'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 13 Winner Is Nicole Fox

November 19, 2009 03:21:31 GMT

The 18-year-old girl from Louisville, Colorado who was born with bloody eyeball beat Laura Kirkpatrick to be the first petite model in the show's history.

'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 13 Winner Is Nicole Fox
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Nicole Fox has won "America's Next Top Model" cycle 13 and thus becomes the first petite model to have claimed the title. Nicole is entitled to a Seventeen magazine cover shoot and six-page spread, a spot at Wilhelmina Models and a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics.

Nicole beat Laura Kirkpatrick on the finale after completing her CoverGirl commercial smoothly and conquering the final runway. Laura stumbled a bit on the challenge because of her dyslexia. And when Nigel Barker asked her to think something emotional, Laura could not deliver it to the camera. However, Nicole wasn't exactly an obvious winner from the beginning. Jay Manuel disliked the way she read her CoverGirl commercial because she sounded like a snob.

Before the girls had to walk down the live fashion show, Tyra Banks sat down with each of them to talk about their motivation. "I have sat, like, in a bathroom stall during lunch so that, like, I can eat my food and nobody, like, will see me being alone," Nicole told Tyra. Meanwhile, Laura said that she was happy to break the thought that she couldn't make it big.

During the final runway show, the girls walked in Julia Clancy designs. Eddie Murphy was among the audience because his daughter Bria Murphy was also modeling. The eliminated girls this cycle as well as Teyona Anderson, the winner of cycle 12, were also in the show. All of them had to battle wind and rain on the runway.

During the judging panel, the judges liked Laura's walk better than Nicole's but appreciated Nicole's signature walk. Then they went through the girls' CoverGirl shoot. Nigel cheered for Laura's photo while Tyra loved Nicole's relax but confident shot. After considering Laura and Nicole's portfolios, the judges decided upon Nicole as the winner.


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posted by Beatriz derato on Mar 19, 2012
I love everyone on that show but their is only 2 beautiful girls. it was Laura and Nicole. I was cherring for them. they was fantastic at the modelling and at the photo shots. when I found out that they both was at the fanil end I got happy. I was really proud of them bot I was escard too. I started to thing and take a cloce look at the pictures to see and thing who will be the next top model winner. Then one day I looked at the tv and saw the show on. I started to look at the pictures that they both took and I realize that Nicole was the best because she is pretty and cool and a good model. I cheered for her a lot she won the America next top model I was proud of her when I looked at the tv and I saw she won I was so so happy that I bot the magesines and I bot the covergirl stuff and I did not use it.
posted by aceshowbiz on Mar 19, 2012
I love everyone on that show but their is only 2 beautiful girls. it was Laura and Nicole. I was cherring for them. they was fantastic at the modelling and at the photo shots. when I found out that they both was at the fanil end I got happy. I was really proud of them bot I was escard too. I started to thing and take a cloce look at the pictures to see and thing who will be the next top model winner. Then one day I looked at the tv and saw the show on. I started to look at the pictures that they both took and I realize that Nicole was the best because she is pretty and cool and a good model. I cheered for her a lot she won the America next top model I was proud of her when I looked at the tv and I saw she won I was so so happy that I bot the magesines and I bot the covergirl stuff and I did not use it.
posted by ? on Nov 16, 2011
I love both girls,but I like Laura better! She's beautiful and cheerful,but it is good that Nicole won,she's just as good and as beautiful as Laura.
posted by Paris on Sep 03, 2011
I love Laura but there is no way in hell she is in league with Nicole. There is a big difference between there photos and IMHO this was the fairest judging antm did. EVER.
posted by anew on Mar 17, 2011
i like jennifer but i love nicole..congrats girls!!!
posted by louissha on Mar 12, 2011
nicole deserved to win laura is beatiful bot not outside nicole is beautiful insifde and out sides .....NICOLE have the luck star in american next top model cucle 13 ..but i like to win is erin erin most deserved it to win
posted by idea on Nov 06, 2010
I really like laura, she's deserve to win. she is beautiful and charming. The judge was unfair.
