Miley Cyrus Tops Worst Celeb Influence Poll

October 29, 2009 02:30:39 GMT

Her pole dancing at this year's annual Teen Choice Awards has led her to be voted the first in the poll of Worst Celebrity Influence of 2009.

Miley Cyrus
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Though idolized by many teenagers all over the world, Miley Cyrus has been voted the Worst Celebrity Influence of the year in an online poll compiled by AOL's (Just So You Know), which is aimed at 9-15 year-olds. Garnering 42 percent of votes, she pushes aside singer Britney Spears and rapper Kanye West into second and third places respectively.

Miley's pole dancing at this year's annual Teen Chioce Awards is cited as the one reason why she is chosen the first on the poll. "I think Miley is in an interesting space where she is trying to graduate from being 'Hannah Montana' and a Disney channel celebrity and coming into her own and having a career beyond Disney," says Stephanie Cohen, editor of

Stephanie continues, "I think her fans still want her to be the sweet Hannah Montana and she is trying to age up...Parents are definitely resisting it." Joining Miley, Kanye, and Britney in the Worst Celebrity Influence poll are Vanessa Hudgens at the fourth spot with 9 percent votes, and movie actor Shia LaBeouf who is ranked fifth with 3 percent votes.

In the meantime, Miley's fellow Disney star Selena Gomez is voted the Best Celebrity Influence of 2009. The 17-year-old actress-singer earns 30 percent votes, besting her best friend Taylor Swift who gets 28 percent votes. "I think Taylor Swift has done a great job of showing her true self and coming across as very sweet and down to earth. A lot of her songs are about the underdog and teens can really relate to her," says Stephanie of the country music singer.

Rounding out the Top 5 of Best Celebrity Influence poll are Nick Jonas, Emma Watson, and Justin Bieber respectively.


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posted by Jeddy on May 17, 2010
I prefer Sasha Grey great porn star.
posted by aDRI9999998 on Mar 16, 2010
I WAS HER GREATEST FAN-GREATEST I TELL YOU-NOW ITS NOT WORTH LIKING HER.She is just becoming more ruder than ever and she is trying to gain fame.I am not against her,but she should try to maybe stop her behaviour frome becoming worse.I mean i havebeen influenced by her and now my mother hates both me and her.Miley lovers please do not follow me.
posted by jk on Mar 02, 2010
good! she deserved it!
posted by wtf on Dec 13, 2009
look i bet all those ppl that r on miley's side r stupid ass morons or old dudes that want to see more of her... it is the truth that she's fucked up in the head so accept it
posted by hater on Dec 13, 2009
look u stupid ass mother fuckers miley cyrus isn't a role model ..u know what ..she's a sex toy for lonely men ages 2o to wtf
posted by wtf on Nov 13, 2009
those saying that you need to separate personal life from career are fuckin morons. she has too much influence. fame is a privilege and shes abusing it. look at her slutty videos being played on the fuckin disney channel. she is ruining our future generations. you have to understand how vulnerable and malleable these young ones are. she never fuckin apologizes for her stupid shit and she tries to justify her stupidity which makes her fan stick up for her. absolutely the worst influence. brittney spears and lindsay lohan? everyone already expects them to fuck up so no one cares. miley on the other hand has supporters that will give her excuses and overlook her faults and even agree with her even when she obviously wrong because they've been obsessed with her since the beginning. fuck miley!
posted by Count me in on Nov 10, 2009
honestly i hate her too. But you have to separate her personal life from her career. Not everyone is perfect. She is only 16 and has lots to experience. I just wish that she realizes that papprazi will ALWAYS follow her, and she should act accordingly. Especially because she is a role model to many children, including my very influential cousins. I still hate her. But a lot of people look up to her. And she should stop asking for attention by doing idiotic stuff. For the lovers of her: Sorry but its the truth. For the haters (including me): She's 16, she has time to make very STUPID!! mistakes. She still has a self esteem. let's ease it up a bit.
posted by punkrockgirl on Nov 04, 2009
Taylor Swift are B.F.F's?Since when?Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato all over Myspace for months claiming they're bff's.They were photographed together so much it was like were Siamese Twins.I mean I really couldn't care less since i'm old enough to be their moms.I forgot how quickly teenagers change friends.
posted by donjuan17 on Nov 01, 2009
come the fuck on man that was no freakin pole dance, so she danced on a.... ice cream cart was it? with a poll on it big deal. pretty shure the poll was so she wouldn't fall and bust her ass. not a big fan of miley but even i can see when the media spins an innocent act around into a shamefull sex act.
posted by jazzy on Oct 31, 2009
i hhaaaaaaaaaaaaatte her
posted by bacum on Oct 31, 2009
she is a fuckin bitch, she is 17 what the fuch.. at 19 she will perform without dresses
posted by Kaily on Oct 31, 2009
Miley is soooo trying to grow up too fast i think she should just slow down and take a break from this bad behavior in front of kids!
posted by BlahBlah. on Oct 30, 2009
Miley Cyrus IS NOT a Kid first of all. And No one said she Had to act like a little Angel. She just needs to act like she has some home training. I mean look at all the Leaked picture of her. Pictures of her in her underwear, showing her panties, In the Freakin Shower. Parents dont need their Kids looking at that kind of stuff like its a good thing. OH! And lets not forget her poll dancing lesson she performed at one of her shows. She BEYOND the word inappropriate. She just needs to stick to being Fake Smiles and Laughs Hannah Montana, because her trying to be "Grown up" Miley Cyrus is NOT working.
posted by hatehaters on Oct 30, 2009
Really? She is the worst influence? Please. She is a kid. Were you ever one? Oh let me guess you were angels, went to church every day, never swore,did volunteer work at homeless shelters every night. Tracked down and arrested pedophiles in your spare time? Way bigger problems in the U.S. to worry about than a teenager. Jealous much?
posted by tskk on Oct 30, 2009
& i thhink thatts onlyy the begining of her behhaivor
posted by miss lonely on Oct 30, 2009
I totally disagree with you people. Just leave her alone. She’s a star; I think parents should be the primary source like David said. Hey lets be serious with this, I would do those stuffs if I were her but anyways, and she’s not there just to entertain kids, everyone needs older fans not little brats. I think she's grown up now and needs to act maturely I mean act like a real sexy woman. She’s pretty, got the talent and she can do whatever she wants with her life. It’s her life, her choice and no parents should tell her what to do.
posted by david on Oct 29, 2009
It's not Miley's job, or any actor, for that matter, to be an influence on how kid's should behave. They are people and actors who are WORKING. The media makes them out to be who they are, yet nobody ever holds the media accountable. The parents should be the primary source on how to act and behave properly, not actors who's job it is to entertain, not be a role model for your kid. Let's seperate TV from reality.
posted by TaylorFan on Oct 29, 2009
Go Taylor and Selena! You guys are the greatest! And about Miley, I totally agree.
posted by LMAO on Oct 29, 2009
haahahha, I think its true..all her fans expect her to be the sweet innocent one (which she never was) and she's being all slutty now, thinking its how older ladies act T__T think about it, even her little sister is acting like her- what an influence, her little sister shows up at a halloween party looking like miley, ms inappropriate! selena gomez is doing way better..she's helping kids in ghana, I think. she dresses appropriately, too

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