Details on Surrogate Mother Conceiving Sarah Jessica Parker's Twins Unveiled

April 29, 2009 04:25:30 GMT

It is reported by Star Magazine that the surrogate mother who conceives Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's twins is a 26-year-old divorcee.

Sarah Jessica Parker
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While there hasn't been any single information given by Sarah Jessica Parker or her people about the surrogate mother who conceives her just-announced twin daughters, Star Magazine has reported the woman is a 26-year-old divorcee. Moreover, it is said that she is nearly seven months pregnant with Sarah and husband Matthew Broderick's babies.

The celebrity couple are said deciding to seek help from a surrogate mother last year in the wake of mounting reports that Matthew cheated on Sarah with a 21-year-old youth counselor. And once they found the right person, they paid her for "tens of thousands" of dollars to carry the babies, which are due to be born in Sarah's home state of Ohio.

Star Magazine promises some details about the surrogate mother and her comment on carrying the famous couple's babies on its newest issue. Meanwhile, there hasn't been denial or confirmation from Sarah and her camp about the particular report.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, who have been married since 1997 and already had a 6-year-old son, had their representatives announcing on Tuesday, April 28 that they are expecting twin girls through a surrogate pregnancy. The babies are due to be born this summer.


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posted by GB on Oct 23, 2010
She should have adopted like Angolina-who can produce the most beautiful children in the world.--unlike emaciated horseface.
posted by blab on Aug 15, 2009
Her body can't handle any more kids that why they did it.
posted by jeryylala on May 14, 2009
why NOT use somebody else's body as an incubator? sjp already had one kid the old fashioned way. they certainly can afford it.
posted by gallina183 on May 13, 2009
martins ferry? I'm live there. It's nothing special.. why here ?!?
posted by Laura on May 13, 2009
I live 5 minutes away from Martins Ferry. Why the fuck would they pick someone from that town!
posted by skillan88 on May 08, 2009
i would love to be a surroagate mother for some one so good luck to her hope it makes her happy!!
posted by cuss on May 05, 2009
posted by Anne on May 04, 2009
I would have adopted a baby instead of using a surrogate mother... but hey... it's her decision
posted by trisha on May 02, 2009
Some people are so ignorant. It shouldn't be an issue how they decide to add to their family. I think they are both amazing people and I wish them all the best!
posted by jasahab on Apr 30, 2009
Good for them! People stop judging. It's heir choice to have kids whichever way the choose. No need to explain.
posted by lela on Apr 30, 2009
WTH? Who wrote this?! "there hasn't been any single information given", "couple are said deciding to seek help": this barely makes sense!
posted by hairgirl on Apr 30, 2009
SJP and Matthew are amazing people and parent's. Who cares about the details of how and why, be happy for them!!!
posted by TimeLord on Apr 29, 2009
The lazy cow!
posted by hbic on Apr 29, 2009
So why didn't they plant the babies in her? Maybe she is menopausal already? Maybe she's older than we think?

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