Cobra Starship's 'Good Girls Go Bad' Music Video Sneak Peek

May 15, 2009 03:29:37 GMT

Cobra Starship's 'Good Girls Go Bad' music video is previewed through an on-set footage which reveals that 'Gossip Girl' actress Leighton Meester will make a cameo in it.

Cobra Starship's 'Good Girls Go Bad' Music Video Sneak Peek
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Cobra Starship are in the middle of filming a music video for their new single "Good Girls Go Bad" and the halfway-done video is teased through an on-set footage. From the sneak peek, it is disclosed that they bring in their collaborator in the song, Leighton Meester, as a guest star for the video.

According to MTV, the concept of the video is the "Gossip Girl" star runs a speakeasy where people have to order the right sandwich to get in. Meanwhile, the band are in charge of the above-ground deli that acts as a front operation to hide the debauchery within.

"Good Girls Go Bad" is produced by "American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi. It will appear in Cobra Starship's forthcoming third studio album "Hot Mess".

During an interview with MTV, the band's singer Gabe Saporta admitted he felt awkward when hitting studio together with Leighton because he didn't have any idea what should be done to get the song sounds right. He said, "It was so awkward for me, because on one hand, I have the idea of how the song should go in my head, But on the other hand, I'm like, 'I don't want to tell her what to do, because I love her and that's scary.'"

Cobra Starship's "Good Girls Go Bad" music video sneak peek:


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posted by paisal on Dec 28, 2009
your are best
posted by ??? on Nov 18, 2009
you have a special power the power of rock and role
posted by et on Nov 18, 2009
posted by mmmmhm on Sep 09, 2009
The girl and show bugs the shit out of me, but Cobra Starship FTW. Back to homework.
posted by emmacool on Sep 08, 2009
me to i like it to
posted by pooooooooooooddddddd on Sep 08, 2009
i love the song its cool
posted by InXane on Jun 24, 2009
Leighton is HAWT!!!
posted by cobrarules!!! on Jun 15, 2009
hehehe i didnt even know who leighton wass.....butt gabee is WELL KNOWN!! lol
posted by Hay on Jun 10, 2009
Hey, shut the fuck up. Leighton is fucking awesome. Gabe is alright.
posted by FangsUpCobraFans on May 16, 2009
wtf! why is that guy obsessing over Leighton when GABE SAPORTA IS INVOLVED!?!

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