CBS' Promo of 'Medium' Season 6

CBS' Promo of 'Medium' Season 6

Moving house from NBC to CBS, 'Medium' gives viewers a run-down on what the show is all about and what will happen in the new season.

CBS has started giving "Medium" a housewarming party by re-airing the past episodes and releasing a new promo. On Tuesday, July 21, the Eye Network aired the first episode of season 5, "Soul Survivor", and released a promo that shows the transition from NBC to CBS.

In the promo which is titled "Welcome to the CBS Family!", the cast, including lead actress Patricia Arquette, explain what's the deal with the show. They emphasize on the presence of thriller, supernatural phenomenon and suspense on top of the normality of a harmonious family.

In the end of the promo, creator Glenn Gordon Caron explains that after the season 5 finale where Allison Dubois (Patricia) was in a coma, she will wake up in the new home and wonder whether the brain tumor will affect her psychic ability.

The season 6 opener will air Friday, September 25 at 9/8c with episode "Deja-Vu All Over Again".



    Nov 17, 2009

    When will it be realeased in the uk.?

    Sep 09, 2009

    Uraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Brawo!!!

    Sep 05, 2009

    when does the 6th season start

    Aug 19, 2009

    I just started watching the Medium at the beginning of the 5th season. I love it. I love the relationship between Allison and Joe. Thank you so much for picking up the show.

    Jul 29, 2009

    Thank you so much to CBS!! MEDIUM RULES!! I LOVE ALLISON AND ARIEL, BRIDGET TOO ;) Congratulations!

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