Miley Cyrus' 'The Last Song' to Kick Off Shooting in Summer

March 31, 2009 07:35:21 GMT

'The Last Song', the Nicholas Sparks' novel adaptation which will become Miley Cyrus' starring vehicle, will begin production with Julie Anne Robinson serving as director.

Miley Cyrus
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Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

"The Last Song" is gearing up fast. Previously announced as an untitled movie which is developed to be Miley Cyrus' starring vehicle, the drama film has got its production schedule with Walt Disney Pictures listing the month of June as the time the feature adaptation project begins its principal photography.

Aside from the planned shooting schedule, the mouse house have also picked up first time feature film director Julie Anne Robinson to helm the project. A BAFTA Award-winning director for her direction in the pilot of BBC series "Viva Blackpool", Robinson has helmed episodes of U.S. TV series, like "Big Love", "Weeds" and "Grey's Anatomy".

"The Last Song" is a Nicholas Sparks-scripted adaptation of his upcoming novel. It will be produced by Disney-based Offspring Entertainment partners Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot with Tish Cyrus serving as executive producer. In the movie, "Hannah Montana" star Miley Cyrus will be seen portraying a rebellious teenager sent to spend the summer with her estranged father. Whereas the movie is expected to come out in 2010, Sparks' novel itself will be published by Grand Central this fall.


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posted by SOPHIE INGLESSIAS on Mar 02, 2011
posted by mileyfan101 on Jan 30, 2011
i love u SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much gurl u rock for all those fools who hate u like hatemileycyrus whoever that is. just be u and never forget u have millions and millions of fans who love ya!!!! peace!!!!!!
posted by heather on Dec 18, 2010
i don't why she is make are lase mover
posted by mollyholden on Nov 21, 2010
i no she roks and is so cool
posted by casey on Oct 10, 2010
hey miley how are you i loved the last song i cryed in the last song it was so beatiful the last song you are si beatiful and nice keep on the good joney
posted by moorah on Sep 21, 2010
love u miley...... keep going....
posted by massari\'s lover on Sep 20, 2010
miley i loooooove u so much u r so cooooooooooooooooool and awsome
posted by tripleS on Sep 14, 2010
miley you and limn was great you guys make the perfect couple
posted by Ally on Aug 12, 2010
I like how you guys are all saying hi to miley and leaving her messages, when she's never going to read this article or the comments xD
posted by anna rose on Aug 04, 2010
The movie was so great!!!hope that there's a part 2!!!i love you!!!!and more powers,,..!!!God bless your next film!!!jar3x
posted by lilmeme on Jul 24, 2010
will im not ganna say some thing bad but thir is lil girls gannag see the movie and thir is kissing and making out and thats not good for them and she is not a good role model any more she is even not a role model but what ever good luck
posted by Bella Girl 94 on Jul 09, 2010
I'm from Australia, so i know the country, i know the feeling of being a singer in a small farm town. She inspired me to sing. I have friends that don't know who i really am, but now i feel free to tell them. She is a great actor and should not be resognised over the bad things she may have done. We all make mistakes. For Miley, just breathe... Speak out, you can make a difference, you changed my life.
posted by adella (indonesia) on Jun 12, 2010
you look beautiful :D
posted by miley cyrus fan on Jun 12, 2010 really look ausummmm
posted by Miley Cyrus on Jun 03, 2010
posted by Miley Cyrus on Jun 03, 2010
posted by destiny oxxx on May 29, 2010
ohhhhh! miley i love u but bcs do bikini and kissy pups so my thing is do a little then i willlove u* otherwise yr ossom.123x yr hairs,singing,etc is very good
posted by Ria on May 12, 2010
How did you feel about the movie?
posted by miley cyrus on May 07, 2010
hi guys keep on commeting thanks yall love miley.
posted by i want to see miley on May 07, 2010
hi miley u know in the last song u said alot of bad words but that was a great movie but u lied that ur mother died in real.
posted by fan on Apr 25, 2010
i love you! give me your#.8944164
posted by Mallory on Apr 18, 2010
I dont care what yall say miley cyrus is awesome and she i very pretty and the movie and book are great and miley if you reading this can you please right back i love you so much you are my favorite famous person you rock just keep doing what you doing and dont let no one get in the way of your dreams! <3
posted by abby stewart on Apr 11, 2010
miley you are so cool i cant wait to see the last song
posted by mirela on Apr 09, 2010
heiii....miley you are best girl
posted by crystal on Apr 08, 2010
dgdo eied dhd loveyouf sdn
posted by it okay on Apr 08, 2010
i like you miley and what people are sayin about how they are mad at you for leavin disney well i want to let you know that i am not mad and i think you know whats best and about your ex i know what your going through so its totally okay and i hope you continue to write the way your movie was great
posted by Miley\'s True Fan!!N on Apr 06, 2010
Giirrrrrl. couldnt believe the movie wassssss soooooooooooo gooood. I cryed, so hard, i couldnt stop crying, LITERALLLY! GO MILES! Hope u get to be in alot more movies, cuz i kno u'd be the best in them!!!!! Love ya (no homo) =P
posted by MILEYLOVER--- (s) on Apr 04, 2010
coooooooool MILEY!
posted by Internet on Apr 02, 2010
Just wondering? where it is you people are seeing these pics? and getting all the information. My 10 yr old and 8 yr olds are watching her.. up to now. i have always found her a good role model for them (refering to the hannah montana show). can you please let me know how you are finding the info??
posted by Bill on Apr 01, 2010
Great Movie!!!
