Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato Up for a 2010 Duet

January 23, 2010 04:22:56 GMT

In addition to the duet which will also feature Selena Gomez and Tiffany Thornton, there is another collaboration between Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato for Friends for Change.

Jonas Brothers
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Several Disney stars will be reunited once again later this year. According to Twitter talks, the likes of Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Tiffany Thornton will enter recording booth together and make a joint track.

Also, rumor suggests that an upcoming duet between Joe Jonas and Demi which was previously hinted on their Twitters actually is a project for Friends for Change, the Mouse House's social campaign which is aimed to raise awareness to preserve the Earth. They reportedly will hook up in a song called "Make a Wave".

This is not the first time Disney Stars are brought together for a duet song. Last year, they teamed up on "Send It On" which was later picked up as an opening theme for Friends for Change. Other stars involved for the project at that time included Mitchel Musso, Brenda Song, David Henrie, Sterling Knight and Emily Osment.


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posted by contest on Feb 08, 2011
demi and miley venez me succe la bite a paris en mois de jun
posted by contest on Feb 08, 2011
i love you miley and demi and joe and nick and kevin my croquer miley and demi babay
posted by marta on Dec 10, 2010
I like miley and deni to i think they are both pretty
posted by bella on Dec 01, 2010
sorry just not fans
posted by bella on Dec 01, 2010
You know life is so sad for others who cant be so famous that have much better voces than them .I even hate nick jonas even sorry i am just not a fan of any of you celebrites
posted by hate fakers on Nov 06, 2010
love miley,demi and jb owh isn't that selenagirl from the show called waverly or something like that ..she isn't popular here demi and emily osment is more popular than her cuz they can SING and isn't fake!!
posted by tamika on Oct 22, 2010
I love you
posted by Holly on Sep 08, 2010
Whoever likes Demi better than any of them rocks ! I agree with any one who loves her for who she is ! I love Demi and i will always believe in her ! And whoever hates her well they suck and they are jealous like those brats that used to bully her in school ! But please all you Demi fans out there always support her ! You Demi fans rock ! And you rock Demi !
posted by hannh montana on Sep 02, 2010
hllo Drew Roy in Hannah Montana
posted by hannh montana on Sep 02, 2010
Drew Roy in Hannah Montana
posted by rita on Sep 02, 2010
posted by islam on Sep 02, 2010
hello how are you gae's am rita from narlandas am morocain am so nervais you pipeol so cute
posted by rita hajib on Sep 02, 2010
hello thisis my msn (
posted by hello on Sep 02, 2010
i love love MIley Cyrus and Demi Lovato but not he rest !
posted by houda hjib on Sep 02, 2010
mailey cyrus it's so cute and beote full, i love iti love hannah montana
posted by i lovee joesph on Jun 01, 2010
i lovee joe am his worlds biggest fan i love u very much............. miley,demi are fantastic,mind blowing n sels is good but she cnt sing like miley or demi selena always need a suppoter in singing........ but i love all disney celebs.every one is great N perfect in their place... miley,demi,sele,jb are singer thats mean they all can sing better then us.
posted by Sugababe on May 30, 2010
Miley and Demi rock i luv there music they r the best so is Selena
posted by duh on Apr 26, 2010
Miley rules bitches demi and jb too.
posted by jada on Mar 07, 2010
miley rox demi does too but selen is fake her video naturally was stupid and sooo is she ...miley and demi should be bffl's instead of selena and demi ...........miley rock's n she s the best kno it.
posted by sap on Mar 02, 2010
miley cyrus and demi lovato suck!they scream all the time while singing thinking they are singing pop. selena,jo bros,etc are all fine!
posted by Jorgeatte on Feb 24, 2010
Rank according to how I like them 1. Miley Cyrus 2. Demi Lovato 3. Jonas Brothers (they already split right?) 4. Selena Gomez
posted by Danny on Feb 20, 2010
Miley sucks! She is sooo fake and has buck teeth!
posted by rachel on Feb 06, 2010
I love miley cyrus she rules
posted by jessica on Feb 06, 2010
I love miley and jb they're rock the house
posted by Tevy on Feb 06, 2010
Miley is Rock
posted by maddie loves the JB on Jan 29, 2010
joe is my future huseband!just joking!i love u,joe,my muffin man!DJ DANGER is the best!
posted by maddie loves the JB on Jan 29, 2010
i love the JB so so so much!Romania loves u guys!u are the best!never change!and please come to our contry and don't desapoint us!u have a lot of fans in here!JB we love u!
posted by JeanS on Jan 28, 2010
to boomiley, hello, Daniel,......u all suck.....
posted by JeanS on Jan 28, 2010
mr. ehemehem..........your such a big idiot and a stupid man/woman ....u suck.....
posted by boo Miley on Jan 27, 2010
Boooooo Miley always wants fame cant she not be in somethhing luv Selena and Demi
posted by k.f on Jan 26, 2010
i love u nick.i wish u and miley was back together.
posted by fabiola on Jan 26, 2010
i love demi lovato and selena gomez you are fantatic i love love love i'm from italy
posted by Sarah on Jan 25, 2010