posted by momma2be on Oct 16, 2010
Nicole deserved it. Haha. She used to be in my chem class...Beautiful girl!
posted by mommy on Oct 09, 2010
i guess those who like laura - laura is not good in modelling-she is more on pa-cute thing. She is nice- but modeling is not for her - she's too attractive but i guess she'll have a good standing in being a movie artist not in modelling.
posted by mommy on Oct 09, 2010
i like nicole, judges likes her too. She's so simple but wow when she modeled--so perfect-she is born to be a model. In the whole entire top model 13-she got her very best, even in simplest shoot out-she turn out to be gorgeous & what can i say - you are blessed nicole!!!congratulations!
posted by she on Sep 25, 2010
posted by she on Sep 25, 2010
laura is deserving to get the tittle
posted by Annetta on Sep 04, 2010 the way I wish to add that they were both pretty but Nicole is more highfashion than Laura. Nicole is also more versatile, she can be a sexy Victoria Secret model and can transform in a high couture model or and editorial model as well...
posted by Annetta on Sep 04, 2010
I am so glad Nicole won!! I also like Laura, she photographed beautiful and she was very sweet and down to earth, but she is not as elegant and unique as Nicole is.. Nicole remind me the beautiful princess from the woods in a fairytale book, or a victorian beauty so serene, delicate and elegant plus she has a slimmer and longer body in comparison to Laura, she was thicker. Congratulations to Nicole and to sweet Laura, they both were the best of the bunch!!!
posted by Kelly, on Aug 18, 2010
I think Nicole is fabulous, so glad that she won, she has been standing out since the very first day!
posted by Lindy on Aug 09, 2010
For once they picked the wrong girl. AMNTM is also a spokes person for other young women. Laura could do this easy plus have great photos. Nichole can't carry either one. Laura is the winner to me.
posted by paige on Aug 04, 2010
am i the only one that thinks that nicole look like that girl in sex and the city? i forgot her name... the one who is like the main star in that show
posted by syuhana on Jul 21, 2010
i damn love Nicole she look innocent she deserve to got it!!!!! she very quiet
posted by kiki on Jul 02, 2010
i think Laura should of won because she was so sweet and nice. But nicole had great photos. But it doesn't matter because in cycle 3 Eva won and she is 5"6'and a half which makes Eva the first black and petite model to win america's next top model.
posted by queentina on Jun 11, 2010
i love nicole. i think she is unique, i love her big curly red hair and her voice! her voice is so cute. and she's innocent :) go nicole yeaay
posted by baby girl on Apr 16, 2010
nicole u go girl
posted by Maryjane on Apr 06, 2010
Nicole u are an amazing model u just shined in everything you did, it was an absolute pleasure watching u on your journey and cant wait to see more of your fabulous work in the future....your one stunning lady! :)
posted by LB on Mar 25, 2010
I thought Laura really should of won, her photos throughout the show have been the best, and she is the beter cover girl by far. she looked fab on the catwalk on the final show. I hope she becomes a successful model and this is not the last we hear of her. Good Luck Laura x
posted by star_star_star on Mar 21, 2010
I really like Nicole, I had a feeling from the very start that she would win! I really liked Lauras personality but Nicole can take extremely good picturess & Laura wasn't high fashion. I think Nicole has good personality, even though shes a little wierd. I wouldn't of cared if Laura won anyway, the two were my fav throughout the whole thing :)
posted by __ on Mar 01, 2010
I'm not impressed that nicole won. she didnt put any efford into it at all. no offence to her but she doesnt look like a modle, and she will get eaten up in the modeling world. shes to wierd to actualy make it out there. she will easyily crash and burn.
posted by Sexy lady on Feb 10, 2010
she's vile and smells like dog poo
posted by poo on Feb 09, 2010
Thanks for ruining it for me.!
posted by nicolehaterssuck on Jan 25, 2010
i love nicole she rocks i think she has a great personality.
