Exclusive Interview: Tokio Hotel on New Album, Tour and the Band's Secret

October 06, 2009 09:57:45 GMT

Tokio Hotel's Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz explain 'robotic' theme in 'Humanoid', share their interest to tour with Jay-Z and something about the band that fans probably haven't known yet.

Exclusive Interview: Tokio Hotel on New Album, Tour and the Band's Secret
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Having a new album "Humanoid" coming out across United States on October 6, Tokio Hotel exclusively explain to AceShowbiz how they evolve from their previous effort "Scream" to this new one. They also address 'robotic' theme on the effort.

In addition, they share about their touring plan. Twin brothers Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz reveal that they would love to have Kings of Leon, La Roux, The Prodigy or even Jay-Z as supporting acts when the band embark on a tour which is planned to be kicked off next year.

Moreover, they also open up about their crazy fans encounter and a funny fact about Georg Listing.

ASB: It's been two years since you dropped your first album. What do you think change in terms of your music direction?

Bill: After a really long time we started writing songs again which was a very liberating feeling! We wanted to listen to our inner voice again and find out what we feel.

Tom: We have tried more stuff, added new instruments and Bill and I co-produced the album. We sort of broadened the Tokio Hotel sound and are stuffed with pride about the new album. I'm going to buy myself a copy right when it's out.

ASB: Judging from its title, cover art, lead single and its music video, you guys kind of go 'robotic' for "Humanoid". Are you obsessed with robots this time?

Bill: It wasn't our intention in the beginning but more and more people mentioned it to us and now we realized: Yes, we do like science fiction and robots.

Tom: We hope we will experience one day how real robots will be part or our lives.

ASB: Many of the album's songs got leaked, how do you feel about that?

Bill: As an artist who puts so much effort and heart into a production and writing songs it's sad, it makes you feel kind of naked. Especially since these leaked songs haven't even been the finished versions.

ASB: Many rock bands apply Auto-Tune into their songs. Do you also utilize this music trend in the album?

Tom: We don't necessarily follow trends but for this album we tried some stuff we haven't done before.

ASB: So the video for "Automatic" was shot in South Africa. Any idea where would the next one be?

Bill: It really depends on the treatment and the idea. This step comes first and then we pick the country.

Tom: We would love to shoot in the U.S., that has always been a dream of ours.

ASB: Why were there so little shots of Georg [Listing], Gustav [Schafer] and Tom in the "Automatic" video?

Tom: Well, I'm simply the best looking band member! I would steal everyone the show had they featured me more in the video! And about Georg: nobody wants to see his hair [smile].

ASB: You said embarking on a world tour is something that you want to do in the future. Do you think it's happening with the new album?

Bill: Absolutely! We hope to travel the world with this album and play in countries like Japan which we still haven't seen. This is one of our biggest dreams. We also plan to return to the US and do another big tour in 2010.

ASB: Who do you picture will take the road as your supporting act if that plan happens?

Bill: If I would have the choice I would either take Kings of Leon, La Roux or The Prodigy.

Tom: Jay-Z would be great too.

ASB: You traveled from one city to another for your road show, what is the favorite place that you wish to include again in your new tour?

Bill: Every city has something special. We go wherever our fans want to see us.

Tom: We loved Las Vegas but we don't have a favorite place and there are so many cities left we haven't seen so far. Maybe we can tell you after the next tour.

ASB: Do you guys still get nervous when you're about to go on-stage? What would the band do minutes before doing a live concert?

Bill: I am doing my vocal exercises. An hour before the concert, we as the band always get together and lock ourselves in the dressing room to get ready for the show.

Tom: I am still totally nervous before going on stage. I don't think this will ever go away. Before the show we warm up and go through the songs.

ASB: What is the craziest fan encounter you ever had so far?

Bill: Our fans always do crazy things. One of the things I remember is that a fan named a real star after us as a gift. That was really something special.

ASB: So Tom changes the hair color and Bill goes more glamorous in the costume. What are you guys trying to say this time around?