posted by tucorey lashay wrigh on Mar 27, 2010
she made me so mad that i use to be a bad kid and now because of her now i am a really bad kid and my birthday is about to come up and i am fina show out and stunt really bad and hard and if any of yall read this and you know me you should say something hen you/yal see me . from kids from preschool throuth 8grade should com to the S.A.F.E. program or the summer program peace
posted by tucorey lashay wrigh on Mar 27, 2010
i use to like miley until i heard that she was leaveing disney channel because she is bashed by her ex i dont even care any more i am mad at you miley cyrus
posted by mumx01 on Mar 24, 2010
miley is awesome..i cant wait for her upcoming movie entitled: the last song.. i think this is going to be great movie for 2010.
posted by kemberly & alassy on Mar 24, 2010
hey miley i cant wait to see your movie me and my family are going to see it im really excited also i dont want you to quit hannah montana i really like how you act and there is lots of people who dont want you to quit so please dont quit i begged.....
posted by jasmined on Mar 23, 2010
i could what:)
posted by miley besty on Mar 23, 2010
i cant wait to see it i am going to see it
posted by Wayne G on Mar 19, 2010
Hi Miley.
posted by Wayne G on Mar 19, 2010
Hi Miley you are awsome. I watch you every time you are on tv
posted by mileyfan on Mar 16, 2010
miley rocks she is the best i cant wait till the last song come`s out
posted by nikita on Mar 11, 2010
miley please don't quit hannah montana plz i love ur show ='[
posted by miley fan on Mar 11, 2010
hey miley you rock your songs are graet the song that I love is every part of me that song rocks
posted by miley fan on Mar 11, 2010
miley you are awsome i want to go see one of your conserts you rock beat that tonya
posted by katherine critch on Mar 11, 2010
miley rocks im her biggest fan
posted by katherine critch on Mar 11, 2010
miley rocks she is my biggest fan
posted by Jenny on Mar 11, 2010
that very nice i can believes that miley cyrus going to be at movies The Last Song and i can wait that the movies going to come out and i bet the movis going to be sad and love and cry i can wait and miley cyrus i love you, i your biggest fan i love you
posted by smiley mileys fan on Feb 25, 2010
miley rocks she is the best i cant wait till the last song come`s out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by chloe on Feb 21, 2010
god some people are just nasty. miley is great and she is prob better than all you people who are dissing herr!
posted by mileyfan 99999999999 on Feb 19, 2010
i went to mileys concet in december at the 02 in london it is the best concert ever i love miley she is my favourite singer ever
posted by mileyfan 99999999999 on Feb 19, 2010
i went to mileys concet in december at the 02 in london it is the best concert ever i love miley she is my favourite singer ever
posted by Dalayna best miley k on Feb 18, 2010
I went to her concert November 15,2009 IT WAS THE BEST IN CLEVELAND AND SHE SONG party in the u.s.a TWICE.
posted by Dalayna best miley k on Feb 18, 2010
I went to her concert November 15,2009 IT WAS THE BEST IN CLEVELAND AND SHE SONG party in the u.s.a TWICE.
posted by hannah on Feb 17, 2010
hello... &#305;am turkish... my name is ece... hannah montana to be filled with wonder...
posted by mileyfan818181818181 on Feb 14, 2010
miley is so beatiful i would love to her.miley if you are looking at thisi love you and i cant wait to see your movie the last song it looks really good
posted by miley11111 on Feb 14, 2010
i love you you are my best singer ever cant wait to see your movie yhe last song. it looks great
posted by Me on Feb 13, 2010
OMG. I totally loved the book. It was the best book I've ever read. I can't wait to be allowed to see it in the movies. It is going to be totally cool!!!
posted by mega fan on Feb 11, 2010
wwwwwwwooooooo you are allsom
posted by noah on Jan 30, 2010
posted by miley=awesome!!! on Jan 23, 2010
last song looks really good!
posted by miley=awesome!!! on Jan 23, 2010
Miley is amazing. i went to her concert at the 02 arena at the wonder world tour she was AMAZING!!! luv u miley from Kyz.
posted by mileyfan1111111111 on Jan 22, 2010
miley id u r reading this u r brill i can nd saw u at london o2 areana u wear amazing come back now your here!!! lol bye bye good luck with your new movie i think i will be the best movie of the year!!!! bye bye
posted by datraycyrus on Jan 21, 2010
cant w8 til da movie comes out...miley rocks!!!and yes i know the truth bout her...
posted by Lolipop on Jan 20, 2010
can't wait.. i love u Miley u rock..
posted by asmau on Jan 19, 2010
i cnt wait for this movie the last song to b on screen............its going to b d blast, keep on doing ur thing miley, u the best love
posted by chels on Jan 14, 2010
can not wait till the movie comes out!! hope you have fun shooting it i be the first person i line to buy it. keep rocking on xxx
posted by miley#1fan on Jan 09, 2010
miley dont listen to the mean peopel just live the dream that you have oh love always from alice
posted by bigest fan ever on Jan 09, 2010
miley u r so cool don't lisen to the hater the movieis going to be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
posted by mileyfan#1 on Jan 09, 2010
woooo miley i absoloutley LOVE u
posted by BIGGEST FAN EVER on Jan 06, 2010
posted by BIGGEST FAN EVER on Jan 06, 2010
ITS ME AGAIN LOVE YOU MILEY IM YOU BIGGEST FAN ON EARTH WOOH MILEYYYYYY your ah-mazing funny retty talented in many ways im you biggest fan be of luck . wooooh miley
posted by BIGGEST MILEY FAN EV on Jan 06, 2010
wooh miley im her biggest fan on earth love you miley wooooooooooh cant wait to see it i definate i will love it miley miley miley miley miley miley miley miley miley cyrussssssssss
posted by MILEY CYURS xxx on Jan 05, 2010
i love u miley cyurs please give me our number i have meet u before at the making off hannah montana the movie
posted by mileycyrus<3 on Jan 02, 2010
miley u are AH-MAZING! i went to her concert in december!!! miami! and i had sooo much funn!!!
