretty i luv her so much

posted by angel_eyeZ on Jan 28, 2010

I made a mistake. I though it was "Angels Cry" video. Well "Up Out My Face" one is far better! It's sexy, funny and brilliant! It has everything to go N1! MC rocks!

posted by Great on Jan 28, 2010

Amazing Video! Her best to date! :)

posted by Xmas on Jan 28, 2010

A Mix of "Through The Rain" and "One Sweet Day". Smart move. Very classy

posted by Great on Jan 28, 2010

I can safely say this is the main reason Beyonce still rulez the MTV

posted by Shasha Firefierce on Jan 28, 2010

You're sagging 40 -years old, Mariah. We get it. You have fake melons. We've seen every curve of it for the past 10 years. Now put on some pants and bras and go to the kitchen. Please! :(

posted by GypsyQueen on Jan 28, 2010

F L O P ! ! !

posted by KandiGalore on Jan 28, 2010

cheap production! Something like Ciara will make as a video.

posted by GinaG on Jan 28, 2010

soft -core X video? Yukh

posted by kitaro juniour on Jan 28, 2010

I dont get it...40yo barbie doll? Hnmmmm

posted by Dr Strangelove on Jan 28, 2010

R E T I R E !

posted by Lil Mama on Jan 28, 2010

Mediocre at its best!

posted by Failed on Jan 28, 2010

I love B E Y O N C E !

posted by LadyInRed on Jan 28, 2010

Recycled much, Miss Piggy?

posted by Anna on Jan 28, 2010

she is delusional in every sense..

posted by reality chick on Jan 28, 2010

Why she hire a discounted rapper is beyond me. Next>>>

posted by Medicore on Jan 28, 2010


posted by done deal diva on Jan 28, 2010

flop alert, yall

posted by Mike90 on Jan 28, 2010

Sorry, Pariah.. Whitney still rulez for her class, style and elegance!

posted by RIP Mama on Jan 28, 2010

Mariah who chooses to not take care of her body yet still wear Size 0 outfits?

posted by Absurb69 on Jan 28, 2010