Bill: We don't really think about our style, it just happens naturally. Tom and I dressed like this since we are kids and always fought for our own way - even though others didn't like the way we dressed or that I was wearing make-up sometimes.

Tom: We always say: Try being yourself and don't let anybody tell you what to do or to wear.

ASB: So the album is gonna be out in the U.S. on October 6 and the tour will follow. How do you guys find the time to have fun?

Tom: We have time off very rarely but if we do we try to do something special and we also spend time with our families and friends. On our birthday for example we rented an amusement park and spent the entire night on rollercoasters and had way too much popcorn.

ASB: Tell us something about the band that AceShowbiz readers probably haven't known yet!

Tom: Georg is doing 'big business' about 5 times a day ... [smile].


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posted by mai xink on Jan 28, 2010
dont know wht to say, i've fell in love deeply wit that person, Bill Kaulitz and i just cant stop:D
posted by redemption89 on Jan 10, 2010
I know I'm late as hell on writing this but I just have to say something! HUMAnOID is so surreal! Just amazing! I have the delux! Phantomrider is so effing awesome!! Please come to phoenix!! I never been to one of their concerts!:( I sayz they should tour with Depeche Mode und AFI!! Ahh my fav bands!! Humanoid is good but they still have more great surreal sounds and songs to write!! Maybe the next one will be great,even better! But you'll never know!! And as for georg, 5 times a day?!?! I wish he would do that to me...haha! I only wish for bill!! Haha! Ah I'm just messing! I kno u crazy azz bill finaticz will be all!(F you! Bill's mine! So back off!! I only go for.............BILL!!! Haha! Like I'll give him up to you!! Haha!!ahhh,still come to phoenix with either Depeche of AFI! Davey is soo effin hot!!
posted by HUONGTO on Nov 07, 2009
I'm from VIETNAM and TH stole my heart! HUMANOID is SUPER!
posted by Sonya on Oct 15, 2009
wow, its so nice to hear alot of fans having so many nice comments! i hope tokio hotel come to Canada, MB, cause i never been to one of there concerts in my life! :( i want to see them atleast once in my life time. well i hope tokio hotel NEVER break up the band. if they do, i'd be crying all the time. :( i love the new cd!! i love the songs humanoid, noise, automatic, forever now. all there songs are in my mp3!! =D <3 you tokio hotel! ich liebe dich TH, te amo! chau fans, share the love with TH and fans forever! <3
posted by LWF_1961 on Oct 14, 2009
Tokio Hotel Great Release!!!! You got to tour U.S.A No problem selling out HERE!! GREAT TALENT
posted by Kelsey on Oct 12, 2009
Come to Vancouver, Canada! Please! I love you Bill/Tom/Georg/Gustav. I love how Tom is such a smart alec. :-P
posted by TH#1Fan! on Oct 11, 2009
posted by deborah on Oct 10, 2009
ahhh!! u guyz love Las Vegas!!!!!! please come back!!!!!!
posted by sara!! on Oct 10, 2009
bill: good choice in bands to tour with. <3
posted by paobn on Oct 09, 2009
Tom is so funny, "big business" haha, I love TH, Their nw cd is great, I really like 4 immer jetzt n Geisterfahrer
posted by tkfan1 on Oct 08, 2009
omg im glad its out i screamed when i woke up lol i hope they come to us ill be the most happiest girl ever. i love bills new look tom looks badass to!!!!
posted by Aleesya on Oct 08, 2009
Is the album is selling worldwide or what? I'm a fan from Singapore and i'm soo crazy about Tokio Hotel and i love their music!
posted by Manduk on Oct 07, 2009
They are just great, they are so down to earth and just themselves... Love them to death...
posted by Skiddles on Oct 07, 2009
I love their new album Humanoid! Can't wait until they begin touring again. Saw them twice last tour here in the states and they ROCKED!
posted by Anais on Oct 07, 2009