posted by #1 miley cyrus fan on Jan 01, 2010
i cant wait for the movie to come ot. i realy enjoy writing so , why ont i just write a aou allthe good things miley does. i tink she is a great romodel one dy wanto be just like her.hopefully i stil have my cd's whe i have kids to showthem and tell the world how to actand who elped me, well iley cyrus tought me !i went to her concert it was great! thanks for all you do . I loooooooooooooooove uuuuuu sicerely #1 mily Fan
posted by rhianna dickinson on Dec 29, 2009
heayy miley i came to see you pon tour in manchester the 28 2009 last night nd my mam loved it but not as much at me nd she said if she comes back next year you can see her again and i think when ever you come my mam will try and get me a ticket i came all the way from newcastel am wearing your t-shirt now and if u come to new castel and ur going to manchester too al come and see you at manchester coz its bigger and better well done miley cyrus you wear great a cant wait to see your new moovie the last song the first 1 was grae too my mam said even shee wants to go see it hope to see u again in concert
posted by Monique on Dec 28, 2009
hey i think that she will do great in this movie. I love the book and she is a good actor and she fits right to the character! Go miley!!!!
posted by malisa on Dec 23, 2009
i love cyrus she is da best!!!
posted by x...Holly...x on Dec 20, 2009
Now come on guys give Miley a break! God and i dont get why people fight over if they like her or not its their oppinion not yours
posted by shabobble on Dec 07, 2009
You know - it really says something about the intelligence of Miley Cyrus fans when they can't spell monosyllabic words like 'rock.'
posted by mc jl ts on Dec 02, 2009
i can`t wat for the move miley you rook xxxx
posted by samantha on Nov 29, 2009
i completely fell in love with this book by page one. i read it in a few days and i honestly can say that i havent been that attached to a book since... a really long time. i am excited to see how Miley portrays the character of Ronnie. This is much different then what she is used to, and it looks like a great challenge. I cannot wait to see this movie. I hope it can live up to the novel.
posted by krista on Nov 21, 2009
the movie looks amazing.. Miley is amazing. Nicolas Sparks is amazing. I can barely stand waiting.
posted by megg :) on Nov 20, 2009
wow. i justt read this book and it was amazingg, i was just thinking about how they should make it a movie. buttt when i found out they were, andd miley cyrus is playing ronnie? eh, i kinda think its gunna kill the book. i dont have anything against miley, just not really feelinn her as the character. oh well, guess we'll have to see.
posted by miley#1 on Nov 18, 2009
P.S.shut up marie i dont care if you like nicholas sparks our not
posted by Marie on Nov 18, 2009
I am a big Nicholas Sparks fan and I loved the book. I think Miley Cyrus will do great playing the part as Ronnie. I am not a big fan of hers but she can sing. I can't wait to see this.
posted by I.LOVE.CHOCOLATE<3 on Nov 10, 2009
i dn't rlly like miley!! but i rlly loveee this book !!i cn't wait to see this movie.. i might even start liking miley now that shes in this movie !! i actually cried while watching the movie.. i love Sparks i love a walk to remember tooo so i thnk i'll love this movieee too !! I CANT WAIT !! <3
posted by Hate Miley fan on Oct 30, 2009
I'm soooo LOVE the BOOK but know that 'MILEY' is in it, I don't even think I want to watch the movie! AT ALL! And I sooo badly wanted to see it as a movie. it's my favortive BOOK EVER!
posted by black rose on Oct 24, 2009
Ok you guys if you were famous and a teenagar you would do the same like taking pics of your self and probably doing alot more.I am just saying she goes under pressure and you would too. Miley you do your best on the last song but for those who are still disliking her say that if you were to lift your shirt just a little bit and send it to your bf no one would know exept you and him.For miley it is completly different goes around the would like it is a bad thing but its not its apart of life.
posted by Miley\'s#1Fanever on Oct 18, 2009
this is going to be amazing!... they couldnt have chosen a better part for the main role! i wish i could go to tybee to see miley and see them film the movie! Miley you are awesome and dont listen to the freaking haters! i know that you are going to do great and the haters are just jelous! ;) YOU ROCK MILEYY!
posted by Miley\'sBiggestFan on Oct 18, 2009
I am so excited to see the movie! :) I love miley and i can't wait to read the book and see the movie!
posted by miley u rock!! on Oct 17, 2009
cant wait....awsome
posted by Bekky on Oct 17, 2009
THANK YOU selenagomezrocks12 so many miley fans are too sensitive, almost every one of them i've met freaks if i say anything but "OMFG MILEY IS SOOO AMAZING"
posted by i love miley on Oct 15, 2009
i think this film will be amazing all the haters are jelous and have got there head stuck up there ass do great miley like u always do love you god bless u xxxx
posted by ♥♥miley& on Oct 11, 2009
It's gonna be so cool!!! I can't wait for it... Miley rocks!!!
posted by Jellybeana on Oct 09, 2009
Miley is an awesome singer and actress. Quit dissin her.She may have made some wrong choices, but just think, how would you look if all of your mistakes are were posted on the internet and in the magazines. Oh, and skaterdude.... ewwww
posted by Jellybeana on Oct 09, 2009
Miley is an awesome singer and actress. Quit dissin her.She may have made some wrong choices, but just think, how would you look if all of your mistakes are were posted on the internet and in the magazines. Oh, and skaterdude.... ewwww
posted by gabriella on Oct 09, 2009
Miley is great. if you hate her then dont' say anything! i like her, she has a great and strong voice
posted by hatemileycyrus on Oct 05, 2009
people stop waisting your time loking at miley she's a whore and i hate her hope she dies!!! jk
posted by selenagomezrocks12!! on Oct 05, 2009
excuse my errors in my las comment its just that i'm from france and i dont really spek english so much.
