Rihanna to Hit the Road With Ciara and Keyshia Cole

April 23, 2009 02:52:07 GMT

Rihanna reportedly is working on North American tour dates, and possibly will take Ciara and Keyshia Cole on the road with her.

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Photo credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos

Rihanna is ready to get back to work as she reportedly is in talks to go on a tour with Ciara and Keyshia Cole. Though details on when and where the roadshow will be kicked off are still unclear, rumors on the street suggest that it will be a North American leg and will be started in September.

No statement has been made by Rihanna as well as her management team concerning the tour rumor. But, a source tells E! Online that the singer "wants strong women to join her" on the road. The source explains, "This is a 'women empowerment' type of tour."

Previously, Rihanna was confirmed to hold a live concert in Dubai on May 28 with more than 25,000 tickets set to go on sale. The venue for this upcoming gig is still to be determined, but it possibly will be held at an outdoor arena.

Rihanna apparently is ready to return to stage spotlight. She went to one of N.E.R.D's concerts in Los Angeles earlier this month and even came on to the stage and danced spontaneously with the group's members.

Most recently, Rihanna was reported attending Kid Cudi's performance at MyHouse in Hollywood on Saturday night, April 18. An eyewitness at the venue confessed that the songstress had a good time saying, "She was hanging with her girls, singing and dancing along to the jams and looked like she was having a great time."


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posted by myz breezey on May 03, 2009
nooooooo.... who in the hell pays to go watch an alien stand in one spot on the stage and spin an umbrella around.... (yawn) she is so tired and she is so fuckin dirty becuase when chris was ok and tryin to be happy and get over it she was draggin around lookin ugly... now he all fucked up and she is obviously havin a blast... i hope she gets hit by a fuckin tour bus... she is the least empowered women in the world... i wish she would go back to mars...
posted by ciara on Apr 24, 2009
posted by Lauren on Apr 23, 2009
strong women? girl needs to be evaluated before she starts ANY kind of touring. she doesn't know the first thing about "women empowerment."
posted by princess on Apr 23, 2009
Women empowerment???? Are you serious? This is the idiot gal who wouldn't even reveal her bf was beaten the shizz outta her, isn't she? Women empowerment? She has no clue about power, or the dignity in being a true woman. People as brainwashed as she obviously is will buy this fake signals of toughness from her camp, but those with just a little bit of real sense to themselvees will just see her for the nothing she is. What a bunch of c***...

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