posted by laura all the way!!! on Dec 01, 2009
Laura congrats ur everyones AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL!!!! Im sure youll suceed , great personality and gorgeous, bit dissapointed even tho nicoles great at takin pics, loved laura on runway!...
posted by Susana on Nov 23, 2009
OMG I am so happy that Nicole won. I was rooting for her from the start. She has a fantastic, true personality. The only one of the bunch who never trash talked anybody else and concentrated solely on learning modelling skills and applying them consistently. She is a wonderful young woman and I can't wait to see her modelling career develop. Congratulations Nicole!!
posted by Chinese on Nov 22, 2009
She a natural model, very very good,they make a right decision
posted by Leanne on Nov 21, 2009
I agree with Holly, antm finally got it right! Having a great personality doesn't mean a thing in modelling world..naomi campbell is crazy and kate moss is hardly a great role model, and how much success did they have? Nicole has what it takes to get a lot of print work, but let's face it, what's the chanceof any of these antm contestants ever becoming a supermodel?
posted by antm lover <3 on Nov 21, 2009
I am so happy that Nicole won and am even more happy that a petite model is representing all the short girls around the world for the whole cycle I was rooting for both Nicole and Laura so when both girls stomped the runway I knew that one of my favourite girls would go home but when they announced Nicole I couldn't have been more happier :) So congratulations Nicole!!! And I know we will be seeing that cute country girl Laura rocking the runway again!! Go laura and nicole!!!!
posted by BG-13 on Nov 21, 2009
I am so happy that Nicole won and am even more happy that a petite model is representing all the short girls around the world for the whole cycle I was rooting for both Nicole and Laura so when both girls stomped the eunway
posted by abby <3 on Nov 21, 2009
laura is so beautiful and real and her personality just stands out. she will go far no matter what the outcome of antm was. nicole is the most plain girl i have ever seen on there, personality wise, and i just don't like her. laura is the best and she rocks. i wish her the best and i hope she goes very far.
posted by elaine on Nov 21, 2009
At the beginning of the competition,I thought nicole was the winner.Laura is very usual to me. Enen if nicole is strange ,i like her.
posted by HOHO on Nov 21, 2009
HOHOHOHOHOHO! Haven't watched the finale, but I'm really glad Nicole won! She a natural model.
posted by drk on Nov 20, 2009
nicole is unique... good job! xx
posted by Cat on Nov 20, 2009
I am so glad Nicole won. I think she really deserved it. I was rooting for her for two main reasons. 1) She is an extremely talented model. She takes amazing photos consistently and I think she will go far. And 2) I personally, can really relate to her. She is a redhead, like myself. We also have similar personalities. I am quiet and shy and a bit awkward sometimes, but that's okay. For anyone who says Nicole has no personality, I find that comment untrue and slightly offensive. Just because you are not the most outgoing person doesn't mean you have no personality. I do think Laura is a great girl with lots of talent and an inspiring story, but I am very happy with the outcome of this cycle. Way to go Nicole! :)
posted by \"nicole fox\" on Nov 20, 2009
ella es la mejor de todas las modelos es linda y mas bonita que laura kirkpatrick,.... . bay.
posted by Stylish Vampire on Nov 20, 2009
BIG BIG BIG...BIGGEST MISTAKE... Laura is the greatest... Nicole is nothing compared to her... I love Laura so much... and i HATE Nicole... Big Mistake...
posted by jade on Nov 20, 2009
hmmmmmmm!!!! what the fu** is this show called??? Americas next top MODEL!!! model is the word not americas next top personality anybody can have a "personality" but nicole is the model she came out on top so many times and her pics were hi fashion laura isnt marketable as a hi fashion model....... psssh nicole definitely deservd to win by a fucking long long long long shot
posted by Golden Eggroll on Nov 19, 2009
I'd fuck her. 8==D~ <--:D
posted by Duck on Nov 19, 2009
posted by Liezzy on Nov 19, 2009
I know that Nicole from the very start that she would be in the final 2. And made me happy that she's the winner of this cycle..