posted by selenagomezrocks12! on Oct 05, 2009
ok people if becky doesnt like miley doenst mean she's jelous there is ton of people who don't like her and that doesnt make them jelous i myself dont like or dislike her i can careless about miley bu tim just saying she's not jelous just because she doenst like he!!!!!!!
posted by Bekky on Sep 30, 2009
omfg i'm not jealous! Did you not just read that I'm not a hater? I don't want to be famous, ever. I could care less. I'm not jealous, and I don't love her or hate her . and "bekkyhater" ? You fucking miley fans get so worked up. You hate me and you've never even met me, or know me other than the one comment I've posted.
posted by ank on Sep 29, 2009
if you don't like miley don't writte anything but if you will i say :BUY A LIFE FOR YOU !:)
posted by alice on Sep 29, 2009
o yeh,go miley \:d/ so nice :X:)and go miley'fan \:d/
posted by oh boy on Sep 28, 2009
If you read the book it was made for her. Awesome book and I am looking forward to the movie. A different walk to remember..
posted by bekkyhater on Sep 28, 2009
You're a hater thats why you're saying that omg you're just jealous.
posted by DoOoDy on Sep 25, 2009
ilove miley
posted by mean people suck on Sep 23, 2009
miley is so cute. i seem to remember kissing a boy on the beach at sixteen. i just wasn't starring in a movie and getting paid for it like that lucky girl is.
posted by miley love you on Sep 21, 2009
I love Miley's songs, I have all her songs cell phone , miley i love you i can't wait to movie ! Some countries it is coming?
posted by Bekky on Sep 13, 2009
ok why does everyone assume that people who don't like Miley are jealous? It's not like they hate Miley as a person, they probably just don't like her music or the way her voice sounds. Everyone has their own opinion, and you can dislike a singer without the reason being that you're jealous. I'm sure everyone saying that haters are jealous have a singer that they hate! I doubt you would appreciate it if everyone told you it was because you're jealous. I'm not exactly a Miley Cyrus fan, but I do like some of her songs and music. Hannah Montana pisses me off to hell. And I do like a lot of Mileys music, but I don't like the kind of celebrity she's becoming. I liked her better when she first started with disney (even though her good girl thing went a little over the top) So don't spaz at me saying "You're a hater thats why you're saying that omg you're just jealous." I'm not a Miley fan, OR hater. So stfu with this jealous shit.
posted by Andreea on Sep 12, 2009
MIley is the best! And all her fuckin,idiots,annoyng,stupid, stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid H****S shut up,you have no "bussines" go away and SHUT UP!! why are you so jealous? 'cuz' Miley is soo talented?beautiful?awesome? huh? MILEY CYRUS IS THE BEST She rocks 4ever!!! I Love you!! don't even listen what the B*D people say..
posted by big miley fan on Sep 09, 2009
savigrl78 i cried when i read it to :) i thought i was the only 1 i love that book and it proves just how great she is
posted by MILEY FAN on Sep 09, 2009
anyone who says miley is a bad person is a jealous bitch! she is so talented and i can't wait to see this movie!
posted by GET A GRIP!!! on Sep 02, 2009
Get a grip evryone whats wrong with Miley?? She CAN sing and some of you are discriminating against her accent!! HA HA she could sue you loss!! And any way if you don't like her why do you insist in repeating yourselfs over and over and over again clearly you need a life. You really need to get out more instead of trying and failing to annoy her! And the Party in the USA she did not pole dance I saw it watch it on YouTube trust me she bent down to fans. The Pole was there because she was afraid to fall of the cart when it was moving DUH!! some of think your real smart coming upwith all these reasons why you hate her but BY THE WAY NO ONE CARES bout you or your stupid view on life so let Miley fans enjoy her without having to stick up for K?
posted by Lauren on Aug 28, 2009
OMG my friend Bobby's in that movie!
posted by girl on Aug 26, 2009
I wanna see the movie. I have a picture in my head of what it'll be like a little. Even though I don't like Miley that much... I think I can look past that :)
posted by jessie loren on Aug 23, 2009
ok listion up people i don't get you. You guys are saying shes to young to be making out on the beach well new flash shes 16 fucken 14 year old are making out on the beach and doing so much more so stfu. But the pole dancing was alil to much but 4real shes a teen, all teens make mistakes. But shes a star so her mistakes are every where. Amagine what she is going threw when you say stuff like that, I believe she will be great in this movie and I will be going the first day it comes out. Miley I got your back girl:)
posted by nick on Aug 23, 2009
by the way Miley girl she called the movie the last song cuz this is the last songs that she sing , she's gonna die i hope my only dream come true is that right (yoyo)
posted by yoyo on Aug 22, 2009
miley i dont like u
posted by miley girl on Aug 22, 2009
why is she in this movie called the last song anyway shes not old enough to be makin out on the beach and the teen choice awards she was dancing on a pole
posted by mom on Aug 18, 2009
I saw Miley @ Tybee Island seafood diner last week and she was kind enough to sign autographs for the the little girls. We also got to see them setting up scenes and filming a couple of them on the island. Cannot wait to see the movie when it comes out.
posted by dude on Aug 13, 2009
i loove mileys show and songs keep staying on track she is doing a fine job keep trying to stay on a good track =)
posted by savigrl78 on Aug 09, 2009
She does rock! and she didnt post those pics of her someone hacked into her email account and posted those pics on the internet! Look it up, he got arrested. She had no intention of putting them on the internet like that! And if she did shes 16! Teenagers make lots of mistakes no ones perfect! If you read her book then youll relize how good of a role model she is----amazing one! I cried in her book it was really touching actually EIGHT THUMBS UP!
