Video: Hip-Hop Artist Drake Stars in Condom Ad


In the advertisement footage he is heard promoting the importance of using condoms when having sex.

A newcomer in hip-hop music industry, Drake lends his famous face and celebrity status to star in an advertisement promoting Stay Strapped Condoms. With hip-hop music playing in the background, he is seen in the ad informing fans of the importance of using protection when having sex.

"Yo what's going on man," says Drake in the 30-second campaign "This is your boy Drake and I'm out in the H-Town. You already know. Get informed, not infected. Use strapped condoms and save lives. I approve this message. Yeah."

Drake, whose birth name is Aubrey Drake Graham, earns his fame with single "Best I Ever Had" off his third mixtape "So Far Gone". Confirmed to have signed a deal with Cash Money/Universal/Motown, he plans to release his official debut album, "Thank Me Later," in late 2009, and has confirmed collaborations with the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, Danny! and Lil Wayne. Besides, he also writes songs for Rihanna's new album.



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