I love the album!!!! Its so different compared to the last one but it shows that what ever they might do they always surprise us with something awesome :) Ich liebe dich Tokio Hotel!
posted by nelda on Oct 07, 2009
nice interview! :) cant wait for the tourr in the USA! lol about the georg thing...
posted by Coral on Oct 07, 2009
Kings of Leon or La Roux going on tour with Tokio Hotel - that would be my ultimate dream!
posted by Lady Di on Oct 07, 2009
I am 40 something and I actually took my kids out of school early just to go buy the new CD on 10/06...I absolutely LOVE TH...I almost cried when I played the CD for the first time...Favorite song is Zoom Into you Bill
posted by sOuRpAtChKiD on Oct 07, 2009
i love there new album...i cant wait till they come to the u.s i love them so much i love everything about them
posted by Georg\'s teddy Bear on Oct 07, 2009
it's awesome hearing about you guys again....n what do you mean Georg is doing BIG BUSINESS 5 times a day...i have 2 ideAs of what but don't know which one it is ....hmmmm =0
posted by sian on Oct 07, 2009
I WANT THEM TO TOUR IN THE UK!! argh!! its so frustrating.
posted by ItsCindyx on Oct 07, 2009
I wouldn't mind if they tour with La Roux or Kings of Leon, but Jay Z? c'mon guys (well Tom lol). I don't think that's a good idea. Anyway great interview. I can't wait for them to come back to the U.S. Texas needs them!. :D
posted by Polish fan on Oct 07, 2009
Oh, Georg does that 5 times a day? Wow! He doesn't look like. I haven't got Humanoid yet:( I travelled to Empik and there weren't any CD-s;( I must just wait. But I know that it will be great!!!
posted by thforeverct on Oct 07, 2009
I LOVE HUMANOID SO MUCH!!! Georg! Big bissness? :-( aww...anyways, at least there a 3 left for me. boo hoo. o well at least he is in love and happy...i hope. HAVE FUN GEORG! :-) HAHAHA! lol i luv tokio hotel!!!!!!! Bill <3 I luv u guys! I love ZOOM INTO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP ON ROCKING THE WORLD!!!
posted by RtPunkyGirl on Oct 06, 2009
can't wait to see U guys Tour in the US in 2010! Detroit is waitin! Peace & Love! Randee
posted by arshad on Oct 06, 2009
woow,humanoid album is simply amazing,lolllzz xD...
posted by Alpaca Mom on Oct 06, 2009
The new album is a great next step in their career. This band seems to grow with each new song. Their songs are all on my mp3!
posted by rachel schafer on Oct 06, 2009
i love automatisch and automatic. they are my favorite songs off the new album. wish that you guys would come to colorado and do a showe in littleton colorado. you guys are so good and you are the only band that whn i listen to them i go from mad to happy by listening to my boys th. you are my make me happy band. i hope that you guys stay together and don't break up. i love you Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schafer.
posted by Robin on Oct 06, 2009
Thanks so much for the interview!! I'm so stoked for their next tour! Hope they come to Canada again =] This is going to be incredible
posted by Brittanya Rae\' on Oct 06, 2009
Tokio Hotel is the best band...<3...
posted by dayna. on Oct 06, 2009
hey, guys, las vegas loves you too! :) i freaked out when i read that. :D pleaseeeeeeeeee come to las vegas again on your next tour. :D
posted by Meckie on Oct 06, 2009
Humanoid is f*cking EPIC. I'm proud of them =]Comes out in New Zealand on the 12th though ='[
posted by Vintage59 on Oct 06, 2009
I just got done listening to Humanoid and it is a MUST BUY! This band is starting to live up to the potential that we all knew they had.
posted by pockee on Oct 06, 2009
a tour wiht kings of leon and tokio hotle would be so awsome.thanks for the interview :D
posted by GoT#!CaNN on Oct 06, 2009
Is it going to be released in here in the Philippines.. I want to have one also..
posted by Rob on Oct 06, 2009
I love Tokio Hotel. they are awesome :)
posted by greekitaliangerman89 on Oct 06, 2009
