Lady GaGa Is Naked in 'Fame Monster' Limited Edition Artwork

December 19, 2009 07:27:28 GMT

One of the pictures featured in the booklet of 'The Fame Monster' limited edition has Kanye West holding up naked Lady GaGa against his chest.

Lady GaGa
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Photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

Lady GaGa reunites with David LaChapelle, the same man who photographed her for Rolling Stone's annual Hot List issue back in May. This time around, the dance queen recruited him for "The Fame Monster [Limited Edition]" artworks.

The pictures taken by David recently hit the web. Five in total, they feature Lady GaGa in various provocative poses. One of the photos even sees her naked and only covering one of her nude breasts with her hand. Kanye West, who was supposed to go on a joint tour with her but withdrew from the gig, is shown holding her up against his chest.

"The Fame Monster" was originally planned to be a re-release version of Lady GaGa's debut album "The Fame" but was outed as a mini album instead. "I have been fighting with my record label because my album as a re-release was entirely too expensive for my fans. So last night I ripped it in half," she said during an appearance in a German TV show "Wetten, Dass..?" Saturday, November 7.


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posted by pooppoopoopppopopopo on Dec 29, 2009
butt head crap knocker face but dame girl
posted by poophead on Dec 29, 2009
my sister likes to look at lady gaga naked
posted by pooooooooooooooooooo on Dec 29, 2009
nasty but i thank she should not do that
posted by jfiewfj on Dec 29, 2009
i wonder if she well just be plane naked so i can stay and stair at her
posted by poopooiudhd on Dec 29, 2009
dang hot hot sexy
posted by poopooiudhd on Dec 29, 2009
dang hot hot sexy
posted by zinn21 on Dec 27, 2009
Lady Gaga has a minor league body.. Sorry..
posted by Attie on Dec 22, 2009
The pictures were so strange, but really beautiful at the same time. And Lady Gaga is not a contradiction when it comes to fans. I know she truly loves each and every one of them.
posted by only1kene on Dec 20, 2009
ok so her main reason to release Monster as a stand alone album was cause a re-release was too expensive! Why is she doing a deluxe edition when that's really expensive too? Contradiction!

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