Toby Keith's Music Video for 'American Ride' Released

August 14, 2009 04:44:15 GMT

Toby Keith shoots down everyone, including women who undergo plastic surgeries, in the music video for his new single 'American Ride'.

Toby Keith's Music Video for 'American Ride' Released
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Toby Keith has debuted an animated music video for his new single "American Ride". Contrary to the song's lyrics which claim that the country music singer "loves the American ride," the video shoots down what are currently becoming trends in the country.

In the Michael Salamon-directed video, Keith takes aim at YouTube-watching phenomenon, immigration, Wall Street, beauty queens, plastic surgery, high gas price and even terrorist. "I'm a 'right-wrong guy' not a 'right-left guy' and this video shows that," Keith commented on the concept of the video. "We took our shots at everyone."

"American Ride" is the title track to Keith's upcoming studio effort of the same name "American Ride". Released in late July, the song peaked at number 12 on Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. As for the album, it is still unclear when Keith will bring it out to U.S. market.

Toby Keith's "American Ride" music video


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posted by 330magnum on Nov 05, 2009
ok so the person who wrote this article is clearly retarded and took toby's words outta context. his song is about how you have to love all the freedom we get in america. the fact that we can get away with even having a lawsuit about spilling coffee on ourselves, much less winning it, is his way of saying how much freedom we are entitled to here in america. thats y he shows a wave of mexicans coming here. the idea of being able to win a beauty competition just because a woman can go to the doctor and get tits, is TK's way of showing how someone would be insane not to like it here. I personally love living one mile from the "America's Excess Mall" it's great! So is this song! The author of this article is dumb as hell and should get a clue.
posted by amber on Oct 29, 2009
this song tells it like it is :) rock on toby keith!
posted by heet101 on Oct 04, 2009
Does any one know if he had help from the folks at JibJab with this video?
posted by southernfarmer on Sep 26, 2009
TK voted for Obama...he has no room to talk about the downward spiral folks like him has put us in
posted by taylor on Aug 16, 2009
and what is he saying?
posted by morningglory on Aug 15, 2009
you can't get much closer to the truth. it's just to bad it is the truth. when do you think "Americans" are going to say that's enough" (and do something about it?)
posted by Darlyann on Aug 15, 2009
He just says what the rest of us think. Some people don't like to hear the truth!
posted by Darlyann on Aug 15, 2009
He just says what the rest of us think. Some people don't like to hear the truth!
posted by promoqueen on Aug 15, 2009
Do your homework before you write an article! The song has been a fast chart climber and is moving up quickly towards the #1 spot in Billboard!
posted by Correctioninfo on Aug 15, 2009
The song is currently at number 11 on the billboard charts and is still climbing. It did not "peak" at 12.
posted by lascruces on Aug 14, 2009
Telling it like it is, great song! :-)
posted by trailryder150 on Aug 14, 2009
Toby Keith has done it again - he is one of the only ones that has the guts to say what everyone else is thinking! Thanks Toby Keith

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