posted by pashmina on Nov 19, 2009
my previous post meant to say i 'heart' laura not i 'hear' laura. XX
posted by pashmina on Nov 19, 2009
i'm a little surprised that people thought laura should have won....she never finished at the top of the pack ever from week to week. her pics are good (don't get me wrong), but nicole's were consistently fierce...and every guest judge said so, as well! No one before this week every thought Laura would even be in the finals and now based on nicole's less than fab walk and supposedly zero personality (that is such crap that is propogated by the editing team of atnm)people think laura should have won? how silly...people are really fickle. that said, i hear laura and i think she is going to take the world by storm (perhaps as an actress if she can get over her nerves.
posted by KK/CC on Nov 19, 2009
Nicole deserved to win I'm glad for her she was clearly the best
posted by willpower on Nov 19, 2009
Nicole is the winner!! I love her pictures! She is shy, soooo what?! That doesn't mean she hasn't got personality. She had the best photos in the whole competition and her pronuntiation on the comercial was PERFECT. And most important thing, she had given 100% every single day. CONGRATULATIONS
posted by arianne on Nov 19, 2009
it's been a looong time since the winner of antm wasn't the complete opposite of who should've won the minute i saw nicole on the show, her look stood out to me when it came to laura, i could only remember her for having a really thick country accent when it comes down to modeling, a look that stands out, that's memorable, is what the industry really needs, and by nicole being a petite model, she was (besides erin) she only one who would be able to make it
posted by steph on Nov 19, 2009
i find it really strange how this cycle was for petite models, yet Nicole wasn't even the shortest model to win america's next top model, Eva is ! They should've given Laura the win because it would've given her a better chance of having a modelling career, just because she is so short whereas Nicole isn't really petite.
posted by shirley on Nov 19, 2009
i absolutely agree with pashmina, and even though he/she mad excellent points, Laura had the sympathy vote, and that's why everyone's so dissapointed. I was rooting for Jennifer until this last episode where i changed to Laura.
posted by True on Nov 19, 2009
I think this show is such a Hypocrite!!!!! Don't get me wrong, it is a very entertaining show but if you really think about it on every judging panel they gave all the girl the constructive criticism and that fine. The girls are doing as what they are told but then again when they does it they still get criticize by the judge and BS about it. What happen to Tyra saying about model needs to have personality! personality! and personalities! and now look at Nicole, not a damn personality shown all through out the show. I am not saying I like Nicole or Laura, I just think this show is all BS!
posted by jenna on Nov 19, 2009
yay!!!!!!!!!! i love nicole i was cheering for her since the begining lol!!!!!!!!!!!! my mom thought laura was gonna win but nope my girl nicole did haha my favorite part of nicole is that she was the shyest andmost talk about in the house and yet she won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "bloody eyeball" lol hahaha
posted by Damien on Nov 19, 2009
I knew Nicole would win from the very beginning and placed bets on it !!! She came a very long way and she rocked her photographs !!! She is a beautiful girl and I'm sure she'll do very well !!! I loved Laura as well and I see a future in modeling for her also !!!
posted by Halostar83 on Nov 19, 2009
like omg!..I can't believe that Laura didn't win! I think she is so awesome!..Nicole is good but like personality wise..I think Laura totally rock it's cool and all but like Laura should have won!'s totally a bummer! oh well!
posted by Blah on Nov 19, 2009
Sad...very sad!
posted by Tracey on Nov 19, 2009
Laura was so plain and then they took her picture and she was a supermodel. She reminded me so much of a young Rachel Hunter. I adored her and so did everyone. I believe she lost because of her hillbilly accent - I truly do. Nicole was good to though. I thought overall this year they had the prettiest girls.