Miley rocks,Demi is awesome,Selena is great and The Jonas Brothers well who doesn't just love them!
posted by ILOVEJONAS!! on Jan 25, 2010
OMJ i love the jonas brothers, they rock. i could write an essay about them
posted by col; on Jan 25, 2010
i love demi lovato and selena gomez
posted by JeanS on Jan 25, 2010
justin beiber is soooooo cute & adorable.......joe please never date girls older 2 you like camilla & also remain single till i come 4 u.....(dont date demi lovato)...
posted by JeanS on Jan 25, 2010
Joe is the culest guy ever. doesn't look nice with short hair... looks awesome in JB-3d concert...& i want 2 tell u that i love u.. your singing is amazing..nick's voice is like a bad radio...miley's singing is good & so is demi's & selena's.....but demi's dressing sense is fabulous.........luv u..
posted by hey on Jan 24, 2010
Miley Rox! That is all I have to say.
posted by katie on Jan 24, 2010
i luv demi n selena they really rok!but selena is not good enoug to like demi but she is a good actor n jonas r fine bt miley is dam bad actor n singer
posted by loop on Jan 24, 2010
they all rock! 1.miley 2.demi 3.selena 4. jo bros 5. tiffany throthan
posted by ehemehem on Jan 24, 2010
um to be honest am i really the only perrson that sees demi for who she really is??? this girl is sooo fake she is just not even a nice person...its so obvious its just that she has to be nice to her fans because of the money.... apart from that she is such a sl^t.... she doesnt have to send out nude pictures for you to know the kind of person she is... she just hasnt because of she has seen the consequences.... she is just sooo fake and i think anyone with a mature mind will see right through her... miley is actually 100% real and in reality one of the nicest, friendliest and heartwarming person... even if youv seen her on tv or her pics with the paparazzi or her friends you would know.. she is just a really good person and i dont think that what ever she does in her personal life should affect who she is... selena on the other hand is the sweetest thing... and just by looking at her you would know that she is going to become one of these a-listers in hollywood when she grows up.. like sandra bullock or jennifer aniston.. she is so classy and elegant.... THIS IS THE 100% truth
posted by meaghan on Jan 24, 2010
hw iz miley a bad singer and a actor she iz way beta than demi and selena!!!!!
posted by meaghan on Jan 24, 2010
i luv miley soo so much she iz the BEST!! go miley u rock!!
posted by awesome person on Jan 24, 2010
Sounds good!!! Miley is the most successful so she must be good! DEMI CAN SING AND SELENA CAN DANCE BUT I DONT WANT THE JONAS BROS THERE!
posted by tweet this on Jan 24, 2010
I think you girls are all just jealous. Dont b a hater love everyone member miley is all about peace and harmony so by dissin Demi you diss Miley. Grow up!
posted by madison on Jan 24, 2010
I Agree with Ashley
posted by madison on Jan 24, 2010
Miley and Demi can sing (really good) Nick can sing but after a few mins gets annoying Joe has a good studeo voice Selena has crap voice cause she doesnt have a note in her voice and besides her voice is mixed so much!
posted by Momal on Jan 23, 2010
the jonas brothers r good bt nothing compared to taylor swift!!!
posted by SUCK on Jan 23, 2010
posted by wtf on Jan 23, 2010
i luv miley better cuz selena and demi r gay (ewww)U ROCK MILEY and 4 all hater like daniel , daniel u cant singu ugly u suck and f**** u
posted by LOL on Jan 23, 2010
I luv Demi she is like the best and she is like my inspritanation
posted by Creamer on Jan 23, 2010
To be completely honest, I think that Demi and Miley are both going downhill....
posted by neil on Jan 23, 2010
Miley is just about the best entertainer and singer ever.
posted by girl on Jan 23, 2010
Demi's the best, then Miley, then Selena
posted by jonas luver bla bla on Jan 23, 2010
Love Jonas Brothers!!!demi and Miley are awesome singers,but selena isn't really a good singer.Sel's a better actress
posted by kool on Jan 23, 2010
luv all but not tiff i lot luv miley shes the best
posted by Susanna on Jan 23, 2010
i love Demi shes the best ever
posted by Nicole on Jan 23, 2010
I love love love the Jonas Brothers, but Demi is soooo much better at singing than Miley and Selena AND she can play the guitar
posted by ME on Jan 23, 2010
Love Selena She Rocks!!!!!!!!!
posted by Ashley on Jan 23, 2010
Miley can play the guitar and the piano so i don't know what you guys are talking about! And Miley is awesome She AMAZING!! JONAS AND DEMI are Good too but Selena is a no. SHe needs to end her singing career now
posted by reem on Jan 23, 2010
jonas roxxxxxxx <3 <3
posted by kc on Jan 23, 2010
daniel your right demi can sing miley can't sing a high quality...demi can paly all the instrument...i'm sure demi high high quality voice..
posted by wizfreak on Jan 23, 2010
Awesome!!! I luv all of them except miley, she's okay but Selena rocks the house!!!!
posted by kate on Jan 23, 2010
i love miley & demi!!!! they both play guitar & piano!!!
posted by do on Jan 23, 2010
miley is the best
posted by bayan on Jan 23, 2010
Ilove the jonas and miley i live in KSA we are love them
posted by Daniel on Jan 23, 2010
Demi can sing, miley can't. Plus Demi can play the guitar and piano. Demi ROCKS!, miley SUCKS!.
posted by hello on Jan 23, 2010
i love MIley Cyrus and Demi Lovato but not he rest !

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