Jay Sean's 'Down' Music Video Feat. Lil Wayne

July 24, 2009 07:18:27 GMT

Jay Sean and Lil Wayne get the party started in the music video for Jay's new single 'Down'.

Jay Sean's 'Down' Music Video Feat. Lil Wayne
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Punjabi Indian pop singer Jay Sean has dropped his American debut single titled "Down" which features rap mogul Lil Wayne. And recently, he premiered the song's music video in which he is captured hitting the party with Weezy.

"Down" is a dance track which will appear in Jay's upcoming U.S. debut album. The track has become the #1 most added track on U.S. radio, beating hit singles from the likes of Black Eyed Peas and Sean Paul.

Already releasing two studio efforts "Me Against Myself" and "My Own Way" in U.K., Jay Sean who won Best Male Act at 2009 U.K. Asian Music Awards will re-release his latest set as his first American album with new singles added in it. Beside Lil Wayne, Kevin Rudolf is also expected to make a duet with Jay in this project.

Jay Sean's "Down" music video


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posted by sherly on Mar 07, 2011
u rock babe idig u
posted by jay sean on Feb 04, 2011
ola eu sou uma grande fa sua eu aom as tuas musicas adoro vc jay
posted by nilcy on Feb 04, 2011
ola eui sou uma grande fa sua eu te adoro amo as tuas musicas
posted by huh on Dec 04, 2010
wat as if u"ll read all this just were the video
posted by blackking on Sep 08, 2010
i love him.... love ya so much.. jay scean...:)
posted by not catholic on Jun 04, 2010
i wanted to make a point get this my middle name is singh and yes my religion is the same as kamaljit singh jhooti he is jatt and i am not jatt idon't give a fuck about cast im a multaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! thaz jokes u don't see punjabi people fighting each other and here is another point how bout if khalistan existed hindu's would go mental claiming he's indian lol
posted by steve nash and jay s on Jun 04, 2010
steve nash is born in south afirca and i'm from canada i hate nash no one cares where he from but im proud that he adapted to canadian culture and don't get me wrong on this people who are saying jay sean is indian are hindu and people saying he is pakistani i prefer to be called a indo-candian and i'm sure jay sean would be prefered to be called brit-asian religion jay sean is a sikh and that's all it counts so stop with this fukin nonsense indian or pakistani becase jay sean laughs at these comments and he punked pakistan before in his video's and india but never his native land and jay sean gets offended for trying tochange his religion i know would be and i'm catholic punjabi
posted by kk on May 27, 2010
puting great music into world problems like really?? lets keep them sepearte jay seans amazing and thats that!
posted by ???? on Apr 08, 2010
pakistan is the problem in the world not iraq...go after the pakistanis
posted by angel n abbi on Mar 31, 2010
hes i luv diz song baby r u down soo kooool
posted by Toni on Feb 01, 2010
I love your song down
posted by # 1 fan on Jan 07, 2010
i love you u rock!
posted by WATEVER on Dec 11, 2009
posted by ..... on Dec 11, 2009
wow all you guys are stupid. y can't every1 just get over the india pakistan shit really. so hez indian! so wat? nd i wudnt be calling pakistan stupid cuz half the songz in india are taken by pakistanis. so stop being ignorant and grow the fuck up./\
posted by the truth on Dec 10, 2009
omg u idiotzz he a bloody sikh and he waz born in Britain so hez BLOODY BRITISH!! get ova it!
posted by jeezy on Dec 07, 2009
Yo ya need to get off jay Sean and worry about me! Young jeezy. I'm what its about! So what it do?
posted by bvjhdgfshfdshjg on Nov 26, 2009
you rock
posted by read it. on Nov 20, 2009
3 amazingly talented artists rishi rich, juddy D & jay sean , wisely & humbly attached the flags of UK , INDIA & PAK. on their studio door all togather. ALL TOGATHER. And its all about that. We are arguing on where jay sean is from ? as some of the wise men said , it doesn't matter. What they did with the flags is completely relevant to us. We need to learn something from this. INDIA & PAK were once one country anyway, seperated on the bases of religion. Rest of the traditional & cultural changes occured later, but deep down inside we are all the same. Here is an example, we are arguing on this topic with the same prespectives, same suggestions & same commentary. if one was different from the other, this argument would have ended way back.
posted by ugh! so over it on Nov 19, 2009
You asswipes take shit way to serious... Who gives 2 flying fucks where he's from... qrow up losers... Yall just need to smoke a lil weed and loosen up cuz you fuckin losers are all bent out of shape cuz someone said something bad about your gay ass lil pop star, GET OVER IT! The motherfucker aint payin your bills, so hop of his dick! Fuckin lames... All of you clearly have no friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, and lives, ugh, go get laid!!! Jay sean doesn't care about youuuu!!!!!
posted by Erika on Nov 17, 2009
Bostonsweetie617, clearly you don't have a brain if you think Jay looks Italian or Puerto Rican. He looks straight up South Asian. Or maybe you need to get your eyes checked.