posted by garrett on Aug 08, 2009
i know where u are filming (Tybee island ) I kn£w where your staying at. mwa ha ha.!!!
posted by chamberlain on Aug 06, 2009
wow she is amazing.and why would she mess up?can you say jelous?
posted by letsgetcrazy on Aug 05, 2009
COOOOOL good luck miley dont messup and make a fool of urself!! lol jw :-)
posted by fashionpolice24 on Aug 05, 2009
your awesome but your a bad role model
posted by purplerage99 on Aug 05, 2009
MILEY RAY CYRUS!!! you are such a terrible role model!!! you put up the worst pics of you and show yourself off and what kind of disney star ARE you?!?!?!?! i love your songs but you r crazy if u think posting those pictures are going to make you popular.
posted by number1fanmc on Aug 02, 2009
i am miley cyrus' biggest fan ever! soooo exciteed for this movie!!!! and her concert i am going to!
posted by miley cyrus biggest on Aug 01, 2009
i am her biggest fan she is amazing.
posted by asia on Jul 31, 2009
this goes out to woan who was suppoedly trying out for the spot...thats a lie because nicholas sparks himself said he had miley cyrus in mind the entire time he was writing this novel....point blank
posted by i lovemiley on Jul 31, 2009
mileyu r so stunning love ya
posted by we rock on on Jul 31, 2009
How do you even find disney auditions
posted by miley fan on Jul 27, 2009
she is so koool && so pretty.......and whoever hates her GET OFF! dummies
posted by samifran123 on Jul 27, 2009
yes the movie will be amazing but not because of miley cyrus but beacause of amazing nicholas sparks. i hav nothing against her or anything its just that this is his movie not hers.
posted by Miles Rox on Jul 27, 2009
I really like that Miley is doing other things. Im 16 too going on 17 and am a really big fan of her. She is a great entertainer and her songs and voice are great. Miley is awesome!!!!
posted by :D MileyFan :D on Jul 25, 2009
I'm glad she is doing other stuff like this movie which i can't wait for. I really like the Hannah Montana show (Im 16) but I reckon she will drop Hannah Montana in time to come cos she will want fans that are her age like me xo
posted by woah on Jul 23, 2009
thats soo cool. cuz in my modeling thing we have to look for jobs on the internet and there was a job to be in this movie but i didnt do it.
posted by nz rocks on Jul 21, 2009
i hope so bad that you will come and visit our little country new zealand and no its not like everyone says we do have nice food, awesome shops and really good movies aka Hannah Montana the movie. Well any way keep rocking and go to newzealand...... xxxooo ramy
posted by yelow on Jul 21, 2009
i think that this is a great thing for miley to show that she is growing up and not just acting in one tv program/movie(hannah montana) but developing her acting gifts and staring in a movie i love you sssssooooo much even though i've never meet you but i hope one day i will get the change you rock thanx for being my role model love you xxxxxxoooooooo yelow
posted by number 1 miley fan on Jul 17, 2009
posted by number 1 miley fan on Jul 17, 2009
posted by miley sucks on Jul 17, 2009
miley is terrible
posted by grip on Jul 15, 2009
It is often a good practice to simply ignore the trolls. If that is not possible, perhaps it might help to remember that the haters are frequently that way because of one of two things: 1) The haters are the product of extreme sexual repression. 2) The haters are merely playing back the tapes in their heads from the way that they, themselves, are treated by others. Or both.
posted by ObsessedWithMILEY on Jul 09, 2009
YAYYYYYYY! OMFg, i'm IN LOVE with miley even though im a girl. I can't wait to see it. All you haters can go suck it!
posted by HER BOYFRIEND on Jul 07, 2009
I love you sooooooo much. You make me hotter than July. Hope you are having fun shooting your new movie. I can't wait to see it. Loves from all.
posted by xoxomileygirl.. on Jul 07, 2009
i am on the island where the movie is being filmed ! tybee islandd ! whoop whoopp.. i love you miley !
posted by bookwormXOXmimmz on Jul 06, 2009
The book was very good, an entertaining read, and i aplaud the author. I am a big Miley Cyrus fan myself, they are changing the book in some ways, although all books that turn into movies are never as good, this should be a fun entertaining film, and it is a nice comming of age novel.
posted by jay98love on Jul 01, 2009
There is a girl playing in the movie named Tori and she is my bff
posted by xmileyrockx on Jun 30, 2009
...miley rocks....can't wait for this movie...i <3 miley!!
posted by beatleandjourneyfan on Jun 28, 2009
I made a mistake in the first sentence.I meant to put:'I do not like the idea of this movie.'
posted by Beatleandjourneyfan on Jun 28, 2009
I do like this idea of this movie.She is only 16 years old.She should calm down and give this acting a break and enjoy life. She is going way ahead of her time. I saw a picture from the movie and I thought it very inapropiate of a girl at the age of sixteen to be kissing a man in that way. A little peck is alright, but she needs to focus on more important things.If her heart gets broken at so young at that age, it may lead to trouble.While she is just a child, she should enjoy her life. And all of you people who are fans of this young miss, do not get angry at me for for typing this.In the picture,the shirt was wet up and stuck on to her body.Too young for things like that.I am speaking directly to you Ms.Cyrus.Don't get involved in things like that.I even know that even though I am 12 years old.
posted by creat on Jun 25, 2009
oh you gotta just love the miley sucks person. you know what you can say all of those things about anyone in this world. i feel bad for miley she is just a teenager like everyone else. except her life is public. so any mistakes she makes is all over the internet where in any other life no1 would no. you need to get yourself under control you got issues if your finding everything wrong with someones life like that. i think you need to get your own
posted by Amyluvsmiley on Jun 25, 2009
i like the new movie sounds nice but i e-mailed them to see if i could be an extra and they have not gotten back to me and it's to late they didn't even tell me if i couldn't or not
posted by max on Jun 25, 2009
ela é um sonho ...
