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Diddy-Dirty Money - Angels

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the sh..... makes my dae...

posted by ktdhapi on Jul 05, 2010

I love that song it is my favorite and ill luv this song toi death.Ill even play it a funeral!!!!

posted by Mizzrapsupreme53 on Apr 26, 2010

Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!

posted by angelbaby on Feb 08, 2010

song is ok. love the video. end made me wanna get wit my man.

posted by kookz on Oct 19, 2009

biggies part was the best thing about this whole song!!

posted by quis on Sep 27, 2009

diddy got this music game on lock

posted by ... on Sep 21, 2009

That shit was DOPE now thats a hot track and P did it. A little more BIG and that shit def multi-plat single SICK

posted by None on Sep 21, 2009

now hes defining himself as an artist without relying on the flashy fame and mainstream this has substance and an inner meaning not another bubblegum song

posted by silence on Sep 19, 2009

Genius. That is all.

posted by Introspective21 on Sep 09, 2009

Blazin. Keep it poppin! Check out mah new single. Spliffstreet.

posted by Spliffstreet1332 on Sep 09, 2009

Reiminds me of 99 Problems.

posted by Apeman1906 on Sep 09, 2009

Its cool

posted by Lupefan320 on Sep 09, 2009

DeY dUn It AgAiN. LoVe DiS jOiNt. KiSsEs :-)!!!!!

posted by Roxi87 on Sep 09, 2009

I think they had a good Idea getting hype to do the video. Good song aligned with great imagery. I like...

posted by kickRox11122 on Sep 09, 2009

Feelin it

posted by Chang3 th3 Gam3 on Sep 09, 2009


posted by Flygurl101892 on Sep 09, 2009

Man this joint is dope! takes me back to tha 90's kinda.

posted by Yaboi2102 on Sep 09, 2009

its a load of bollocks

posted by brum on Sep 09, 2009