'Wizards of Waverly Place' Preview: Wizards Vs. Vampires

July 13, 2009 02:33:54 GMT

A new diner is opening on Waverly Place, but the family running the place is a bunch of vampires.

'Wizards of Waverly Place' Preview: Wizards Vs. Vampires
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The first part of the vampire saga on "Wizards of Waverly Place" is previewed. Disney Channel will air 4 episodes that welcome a vampire family to the neighborhood, starting with "Wizards vs. Vampires on Waverly Place" that airs Friday, July 24.

When a new sandwich shop (the Late Night Bite) opens in Waverly Place, Justin falls in love with the owner's daughter, Juliet. But when his family finds out that they are vampires both parents say they can't date. Bridgit Mendler guest stars as Juliet.

Meanwhile, Alex tries to get rid of Max because of his annoying impressions and tries to send him to a camp, but her plan blows up when Justin finally tells his parents about him and Juliet. In the end, both parents allow them to date each other again.

The other three episodes that involve vampires will be aired in the next few weeks. There will be "Wizards vs. Vampires: Tasty Bites", "Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date" and "Wizards & Vampires vs. Zombies" airing on July 31, August 7 and August 14 respectively.


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posted by ela bien on Jun 04, 2011
Justin and julet are so cute together
posted by brianna on Mar 17, 2011
hay people wats goning on
posted by secretgirl on Nov 14, 2010
I think gregg sulkin is sexy and im glad hes back on wizards of waverly place
posted by dadzilla on Nov 13, 2010
edward cullen is a fag and who ever wrote this is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by doglover87 on Apr 05, 2010
your to stupid bridget mendler's ass shes aswome your really a stupid person
posted by doglover87 on Apr 05, 2010
briget i really miss you as a vampire on wizards of waverly place and im happy your on GOOD LUCK CHARLIE
posted by crazy chick on Mar 06, 2010
i like daddy vampire because he is funny
posted by juliet on Feb 01, 2010
I wander wer did juliet go
posted by weryt on Feb 01, 2010
I wander wer bib guliet go if yu nou plis go hir and tel me
posted by pft on Feb 01, 2010
vempier's rul
posted by uRanIDIOT on Jan 19, 2010
SCREW U TWILIGHT LOVERS!! We are NOT being stereotypical if all but 1book says they dont have fangs. -_- We arent being stereotypical, we are just saying whats true unlike u stupid people who think vampires are "REAL"
posted by nana on Dec 27, 2009
i know
posted by LAURA on Dec 27, 2009
i like miley moere than selena and demi
posted by nate on Nov 30, 2009
i ilke that it is so cool can you do a one aning
posted by whoknows? on Oct 02, 2009
i am a massive wilight fan, but i have to agree with most of you. Everyone has a different veiw on what vamps are like. Stephanie's view are, beautiful, vegetarian vampires who don't sleep in conmfins, but most of them are exactly like this show shows.
posted by LOLXD on Sep 27, 2009
GO WIZARD xD Hi. Selena is beatiful girl. I love so much.
posted by thetruebella on Aug 29, 2009
also, i am a huge fan of twilight, but i agree withe some of you. vampires arent real, no matter how much we might want them to be. it's just a tv show, dont get so worked up everyone!
posted by thetruebella on Aug 29, 2009
i think that the way stephanie meyer interprets vampires is more plausible than the way this show makes them appear. although this is a good show stephanie's vampires were way better.
posted by darkrosez on Aug 25, 2009
Ok, everbody out there who is critisizing this video based on stephanie meyer's interprtation of the vampire legends(twilight) has to let it go and move on. Yes i have read the book and enjoyed it but its fiction. You guys are saying that vampires dont sleep in coffins and have fangs and they really drive fast cars and sparkle, but the truth is vampires dont exist. So since they dont exist it gives someone every right to make there imaginary vampire however they want, whether its a clichè or not. You guys should really work on not taking things to the extreme and relax, not to be disrespectful. So please some this nonsense of think of only edward because he is fact, because in reality you can think of vampires as any way you want because they are fiction. I hope i did not offend anyone i am just posting my opinion.
posted by smiley0909 on Aug 19, 2009
and uhhmm. i disagree with kath13 and MrsEdwardCullen. just because Stephenie Meyers described vampires a certain way, it's not true . twilight is FICTION! so stop criticizing the show's description. sheesh :P
posted by smiley0909 on Aug 19, 2009
uhmm.. yes, i have read twilight. but, that doesn't mean twilight's description of "true vampires" are real or whatever, so give this a chance guys. i'm sure that none of you have proof and evidence that stephenie meyer's vampires are real, unless you ARE a vampire. i have read twilight, and it is really great, but please, just because there was a movie about it doesn't mean it's true. like seriously. :P
posted by cassie. on Aug 10, 2009