posted by super miley fan keel on Jun 25, 2009
ilu miley i love your new song he coud be the one ;)xxx
posted by supermileyfan keeley on Jun 25, 2009
ilu miley i love your new song he could be the one it rocks i lisen to it all the time :)
posted by mileyisrockin on Jun 24, 2009
heeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!!miley only 3 words ................... i..<3....yaaaa!!!!!you rock cant wait til the movie comes out!!!!:) :) :) peace!!!!!love ya so peace out!!!!! :)
posted by mileysuxwiener on Jun 23, 2009
no way she is a man: miley is bitches
posted by mileysuxwiener on Jun 23, 2009
miley is bitches
posted by hateralert on Jun 22, 2009
4 all ya haters on here ya jus jealous of miley cyrus n i dnt gett y ya cant jus admit it already...remember jealousy could b a disease or sickness....if u choose for it 2 b a sickness den cough it out that ur jealous of her....but if u choose 4 it 2 b a disease it will stay wit chu 4 life n ull jus get her more famous
posted by miiillleeeyyy!!!!!!! on Jun 22, 2009
hey miley <3 ya!!!!!!!!!i cant wait for the movie it is going to be great!!!!! miley i have 3 words to say to ya........i llllooooovvvveeee yaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!PEACE!! i just love sayin peace!so PEACE!!!!!!:) :) :) :) :)!!
posted by givin miley <3 lol on Jun 22, 2009
heeeeyyyyy!!!!!!!Miley ...<3 ya!!keep on singing and acting!!!And all those haters out there well yall a just plain rude.i know for a fact that there are kids reading this stuff!JUST CUZ YOU HATE MILEY DOESNT MEAN EVERYONE SOULD HATE HER!!!!!!!cuz i love miley and she is livin her dream.And poeple for a fact look up to her well i do and so are many other poeple!and yall haters are beat out cuz there are a lot of poeple who like and love her!!!so deal with it!! love ya miley :) :)!bye cant wait for the movie!
posted by miley igins on Jun 22, 2009
my name is actully miley serious but ily miley cause she is a great actor and i just love her i cant wait till the last song comes out cause im soo goin to the movies to see it. and all the people who hate miley you suck. and most people are right you are just jeolous of her and you guys dont like her because she is richer than you. iknow its right cause one of my friends did it to me sooo i know its true so you b#t*hs can f off cause she has done nothin wrong what the worst thing shes done is pose nude in a pic but who cares everybody else has forgiven her y cant u. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IIIIIIIII IIIIII I I IIIIII MILEY I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I
posted by brit on Jun 21, 2009
I think I might be in love with "THE LAST SONG" LIKE "HANAH MONTANA THE MOVIE" can't wait to see it I love you miley hope you get my message. your biggest friend.
posted by martina on Jun 21, 2009
she is fliming on Tybee island Georgia i saw her and go pictures our beach house was right next t the set and trailers it was really cool
posted by sammers on Jun 21, 2009
Miley is a great role model, so all you haters back off. love youu miley x
posted by miley sucks on Jun 21, 2009
well, things i (luv) about miley cyrus: 1.well her sractchy screechy voice. 2.her fake gay counrty accent. 3.her annoying hillbilly father who cant sing. she thinks she can sing and act good. 5. THe facet tht everyone adores her and she adores her slef. 5.How she took pics of her self practicly naked, in bathing siuts, bras, wet tshirts, in the shower, in undies and sends them to nick jonas over the internet cuz shes desperate. her gaaay show only talks about her gay double life! 7. all of the money she makes when people go to her concerts all happy but when they leave they end up with broken ear drums. 8. tht she wears those gay little hannah montana outfits on stage along with tht dumb blonde wig and her 50 pounds of makeup. 9. THT FACT THT SHES A HORRIBLE ROLE MODEL!!!! 10. how shes ruining movies by showing her ugly face in them. The perfect song is gonna suck just like all the other 1s shes bin in. 11. the fact tht she makes fun of asians on myspace. 12. tht she takes pictures laying in er dads lap and her peverted dad tht lets her do it. 12. HER FAKE EGO!!! 13. tht she takes pics of her and nick jonas in bed together and puts them on the internet! and with like 5o other guys! 14. tht now she and justin broke up and shes trying to get nack together with nick cuz she broke slena and him up. 15. tht face tht shes jealous of demi and selena. 16. tht she takes pics of her and other girls in the bath tub! 17. tht she gets paid biliions of dollars each year for her gaaaaaaaaay show and concerts. 18. tht shes slutty and inaproprite and dumb and a bad role model. 19. tht she has NO friends only emily osment and she has to be her friend cuz shes getting paid! 20. tht her and mandy have a web show and make fun of selena and demi. 21. tht she falls in love with evey boy (and sometimes girl) co-stars tht she has! well i dont give a shit if any little 10 year olds read this they need to know
posted by Tori on Jun 21, 2009
Miley you ROCK!!!
posted by Tori on Jun 21, 2009
The movie is going to be AWESOME! I just know it. I hope when i go to tybee island this summer i will see miley.
posted by erika on Jun 21, 2009
i think miley is so talented so the movie is gonna bee great. miley cyrus is in the movie so its going to be awesome. see it!! love ya miley!!!!!!!kiss from erika
posted by anaymous on Jun 21, 2009
ahhhhh sum of my family members r the the filmin at tybbe
posted by mileyisdoingreat! on Jun 21, 2009
ok why do yall but bad stuff in here kids are reading this stuff and be quit cuz yall dont know what she is going thro.Do you want poeple to hate you so much and say bad stuff bout ya?Do yall?she is awesome and so is the movie she is going to do great!i cant wait to see it!Love you miley!And peace!(And i have a coutry accient so deal with the accient stuff.yall need to chill!)love ya miley!Bye!!
