P. Diddy's Dirty Money Debut 'Angels' Music Video

September 09, 2009 04:29:36 GMT

P. Diddy's newly-formed group, Dirty Money, share screen with Notorious B.I.G. in 'Angels' music video.

P. Diddy's Dirty Money Debut 'Angels' Music Video
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A music video aimed to promote "Angels", a new single from P. Diddy-formed group Dirty Money, has made its way out. Filmed in black-and-white scenes, it features Diddy walking and riding a motorcycle around the neighborhood of New York City.

Dirty Money's other personnel, Kalenna and Danity Kane's former member Dawn Richard, are captured making appearances in the video directed by Hype Williams. Late rapper Notorious B.I.G., whose vocal can be heard on the track, is also featured in it.

"Angels" is expected to be included P. Diddy's upcoming studio album "Last Train to Paris" which is due to arrive in U.S. market on November 24. Diddy previously revealed about his desire to include females' point of view in the effort reasoning, "I want to do something refreshing, something unique, something forward for myself as an artist. I want to tell a story [about] finding love, losing love and then trying to find love again, and I couldn't just tell males' point of view, I need to tell females' point of view."

Dirty Money's "Angels" music video


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posted by bri on Dec 17, 2010
posted by CHS 22 on Jul 17, 2010
I LOVEEEE THIS SONG.!! ITS AMAZING!! and hes pretty fine too
posted by norby on Jul 15, 2010
dawn is so fucking hottt.i just wanna have her.damn!!!
posted by grace dorsey on Jan 27, 2010
i love you daddy today is my b-day...
posted by grace dorzey on Jan 10, 2010
i love you diddy and see you son..............
posted by grace dorsey on Jan 09, 2010
i love you p diddy and dirty money
posted by sexyone on Dec 15, 2009
posted by plkjhgf on Dec 11, 2009
i love dirty money
posted by plkjhgf on Dec 11, 2009
i love dirty money
posted by lady A on Nov 19, 2009
im loving dis song diddy shake dem haters off like really
posted by stebar2000 on Nov 15, 2009
Hot, hot, hot
posted by harlemnite on Oct 30, 2009
The song is crazy diddy does it again and let the haters hate new music is whats poppin and this is real new the song is bannanas. Mix it with Jays joint crazy blend...
posted by Fortified on Oct 13, 2009
this is just the s*** u man
posted by morris brown on Sep 20, 2009
p diddy i want to be successful just like you you are a musical master i also rap and produce music i will summit a demo to your label soon you will not be disipoionted but anyway the angels video brung tears to my eyes it great because i can relate to the song 100 100 100 great!!!!!! thats what am taking about yea!!! please look for my demo soon morris brown who! morris brown who!!
posted by mier on Sep 19, 2009
I try to like him but my skin is not dark enough
posted by charlie on Sep 19, 2009
love it!! best song right now on radio!! vid is dope too!!
posted by Ted2308 on Sep 10, 2009
Yeah this vid is pretty cool, I agree. I haven't really seen anything like this's unique.
posted by Ted2308 on Sep 10, 2009
Yeah this vid is pretty cool, I agree. I haven't really seen anything like this's unique.
posted by really? on Sep 09, 2009
garbage...let me explain 1. recycled beat, and jigga used it better 2. using biggie to sell bullshit records let him rip 3. old video concept and unoriginal song concept 4. auto tune....need i say more this is most of what i hate about hip-hop> seriously people bring back the uniqueness dont stand for this bullshit music anymore
posted by Uday on Sep 09, 2009
I like the black and white in the video- it's pretty artsy. The video is dope.
posted by Ugh @PDIDDY on Sep 09, 2009
P.diddy is grabage, he needs to sit his non singing ass down and let the real singers sing. I think Dawn is a sell out for staying with him and now forming a group with him. LOL if Dirty Money thinks they are really going to make it. There group is a JOKE and they will fall on there faces soon, just wait and see!!
posted by Jordan on Sep 09, 2009
Dope song, dope video, period.
posted by tanya on Sep 09, 2009
the most creativity i've seen in a vid in a long time, loving the symbolism and the song is most def gonna be a hit
posted by mina on Sep 09, 2009
sexy vid and sexy song...i love the style and the floe of the video..and the ladies look great!
posted by Yaz on Sep 08, 2009
Oh yes, nice video! I already love the song, the vid just enhanced my emotions. Nice work!

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