I hope tokio hotel comes to chicago! that would be big cinema the boys are so lecker expecially bill he is a sexi hexi rock god! :D
posted by greekitaliangerman89 on Oct 06, 2009
i made a typo in my last post oops i meant to say the allstate arena in chicago is where i would love for them to perform i miss spelled allstate but anyway tokio hotel rocks!
posted by greekitaliangerman89 on Oct 06, 2009
thank you so much for the interview i would love it if they came to chicago and performed at the allsatae arena that would be amazing i love every song off the cd i think it would be kick ass if jay z or kings of leon joined tokio hotel on tour that would be alot of fun for the fans to see! :D
posted by bertrann92 on Oct 06, 2009
HUMANOID is epic
posted by Nika on Oct 06, 2009
:D you just have to love them don't you :D the new album is awesome, i almost don't want to admit it but i'm going to end up buying it like four times so that i have all the songs ^.^ doesn't matter Tokio Hotel deserves every peny i spend on them :D
posted by Coco on Oct 06, 2009
Stop picking on Georgie! He's my fav! But I know they're just kidding.
posted by Tatiana <3 on Oct 06, 2009
posted by Caitie on Oct 06, 2009
Holy Cow, I just bought Humanoid Today (oct 6th) I've been waiting MONTHS for it and Its amazing, Being so pumped for something like this is just incredible. I've not ever felt so much joy. I actually cried to be honest.
posted by Romantic Verses on Oct 06, 2009
Thanks for bringing us this! We always love to see more Tokio Hotel! Humanoid is FANTASTIC! Can't wait for that 2010 tour they mentioned! <3
posted by daciar on Oct 06, 2009
Thanks for the interview. I cannot wait for tour dates and to hear these amazing songs live! This album is so great I have yet to pick a favorite!
posted by Tokiohotel#1fan483 on Oct 06, 2009
Wat kind of things ohh I wish they come to NYC again
posted by Alyson1019 on Oct 06, 2009
LMAO! Tom's responses are always HILARIOUS! I have to wait til Oct. 19 (my b-day) to get the album! CAN'T WAIT!
posted by Gaby on Oct 06, 2009
Just an awesome Interview! And tour with any of those bands will be totally Great I just wish I could get deluxe version of HUMANOID in colombia =( but anyway... (Big Bussines 5 TIMES A DAY! that gotta hurt O.O carefull with the back,Georg might have truble with that in the future)
posted by ali on Oct 06, 2009
I'm ordering the album online when I get paid this week. I just cannot wait!!!!
posted by chelsey on Oct 06, 2009
i just bought the new album and i love it!
posted by caro on Oct 06, 2009
i would like to thank bill and his band for his band for his new video automatic and thanks you guys for the ineterview!!! this amazing next time can you guys make a nother interview and talk when they can come to san bernadino or los angeles again? please !!!! and i cant wait for humanoid!!!
posted by shirley on Oct 06, 2009
the new album is AWESOME, just love it,I think is my favorite one, I hope for the next tour the come here to Colombia
posted by shirley on Oct 06, 2009
the new album rocks I love it I think is my favorite one,I hope for the tour they come to Colombia
posted by Humanoid4ATL on Oct 06, 2009
Please come back to Atlanta. I had so much fun that night. Are they going to post the tour dates?
posted by Fatima in ATL on Oct 06, 2009
Tokio Hotel is amazing! ^_^ Thanks for the interview. I can't wait to get both versions of Humanoid in 3 days! But the songs I've heard on their MySpace profile are AMAZING! Their music has changed a bit, but they're still Tokio Hotel; and that's what I love about them. And touring with La Roux, Kings of Leon, or Jay-Z would make me so happy =) I can't wait for the 2010 tour! I REALLY hope they come back to Atlanta, Georgia!
posted by kandy on Oct 06, 2009
I just love them!!! today is oct.6 unfortunately i'm going to buy the album until thursday..I CANT WAIT!! I LVOE bill!! ANd i cant wait for the US tour next year!!! HAPPY HUMANOID DAY!!!
