Official 'H2: Halloween 2' Trailer Arrives

April 25, 2009 02:27:02 GMT

Take a better look at the trailer of Rob Zombie's horror thriller 'H2: Halloween 2' as the high definition version has come out for viewing pleasure.

Official 'H2: Halloween 2' Trailer Arrives
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"H2: Halloween 2" has finally welcomed its official trailer. Coming out hours after the bootleg version made its rounds, this high definition promotional video gives out a better look at the sequel to Rob Zombie's 2007 horror thriller, "Halloween".

The trailer starts with Scout Taylor-Compton's Laurie Strode being taken to the hospital after she kills Michael Myers. It shares a snippet at Myers' new mask and quick glimpses of young Michael. The more than two minutes video also brings forth Michael's mother as played by Sheri Moon Zombie. Here, she is seen as some ghostly vision haunting her son's mind and urging him to kill.

"H2: Halloween 2" centers on the aftermath of Michael Myers' murderous rampage through the eyes of the sister he hunted. Scout Taylor-Compton, Tyler Mane, Malcolm McDowell, Brea Grant and Margot Kidder star in this horror movie. Dimension Films will distribute this Rob Zombie-directed movie in theaters across the U.S. on August 28.

"H2: Halloween 2" - Trailer:


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posted by DEVONTAE on Mar 03, 2010
posted by DEVONTAE on Mar 03, 2010
posted by john on Dec 01, 2009
when the hallween 2 come out on dvd.
posted by Malcom M25 on Oct 01, 2009
This looks soo awesome.. gotta see it
posted by Flex on Sep 24, 2009
this movie was the best of the year. i would love to see this movie again and again
posted by ang1128 on Jun 21, 2009
there are certain movies which should be left alone and halloween was definatly one of them. He messed up the first one and now hes going to do the same to the 2.,
posted by laredo man on Jun 20, 2009
the first one awesome the second one looks way better than the first one i wannt to see it bad
posted by Pussymuncher on Jun 19, 2009
first post fucking gay second post go away
posted by Pussymuncher on Jun 19, 2009
first post fucking gay second post go away
posted by halloween fan 1 on May 02, 2009
ive benn waiting for a new halloween movie and finally we got 1 so thanks Rob Zombie
posted by Langskie on Apr 27, 2009
Rob Zombie's first Halloween was quite good...i think this sequel is better...i give 4 stars
posted by ddff on Apr 25, 2009
Hollywood has more money than ideas apparently.

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