Jose Garces Named 'The Next Iron Chef' Season 2 Winner

Jose Garces Named 'The Next Iron Chef' Season 2 Winner

On Sunday, November 22, the Kitchen Stadium was filled with smoke and tension as two chefs, one with great technique and the other with huge creativity, battled it out for the title.

The Chairman declared that "The Next Iron Chef" of season 2 is Jose Garces. The executive chef from Philadelphia entered the final battle against chef Jehangir Mehta and came out victorious. His technique in cooking played a huge role in his victory because it triumphed over Mehta's praised creativity.

The secret ingredients of the finale were racks and ribs such as pork baby back, spare, beef short and country. The finalists had to make five dishes that best represent America's melting pot while still being creative. Garces created buffalo rib steak au poivre; Mexican-style braised carnitas taco; Pork loin with herbs; Spanish pizza with beef short ribs; and Baby back ribs with spicy BBQ sauce.

Overall, the judges graded Garces' dish as "safe" and "monotonous" but Mehta's presentation was not exactly a delight either. Mehta's burger and French fries unfortunately were still raw and immediately turned off the judges. Chef Michael Symon who is the winner of the first season uttered, "If you're creative and you fail, are you creative? Or are you a failure?"

After considering that Mehta should have concentrated on a dish instead of trying to do everything at the same time and Garces should have come out of the box, the judging panel decided that it was a win for Garces.

"It's a huge risk to go on the show and possibly be eliminated early ...or be displayed in a negative light," Garces told the Los Angeles Times. "But [if you win] it brings a lot of prestige, it's an honor and a privilege to be an 'Iron Chef.' ...It's very good for business as well, let's be honest. I have six restaurants, so having that title would be great."

Jose Garces told reporters that he was considering to open a new restaurant in New York City. "If I do anything, it will be an Amada," he revealed the name of his potential restaurant.




    Oct 02, 2010

    i think the win went to Garces cause they need a token Hispanic on the team, and soon they need a nice African American too, so let's see how the black men do on the show. We all know Mehta should have won, even the Judge Jefferey was very angry when he said that he would never pay for the food garces put on the plate.

    Dec 07, 2009

    In some respects, I'm with BurnedFrenchToast, judging from the comments that were shown on the finale, NOBODY deserved the win. Interesting versus flawed technique versus good technique but boring food, hardly inspires one that either deserved the win. But the bigger problem I suspect will be that Chef Garces himself is incredibly boring. Snooze fest. Nearly a hundred percent of the American population will never taste his food, but you can be bored by him on TV. At least Mehta, Freitag, and his predecessor, Symon, were interesting, had charisma, attractive personalities...he may well be a nice guy, but Garces is a snooze fest.

    Nov 26, 2009

    I came away thinking that they should have simply passed on picking anyone. I know it was a contest and contests are supposed to have winners. But no one in the finale, or the semi-final, impressed me as being "Iron Chef" quality. There should be a bar that one has to hurdle to achieve that status and I don't think any of these chefs cleared that bar.

    Nov 25, 2009

    Mehta simply fell flat on the basics, you can't serve undercooked pork to a judging panel with professional chefs, these guys run real restuarants and know how fast you can lose customers forever with that sort of mistake. Imagine the publicity of a trigonisis outbreak caused by your cooking and for gods sake he could not cook a bloody french fry, something millions of minimum wage monkeys manage at fast food places across the country.

    Nov 25, 2009

    chef mehta deserved the win. He was definitely more creative.

    Nov 24, 2009

    My husband predicted Chef Garces the winner on the very first show. Congratulations Jose Garces, you earned the title. I would love to manage one of your restaurants in Pueblo, Co.

    Nov 24, 2009

    well the Irons chefs, Simon, Flay, and now Garces are clones of eachother. Simon has already admitted he and Flay have the same asthetic. Now they have Garces. clones of one another== I thought Iron Chef was about diversity and imagination not about an old boys club who stand the same, act similar, and now cook the same. Boring!! Funny how twice Metha got the comment "this is the best dish in the whole competition" and "this is the best dish in the finale" but he didn't win. I would rather have flashes of brillance then "good technique" to be an IRON CHEF

    Nov 23, 2009

    Chef Garces deserved to win.His dishes were consistantly good and he was a gentleman while he was competing.Chef Mehta while creative did some underhanded things while trying to win.Congrats Jose Garces, you deserve to be called Iron Chef.Now you can stand up there with one of my favorites, Chef Bobby Flay!!!!!!!

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