posted by Eagle on Jun 21, 2009
I see a few haters on here. lol. Yeah, I use to think Miley's voice needed a little improvement, and she has really gone beyond improvement. Miley, you have an awsome voice and I hope your talent blows bigger then what it already is. You got my support all the way from NZ. PEACE!!! CHUR CHUR.
posted by Miley Cyrus on Jun 20, 2009
Thanks for all your support! And add me on twitter for more info!! Its being awesome working with evryone! so thanks and peace out :)
posted by mileycirusUGlY on Jun 20, 2009
No way !!!! miley can`t act !HELL NO!
posted by Miley Cyrus on Jun 19, 2009
Hey everyone! You who wrote nice comments, I <3 yall! those who wrote otherwise, well, thats not nice! There could be 10 yr. olds reading this who look up to me! Just because u don't like me doesn't mean anyone else can't! People have opinions ya know! Love my fans! From Hannah and Miley
posted by The Awesome on Jun 19, 2009
The Awesome says- Awesome :)
posted by <3miley on Jun 18, 2009
<3 Miley forever! She is such an amazing singer. I can't even fathom that some people (like a few above) hate her so much they will go around badmouthing her when they should just keep their big fat mouths Shut!!!! I can't wait for this movie!
posted by thal on Jun 18, 2009
I live around the corner from the beach where they're filming Miley's movie.A ferris wheel has been built right on the beach next to the pier.Guess some kissin' will be goin' on on top of that ferris wheel.
posted by Ok... on Jun 18, 2009
That was random!
posted by IspreadmywingsandIle on Jun 18, 2009
I do what it takes til' I touch the sky! -Kelly Clarkson
posted by kay on Jun 18, 2009
she can sing and i like her.... but there are alot of people with much more singing talent than her that never get there chance to shine, and never get to be noticed also this movie will be rated like R because she was seen on the beach doing very mature and pationatte kissing seens, she actually grossed out alot of kids who were on the beach also
posted by Miley Stuart on Jun 17, 2009
I,m looking forward to her new movie and I hope she sings something fun with and edge.
posted by MiLEY fan on Jun 17, 2009
i have seen her film... you gus MUST see it!!!!!
posted by ilovemiley on Jun 17, 2009
shes gonna do great
posted by island Girl on Jun 17, 2009
see tybee everything go to islandsyellowpages
posted by Meggie on Jun 17, 2009
The first few comments are absoulty rediculous! If there a fan of sparks they will want the best for the movie,regardless if they like the actors in the movie, i personaly like miley cyrus and miley cyrus has many fans around the world-which means the fans will go to cinema to see 'The last song' and with the amount of fans miley has the movie will get the highest boxoff rating, and that will make the movie noticed. Dont mind them miley there just jealous that you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by unknown on Jun 17, 2009
meggie is a duche bag. and u dont know what ur talkin about because u actually lik u can go suck a dick
posted by F miley on Jun 16, 2009
why people like miley cyrus: who wouldnt like that scrathy annoying voice singing a song about how great she is. it seemed like she actually managed to make people cry in her hannah montana movie but as i walked out of the theater at the begining credits i relized someone was cutting an onion. she gets little kids to go to her concerts then while on stage wears those cute little mini skirts with tall boots that all parents want thier 7 year old to wear. she has that little fake sounding southern accent everyone adors yall. with 20 pounds of make up she looks kinda pretty she makes movies about herself and how her life is so hard she actually has to make a decision by herself insteadd of having her little slaves do it. wow miley your sooo cool and now i know why so many people like u. hah sike..go fall in a well cause u suck and do us a favor and stop acting cause we all now u cant ur ruining movies for the rest of us..hope u write back.
posted by unknown on Jun 16, 2009
i agree with the other person.miley sucks! shes gonna ruin the movie and now i cant even see it cause shes in it and she sucks!!
posted by miley sucks on Jun 16, 2009
why the hell is miley cyrus in a nicholas sparks movie..he is the best writer ever and shes going to ruin the movie for everyone with her ugly face and bad acting skills.
posted by Adri on Jun 15, 2009
she took over the whole peer for some seen dealing with a seafood festival. we see her in the streets
posted by adri on Jun 15, 2009
she is here in savannah shotin the movie
posted by MileyFan on Jun 15, 2009
Nao gostei nada nada disso D:
posted by EMILY on Jun 15, 2009
posted by EMILY on Jun 15, 2009
posted by Jan the Fan on Jun 13, 2009
Live out on tybee - where they will be filming - very exciting and while everone will be looking for Miley - personally I will be looking For Greg Kinnear! ;)
posted by Jan the Fan on Jun 13, 2009
Live out on tybee - where they will be filming - very exciting and while everone will be looking for Miley - personally I will be looking For Greg Kinnear! ;)
posted by well, shit; nicholas on Jun 13, 2009
nicholas sparks?? the notebook & all the rest of his movies suck but im actually interested to see if miley can actually pull this off or not
posted by LandonLove on Jun 12, 2009
miley ! no way ! she can`t do good like many moore did in a walk to remember. she`s good but not at dramas!ShITT!
posted by effing cyrus on Jun 12, 2009
i love nicholas sparks and im glad miley is gonna act in this cos she for sure cant make me cry with her exaggerated acting yet self-conscious image which makes her so stiff.nicholas sparks sucks ass to even cast such an 'actress'.its unfair that shes popular cos this girl obviously doesnt have the voice-to people who know music,nor does she have th acting chops-her exaggerated acting sucks!!there are many more talented and hardworking people in this unfair world that deserves fame and money more than this,STOP PURCHASING MILEY RAY CYRUS THE SLUT UNLESS YOU ARE 15 YEAR OLD AND BELOW AND NO ONE CAN STOP YOU!