posted by 14nighm on Nov 13, 2009
posted by Clarie on Nov 12, 2009
jay sean rocks me and my friends harleen and amy are singing it in are school talent show!!
posted by Straight from Jay on Nov 09, 2009
I have chacked his photos in internet in the indian day parade at new york 2009. So he is an Indian. :)) Just get dat jealous pakis. Just as dey see a good singer they are trying to make him paki with their bloody lies. And his parents is not even born in paki..Who the hell said dat???
posted by Dinky on Nov 03, 2009
the song down is the best song in the whole wide world it should be #1 its my favorite and it will be foreva.
posted by Tdot on Nov 02, 2009
just cuz his parents were born in present day Pakistan doesn't make him paki, u don't call Pakis who were born in present day India, Indians do u? I thought not just get over it's he's British Indian and oh yes he's a punjabi Sikh jus deal wit it
posted by franchesca92 on Oct 27, 2009
hey pop star you are so hot and holla at mr soon okay my number is 336-3976 plz call me i love you so much and i want to go on a date with you so bad so plz call me pape love francesca92 good luck
posted by hottie 45 on Oct 26, 2009
hes hot
posted by ALexis on Oct 26, 2009
your hot jay
posted by takeru on Oct 26, 2009
Well all dat matters is dat his songs r awesome and dat he is cute music is a justa interperatation about feelings and emotions sometimes about culture does it rea"ly matter where he comes from if it does den u guys are ignorant and not real fans
posted by luz on Oct 19, 2009
jay sean i think you are soo cute. i love you.
posted by luz on Oct 19, 2009
i love you so much. you are the best.
posted by ahlabert on Oct 09, 2009
I love you!!! You totally rock!
posted by genna on Oct 05, 2009
hi jay sean i love you so much i listen your song every day for me you are the best singer have a good time with love genna
posted by Lisa on Sep 22, 2009
He's a Sikh, not Muslim. They're two completely different religions. His parents are from India and Sikhs originate from India. Do some research.
posted by Adam on Sep 20, 2009
"Punjabi/His Truth" shut it you turd. His migrated from what Paksitani side Punjab. There are 3 times more Punjabis in Pakistan than India (in Pak-Punjab 500,000 are Sikh and 2.5 Mill are Hindu) Who cares where he was born. Watch his video with Rishi Rich, they have a Paki flag on the door. Bottom line is who cares where he was born or what country you want to associate him with!! And stop separating being "Punjabi" from being "Pakistani." "Punjabi" is an ethnicity not a Nationality you retard...and the majority of ethnic "Punjabis" are from Pakistan! 60% of Pakistan is Punjabi
posted by Truth on Aug 28, 2009
posted by bostonsweetie617 on Aug 12, 2009
ya okay first off jay sean looks italian if not puerto rican 2 me n any1 else that has a brain,but he isn't but that even better he different n new,n let me tell u sumthing we deff. need that in tha music department, and he 1 of those artist were u here his song n right off tha bat u love n and go home n look it up n download,and those types of artist always keep coming with hits,fuck that kayne titta crapola he's origanal n he's gonna be very sucssefull n u kno u listen 2 that when ur alone or no where near ur ppl,n when some1 "cool" likes it ull love it n feel mad dum, lol n he is gorgious,n no 1 wants ur 2 cents about arads n crap,mind ur bissnass or go talk crap n a middle easterns face n then say ur sumthing 2 take serious lol gunbas.
posted by Listen on Aug 01, 2009
Muslims can only commit murder for ... self defense, sacrifice, sake of their country, but in any other matter ... they cannot kill ... what these "extremists" are doing is completely wrong and goes against being a muslim, "killing for God" is NOT part of being a muslim, 'cause God Does Not want you to kill,I don't even know what these extremists are thinking, but whatever they thought was wrong
posted by Listen on Aug 01, 2009
...oh yea and "punjabi" stop criticizing all muslims okay if you were any smarter than your small minded self right now, you would know that the muslims with bombs are extremists meaning they supposedly kill for God but if you actually open up your mind and learn a lot more than what you do now muslims aren't suppose to kill whatsoever unless it was for self defense that led to death or sacrifice so another would not wouldn't be injured or die ... even muslims go against these extremists, you cannot judge a whole by just a small minority ... go learn a lot of something that you seem to have very little knowledge about then come back and lets see what you have to say ... if you come back and say the same or something worst about muslims you are a very small minded person who should learn how to think outside the box
posted by Listen on Aug 01, 2009
It does not matter where he is from stick to his music stop arguing about his ethnicity/nationality, leave Jay Sean on deciding that, whether he's british or indian, anything, if he was a different nationality it makes no difference to his music, focus on the great MUSIC he makes goodness -_-
posted by The Truth.....wateve on Jul 27, 2009
so what if jay sean is bloody indian! wooopie dooooo! yeh hes a good singer, doesnt make him better cos hes from india! people need to stop going on like he's the next kanye west! india! inda hu?