posted by VictoriaChan on Oct 06, 2009
OMG, I have only listened to 1 song...because there albuma int out in the u.k yet ¬.¬.it sucks!..But i reeealy hooope you come tooo the u.k *does happy dance* x <33
posted by GigglyGoth on Oct 06, 2009
It seems the sound difference can be nothing but an improvement for their careers. I love the 80's feel to Pain of Love, and the passion put into Automatic. Things seem to be looking even higher for these great guys.
posted by OfficialMrsBillKauli on Oct 06, 2009
Humanoid rocks!!!!!!!! I gots the album!!! Im soooooooooooo happy xD
posted by rokette77 on Oct 06, 2009
posted by transformers! and bi on Oct 06, 2009
i hope big buisness isnt what i think it is. will the album come out in australia? stupid question, of course it wont.
posted by ♥maFer♥ on Oct 06, 2009
I &#9829; tokio hotel!!! the new album is amazing!!! i love it!!!
posted by TOKIOANGEL~ on Oct 06, 2009
posted by jay on Oct 06, 2009
the album is pretty amazing =] i guess im retarded. what does big business mean?
posted by Meow on Oct 06, 2009
If Tokio Hotel and The Prodigy are going on tour together, I can die happy! :D Love them! :D
posted by mei on Oct 06, 2009
I'm inlove with Humanoid song, and Humanoid album.
posted by JKaulitz on Oct 06, 2009
haha wow.Georg is doing big business!mmhmmm..well yeah i hope they come over to DC!!! cuz alot of fans are waiting!
posted by EvilKirby on Oct 06, 2009
I just finished listening to the album, and it is AMAZING. This was definitely a step forward in their career and I feel so proud of the guys for how far they've come since releasing "Schrei". I hope the guys get to go on that World Tour they want and the best to them!
posted by Croatia on Oct 06, 2009
de&#269;ki su nevjerovatni!!! mogli bi koji put do&#263;i u Hrvatsku ;))
posted by Katii on Oct 06, 2009
Thanks for the interview!!<3 Humanoid is amazing<3 Hope you guys plan on comming to Canada *possibly tour* :]] I think you guys + GreenDay would be an amazing concert :]]<3
posted by ImmerMEHR on Oct 06, 2009
I would LOVE it if they toured with La Roux!! The album is just so creative and strong, I am so proud of them! Also, Tom always has to say stuff like that, but I had to laugh...go Georg!
posted by Alexis on Oct 06, 2009
OMGGG THEY HAVE GO ON TOUR SOON PLEEASEEE &#9829;gawd please come to chicago !
posted by lexi on Oct 06, 2009
omg i love la roux and kings of leon and jay-z and prodigy. that would be great if they all went on tour with my fav tokio hotel. tokio hotel and la roux are amazing live. i saw tokio in chicago when they were there. and i saw la roux live when i went to its on with alexa chung in NYC.
posted by Official Houston Tex on Oct 06, 2009
WOW! Thats an interesting interview! hahahahaa THEY NEED TO COME BACK TO HOUSTON TEXAS FAST!
posted by eiri on Oct 06, 2009
Their new album is amazing, love them.
posted by Kori on Oct 06, 2009
Awesome interview. :) I can't wait for the tour, hearing the new songs live is going to be incredible.
posted by Nicole on Oct 06, 2009
I loved the album! I'm still waiting for my German version to come, but in the meantime I have the English ones. Love the interview, please have more! :)
posted by intheparkinglot on Oct 06, 2009
Awesome interview! Humanoid is a fabulous album.
posted by Emmie on Oct 06, 2009
Touring with La Roux would send me to the moon. *_* Augh, the new album is great. Can't wait for concerts.
posted by Brit on Oct 06, 2009
posted by Vnlasteamer on Oct 06, 2009
Thanks for the interview!! I am STOKED to hear them discussing concrete ideas for touring partners. A tour with La Roux or Kings of Leon would be completely badass! This is very, very exciting. Humanoid is so incredible... I can't wait to hear these songs live. I may not survive. Pure love.
posted by vicky on Oct 06, 2009
Thanks for the interview. Just got Humanoid and I love it

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