posted by neutral on Nov 19, 2009
I loved both girls but if we were to put ourselves in Nicole's shoes, she wants to break out of her shy personality as well, but our upbringing plays a part, and it's not as easy as snapping ur fingers and ta-da! u are changed! Nicole has changed much since the show started. But I gotta say that Laura's personality and the joy she brings is just so infectious! As Tyra said, America will love Laura and Nicole will be a high fashion model. May they both go far despite being petite!!! =)
posted by GeekAngel on Nov 19, 2009
Americas Next Short Model... hehe btw Kudos to Nicole! I hope she'll stay humble even after all this success... and keep working on that runaway walk & dance ^o^ Other than that she roXs infront of the camera!! I love her from day 1!
posted by totally ticked off on Nov 19, 2009
I'm super POed that Laura did not win. I have been watching this show for years and vow never to watch again! I was SHOCKED when Laura did not win. They totally missed the mark on this one.
posted by peggyb on Nov 19, 2009
I wanted Laura to win but what really bothered me was that Tyra made it so freakin' obvious that she was all about nicole in panel. That's what pissed me off. And I thought Nicole's walk was hideous and annoying -- clunky and unfeminine -- not "signature" and, then I wonder how much of this "poor shy me" routin was an act? Do we ever really know these people?
posted by Anonymous on Nov 19, 2009
Nicole definitely deserved to win. True, Laura was more outgoing, but Nicole was a better model. Remember she won the 'go-see' challenge? She is definitely more marketeable both in the US & Overseas, she is more talented & has a personality!!!! so, people need to stop saying she doesnt. There are diffrernt types of personalities in this world. My heart goes out to Laura though, she is also a good model & will be successful!. Peace*
posted by Jojo20 on Nov 19, 2009
Congratulations Nicole! I am happy you won. You have been my favorite since the very beginning.
posted by ANTM 13 on Nov 18, 2009
Oh give me a break Seju. Nicole is the quietest person in her high school. Who can she talks shit with? a wall? or the little insect she was saving. I don't believe Nicole would ever talk shit about Laura. whatever, Nicole won, and she obviously is going to be a high fashion top model in future, while I don't see laura can go anywhere besides shooting for Sears catalogs and some granny magazines.
posted by Imthevoiceofgod on Nov 18, 2009
Laura should have won. Nicole is so gross and ackward. When she walked the runway I wanted to throw up. Laura has devine beauty because it is not skin deep. Her smile can penetrate my hardest alloy I've made on earth.
posted by jamonit70 on Nov 18, 2009
Nicole is the bomb!she stepped it up from day 1. Her pics are fabulous and has her own signatue pose and Walk. I am a big fan of top model and cycle 13 was the best. So much less drama. You go girl! I'm so proud of you!
posted by Tanya on Nov 18, 2009
Big mistake! HUGE!!!Nicole is everything but not a top model!
posted by Karen M. on Nov 18, 2009
Nicole deserved the win. I hope both girls do well in future. God bless them.
posted by Seju on Nov 18, 2009
For ANTM 13, btw please realize this show is a competition. People always talk shit about people and if you think about it, 1 hour does not show everything. Producers can easily sway you into thinking this person is "selfish" because they talk shit and stuff. They might have just cut the parts Nicole talked shit about other people to make her seem like shes the perfect one. SO, don't hate my girl Laura! ( PS I love both girls )
posted by buttweed on Nov 18, 2009
hey IwillwhipTwoodsandma you just started a war
posted by kase on Nov 18, 2009
I don't understand why people think that having a personality means u have to bubbly or loud or outspoken. Nicole has personality. So she's chill and a little quiet but u remember her. I love laura. But it think in terms of talent and looks, nicole got it better.
posted by ANTM\'s biggest fan on Nov 18, 2009
I was ecstatic to hear that Nicole had won. While Laura worked hard, had amazing photos, and an endearing personality, Nicole was the more talented model, had the biggest transformation, and was always at the top of the pack. She truly deserved to be ANTM
posted by timmy on Nov 18, 2009
she may not have the best personality, but she has the TALENT! look at her photos? i mean come on, she is high-fashionably beautiful! I am really happy she won! :))
posted by Seju on Nov 18, 2009
ANTM may have chosen Nicole to be America's Next Top Model, however Laura (I think) was America's Most Loved Model. She is so charming, down to earth and is like a chameleon. She had so many beautiful pictures that I felt told a story whereas Nicole just looks good in clothes and is model thin. I don't hate Nicole, I'm happy she won, but my heart sank for Laura. Laura reminds me of Heidi Klum in that they are both charming and work your way into your hearts with spontaneity.