posted by punjabi on Jul 26, 2009
i dont know why people r callin jay sean paki.. but one thing is true HE IS A PUNJABI/SIKH so shut up and calm down..and i dont even know who came up with him being born in day pakistan is going to blow itself up with all the bombs they got..he was born in uk but he is get this straight..He WAS NOT BORN IN PAKISTAN!!!!!
posted by Be Human - END HYPOC on Jul 25, 2009
I meant to say- Jay Sean rocks ;) Love him
posted by Try & Be Human - END on Jul 25, 2009
Some people really need to Sort themselves out asap Why is almost everyone So argumentative & into discriminating each others culture or religious beliefs? Let me tell you all Something you've forgotten Above all the barriers We have created We have 1 thing in common We all are human So keeping that in mind Try & show some respect Don't let sick people F*ck up your head Learn to think for yourself Please don't promote inhuman Murderers who have no faith No fear & No conscience I have my own beliefs & respect that of others I don't believe in violence Or degrading any1 Just because of their Country of origin/ethnicity Seriously hate hypocrisy & this world is just Full of it yuck Anyways all that aside Jsy Sean rocks love him
posted by MUSIC on Jul 24, 2009
Yo man stop fighting about where he's from and what he is. He's from UK, and that's how he even represented himself in the video! (UK FLAG!) His music video is amazing and so is he. Like the person below me said, stop obsessing abt that crap cuz its about the music and amazing no matter what he is!
posted by Jeez People on Jul 24, 2009
For reall? Just shut the hell up and stop worrying about where he's from. Let the description of his ethnicity be up to him and let his the value of his music be what's worth talking about. And if you really care that much, ethnicity doesn't matter as much as culture. You can be full indian but if you grow up elsewhere u adapt to that society. He's British Indian, or as he is often described, Brit Asian, so let that be that. Care about the music people! He's an amazing singer, no matter what he is and he needs all props for that!
posted by use your brain silly on Jul 24, 2009
pakistan is a moslim religous state. yes they have some sikhs, christians and even hindus, but as apparent by their ugly flag, its a moslim country. prior to partition, there was just one India. British rule came and it was the British colony of INDIA. Eventually partition came and pakistan was formed. Where Jay's family is from was on the pakistan side of a political border. Nobody claims their ethnicity based on a political border. Jay Sean says he's indian and nobody can argue that just because a stupid country called pakistan was formed that drew its boundaries where his home used to be. Here's an example you moslims should understand. Prior to the 1940's, there was no Israel. Today the great state of Israel does exist which I am very happy to see. So let's say the year is 1939 and a moslim is born in Jeruselum. At the time it was Palestine, but today it is Israel. Now this moslim migrated to the UK and is about 70 years old. Do you think he calls himself an Israeli because the city he was born in is now a part of Isreal? Use your brain idiots
posted by The truth on Jul 24, 2009
He's indian full stop!, pakistanis should just concentrate on their bomb making, and shariah law.
posted by His truth on Jul 24, 2009
As "The Actual Truth" said, JS has claimed to be Indian repeatedly and never mentions Pakistan. If you guys want to claim someone as being Pakistani claim Ajmal Amir Kasab as being Pakistani, ok. And get your facts straight. He was born in the UK. The only time he performed in Pakistan, he was interrupted by a bomb blast (how typical).
posted by Pablo on Jul 24, 2009
Jay Sean is BRITISH. He is from London. But his ethnic heritage is that he is INDIAN, specifically Punjabi Sikh. There seems to be a lot of pakistanis going around the internet saying he is pakistani. This is not only stupid, it is bizarre, idiotic and offensive. I don't understand why anyone would do that, unless they feel jealous and think that lying would convert him into a pakistani. It's so ridiculous its funny. He has nothing to do with pakistan whatsoever. He is British Indian and British Sikh. End of story.
posted by THE IMPARTIAL TRUTH on Jul 24, 2009
Hmm sometime what people say is 'the truth' isnt 'the actual truth'! :P Got to agree with you there, he was born in the UK and is Indian
posted by The Actual Truth on Jul 24, 2009
He's not pakistani you fool haha. He always mentions himself as being indian and he wasn't born in lahore... he was born in the uk
posted by The Truth on Jul 24, 2009
he's not indian. he's pakistani, where he's born in lahore. he's punjabi-sikh
posted by The Truth Hurts.. fo on Jul 24, 2009
Firstly he was born in the UK which makes him BRITISH. Secondly his parents are sikh, which makes him a sikh, and Sikhs originate from INDIA. Duno where you heard he was pakistani "The Truth".. he has never once mentioned the country or of him being born in Lahore!?! He is a Britsh artist with an Indian ancestory.. FACT!

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