posted by the postal dude on Jun 11, 2009
Yeah, they're filming that in my city. I basically can't go to the beach all summer since it will be filled with little teeny boppers trying to get in the movie and meet Miley...ugh.
posted by ashley! on Jun 11, 2009
i dont even like miley, xD but this movie sounds pretty good so far. i just cant see miley as a "rebellious teenager" its gonna be a long shot. also it looks like she has a lazy eye in the picture above. :)
posted by Benny on Jun 10, 2009
I am looking forward to this movie. I am a huge fan of Miley's and I know she will do well in this role! God Bless!
posted by Liesanne on Jun 09, 2009
she can make us cry ofcourse. i believe in her<3 bye<3
posted by Summer and Emily on Jun 09, 2009
This film os going 2 be AWESOME! cannot wait =]
posted by Emily n Summer =] on Jun 09, 2009
This movie will be |AWESOME
posted by pamela on Jun 09, 2009
i spanish
posted by SmileyMar:) on Jun 09, 2009
Oh yes another movie with miley... I cried during the hannah montana movie now im gonna CRY when i watch this...You go miles ur the best...keep up the wonderful workd..Gonna miss Hannah Montana:)
posted by MileyCyrus on Jun 09, 2009
hey yall.thanks for the beautiful comment(: i am looking forward to do another movie love,Miley
posted by SmileyMiley on Jun 08, 2009
Miley will go very far with her career! Go Miley! MILEY ROCKS 4EVER!!!
posted by iloveyou on Jun 07, 2009
she's gonna rock this movie! I love you Miley!
posted by Sandy1o1 on Jun 06, 2009
OMG i personally wouldnt judge any 1 like not a huge fan either but any way i just sent in my resume 2day and i hope i get a reply [not kidding]
posted by miley4ever on Jun 06, 2009
posted by soughty ballz on Jun 05, 2009
this movie is gonna be gay
posted by eric the red on Jun 03, 2009
oh please she will ruin ANY movie, she is ugly and cant act. The Notebook was a good movie with beautiful talented Rachel McAdams; miley cyrus cant even come close to her beauty and talent.
posted by Ciara on Jun 03, 2009
''The Last Song''. Is it a musical/Drama??? What ever it is i am looking 4ward 2 it. I am a big fan of mileys and it will be a new start 4 her. I wish her the best of luck.
posted by Alex on Jun 02, 2009
Omg!! Why would they ruin a Nicholas sparks novel with Miley Cyrus??? WHY??
posted by i do stuff on Jun 02, 2009
i have a mate called horgs
posted by abbie on Jun 01, 2009
I love Miley, It would be sick if i could be in this movie! But i live in the Uk, bummer.
posted by mileysthebest1 on May 31, 2009
i think mileys really pretty and i really want to star in this movie as im a big fan and im good at singing so someone plz tell me how to audition!
posted by BALEIGH GURLIE on May 26, 2009
posted by Crazycoc0nut on May 18, 2009
Miley will be beautiful. She is so mileys so talented im sure she will pull it off sensationally. Cant wait to see the movie! It sounds great. Glad to see miley taking on a new, mature role outside her comfort zone!
posted by Jazlynn__Babii on May 08, 2009
You can google the last song auditions and fing the information on the first result and send your resume to the principle casting not the director or anyone else! Make sure to have a headshot and a cover letter. mail it in the big yellow envelopes with the bendy tab things available at your local post office
posted by fannywanny on May 07, 2009
ofcourse she can make us cry; just look at her, it will hurt[your eyes].
posted by Annie on May 05, 2009
hmmm....interesting pick...miley cyrus for a nicholas sparks' story...thats definitely an interesting combo. i wonder if she'll be able to pull it off. miley can make us laugh...but can she make us cry? o.O
posted by Mrs.Jonas on May 05, 2009
hahaha :D im auditioning for that movie ! cant wait
posted by serhodes@student.way on May 03, 2009
my little sis should be in this movie she is definatley cute and outgoing! They would love her i would love to get the info. =)
posted by keisha_bball@yahoo.c on Apr 29, 2009
id also like to sig up for casting. ive always wantd to be a director
posted by Miley #1 Fan! on Apr 28, 2009
I want to sign up for casting! I wonder if they need an 11 year old to play like her lil sis maybe :) or just a daughter of a friend of the dad lol idk but i wanna be in it!Miley is the best singer/actress ever! She will make it ROCK!
posted by jeremy crocket x on Apr 26, 2009
I think she is a lovely influence to my life!
posted by Ed Tate on Apr 24, 2009
I know you need some old folks and I am 65. You can see me in Freedom Hawk. I am wearing a blue hat and standing beside the star and behind my son over looking the dead girl.
posted by sary on Apr 24, 2009
i want partecipate to the casting!!!what i have to do??..
posted by sary on Apr 21, 2009
i wuold like partecipate to the casting!! but..what i should click for learn more? plese help me!! thanks..bye!!!
posted by i <3 miley!!! on Apr 17, 2009
does anyone know what email adrress to send our resumes???
posted by MileyIsTheBest on Apr 15, 2009
where can we sign up for casting? does anyone know the talent agency for this film?
posted by kate on Apr 14, 2009
does anyone know where the casting is held at?
posted by britney on Apr 10, 2009
Umm that's weird I wrote a song called the last song that's dedicated her
posted by lexieeeyo on Apr 10, 2009
cant wait.
posted by melissa101 on Apr 10, 2009
its going to be amazing with her!
posted by mileyfan101 on Apr 10, 2009
i cant wait!
posted by megsisof2 on Apr 10, 2009
posted by tonya on Apr 10, 2009
i want to go to the casting!!!
posted by miley fan on Apr 01, 2009
woooww shess awsomee!

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