posted by IwillwhipTwoodsandma on Nov 18, 2009
Go Nicole, You are a gem. Your future hubby.
posted by pandee on Nov 18, 2009
they got it wrong this time....
posted by Lauraisantm on Nov 18, 2009
To me Laura is antm she is gorgeous and has a great personality. Nicole was just blahhhh
posted by nycdude on Nov 18, 2009
Petite models are usually NOT featured on run-ways... So Laura (who is a lovely girl)'s edge on runway isn't really a strength in the real world. Nicole on the other hand, will probably get tons of print work because she looks just damn gorgeous. If you look back, many of the guest judges were wow-ed by Nicole.
posted by ANTM 13 on Nov 18, 2009
Nicole's personality is so much better than backstabbing Laura. Nicole didn't even talk any shit about Laura from behind the camera. while Laura is all about her selfish self. I cried when Tyra announced Nicole as the winner, because I do think Laura would be a better Covergirl men's magazine model.
posted by Laurashouldvewon!!!! on Nov 18, 2009
I'm so pissed Laura shouldve one. She had a great personality and was beautiful. Nicole was just boring. Ughh I can't believe this
posted by Laura 4life on Nov 18, 2009
laura shud've have won.i dnt hate nicole or anything but her walk...was ugghh..dat can never be a signature walk....she is to bleak and stiff but laura is nice preety sexy fun cool and deserves it and looks like sumone who wud never take her position 4granted and apreciate it evryday of her life!
posted by Thymissydor on Nov 18, 2009
I think Nicole has what it takes to be a great model and she stands for a lot more than just a pertty face. Just because she wasn't as vocal as Laura or even Erin didn't change how great she was on camera and that's all that counts how they do on camera !.
posted by Antm fan on Nov 18, 2009
nicole is so pretty and she worked reli reli hard so i reli think she deserved it! She is gonna be an awesome model!!
posted by Holly on Nov 18, 2009
Finally Tyra picked the HIGH FASHION model who will go on and work in markets like New York, Milan and London. Finally they picked talent over personality. All the past cycles, the reverse was true and where are those models now? Girls like Anya and Kata are walking the runways of Milan and doing hig fashion editorials but THEY didn't win for not having the "right" personality yet have gone on to have big careers and make a lot of money. Nicole is like America's Alice Burdeu who won Australia's Next Top Model. Alice is now a multi-millionaire top model. High fashion is finally being appreciated in ANTM.
posted by Ttoys on Nov 18, 2009
Laura shoul have won her pictures were just as good, and her personality is so much better
posted by huh? on Nov 18, 2009
while nicole was good, there is NO way she should have beat laura for the title. i have no doubt that laura will have a successful career. ANTM got it wrong this time.
posted by buttweed on Nov 18, 2009
can i marry this girl?
posted by ..... on Nov 18, 2009
umm antm fan?? i think she does. she is a girl that is quiet and is focused. she is all fo doing her best. plus shes a good role model. she definetly deserved it with her beautiful pictures
posted by katie on Nov 18, 2009
nicole went to my highschool and it makes me sad to think that she was so alone because she was so charming and funny on the show! she seriously is beautiful inside and out and im so happy she won!
posted by ANTM fan on Nov 18, 2009
Nicole does not have the personality to be ANTM. She did not deserve it.
posted by dayday on Nov 18, 2009
Nicole will be the most successful model that came out of this show by far. I think in a few years we may be putting SUPER ahead of that model. She is a gem and I wish her luck on her journey. Also Laura is a good one too but she faded in Nicole's bright star.

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