everyone talking about what so called 'real' vampires are like, are clearly delusional. yes, twilight is a very good book BUT IT'S FICTION. it's not intended to be taken serious, just like this show isn't.
posted by selena gomez rocks on Aug 10, 2009
ok all you twilight fans give it up i mean i love twilight but just because stephenie meyer wrote vampires that way doesn't mean that it can be made a different way ok use your imagination live life to its fullest ok so stop being idiots and give wizards of waverly place a chance
posted by jazz13 on Aug 09, 2009
god this subject pisses me off so much i could talk about it all day here u people r ranting about the "real" vampires but how would you know it isnt if u really r one even though i know desperatley want to be( GET A LIFE) i thinnk its all bullshit and u guys should get into new hobby and admire and like a real person ( EDWARD CULLEN ISNT REAL)
posted by jazz13 on Aug 09, 2009
and by the way its only ONE vampire book out of ALL the vvampire books in the world (like seriously we're probably talking about millions) that says they 'Sparkle' and are so freakin' beautiful if that was really true dont u think it would be in all the books (believe me its not)
posted by jazz13 on Aug 09, 2009
Jeez guys no one cares about twilight its not even that great if u want to talk about it so damn much dont talk about it here where we're talking about something completely different
posted by twilightlover<3 on Aug 08, 2009
k first of all i do like wizards of waverly place but they need 2 stop being stereotypes and look for there info first BEFORE they say "i have fangs" " i sleep in a coffin" " i live in a Castle" and a bunch of other crap that isn't true
posted by elizabeth on Aug 07, 2009
u guys are so cool my faorite charecter is alex (selena gomez
posted by hahaha on Aug 07, 2009
uhmmm just wondering why people brought up twilight. No offence guys, but I think the story-line is great, because it's what classic real vampires are. No offence but not everyone agrees with what is said in twilight
posted by MrsEdwardCullen on Aug 06, 2009
Anybody who actually calls others shallow when they are the shallow one is truly mean. :P
posted by MrsEdwardCullen on Aug 06, 2009
kath13 is totally right! Everything about vampires on this show is so untrue! Vampires do not have fangs, and do not sleep in coffins. They don't even sleep. They are beautiful in the sunlight; they don't die. They are sweet people, and can live on the blood of animals. Stereotypes are so clichè. Do your research before putting something on television! The Cullens are so awesome. The Van Huessons are so boring. Vampires are supposed to be beautiful. The Twilight Saga is awesome, and describes what exactly vampires should be viewed as. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU SHOW MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!!!
posted by USAR4LIFE! on Aug 04, 2009
Anybody who actually vests time into wondering if they have the proper outlook on the true demeanor of a vampire or not is truly shallow and needs to find a more realistic hobby!
posted by Selana Gomez on Aug 04, 2009
Hey Justin wheres the poem? Thank Allways
posted by angelique on Aug 04, 2009
i like harper and alex wen thay are getting the jub
posted by bob on Aug 03, 2009
Wait, does the movie take place after this whole thing? If it does, where's Juliet?
posted by kath13 on Aug 02, 2009
I think you shuld stop showing these prototype "vampires"! Has anyone here seen or read Twilight!?! well I have, and I think Stephenie meyer has done a fabulous job by illustrating vampires for who they really are. "EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT VAMPIRES IS WRONG!!!!!!"- Twilight movie guide. Think instead of "fangs, coffins, dark castles over moats in Transilvania, pale skin, and if they go in sunlight they die" (seriouly don't even go there.)think of a beautiful, family of vampires that drive fast sports cars, never sleep and drink only the blood of animals. Oh and when they go in sunlight there skin is like a thousand sparkling diamonds. So really think about vampires a little differently from now on. Instead of Dracula think of Edward Cullen.
posted by Selena Gomez on Aug 01, 2009
thanks justin thats totally true i do want to go to collage and Juliet i will go on vaca with you and your family!
posted by Selena Gomez on Aug 01, 2009
thanks justin thats totally true i do want to go to collage and Juliet i will go on vaca with you and your family!
posted by Juliet on Aug 01, 2009
posted by kathryn on Jul 31, 2009
julet what did you think of justin.
posted by berenice on Jul 30, 2009
i hope that justin and juliet be together
posted by abcdefgh on Jul 27, 2009
i hope it works out between justin and juliet bridgit mendler would be a great addition to the show, im a big fan of hers
posted by xochitl on Jul 24, 2009
i cant wait ;D
posted by dwd on Jul 20, 2009
i want to see it,
posted by lololol on Jul 16, 2009
go vampires xD
posted by Justin J. on Jul 14, 2009
Selena if you are readin this i posted a poem for You on the article here about You wanting to attend college.

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