'Twilight' Star Nikki Reed Talks Transgender Role in 'K-11'

March 24, 2009 09:30:35 GMT

'I don't really have the most androgynous look, so that is going to be interesting,' shared Nikki Reed of her part in 'K-11', a drama movie that will also see Kristen Stewart as a boy.

Nikki Reed
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Stopping by MTV recently, Nikki Reed gave time to talk about "K-11", Jules Mann-Stewart-directed drama in which she will portray a transgender woman. "K-11 is where they basically put people who wouldn't survive in the general population," the actress who plays Rosalie Hale in "Twilight" detailed what the movie is all about. "Sometimes celebrities, people who are HIV-positive, people who have raped or beaten children - any of those things."

She then continued explaining about what her character, Mousey, is going through. "My character is a male prostitute, and he goes in and out of the jail because it is comfortable to have a place to sleep and recoup and relax and have food and shelter - [when he] gets sent back out, there is a lot of underground drug stuff that is going on. [K-11] is a world in itself," she said.

On the difficulties portraying the part, Reed spilled, "There'll be a lot of prosthetics, makeup. I thought it was difficult stepping into Rosalie [Hale]'s shoes! It's gonna be a lot more difficult stepping into Mousey's shoes." She added, "I don't really have the most androgynous look, so that is going to be interesting. ... I was born a man, but I never felt like a man - I always knew that I was a woman. I just was born with the wrong body parts."

On the occasion, the "Thirteen" actress also opened up about Kristen Stewart's transformation. "[Stewart] doesn't have the same level of physical transformation as me, but she definitely came to the table with a plethora of ideas ... her character doesn't have facial hair or an Adam's apple [because] she is playing more of a boy," so she explained.

"K-11" will be the directorial debut-vehicle for Kristen Stewart's mother, Jules Mann-Stewart. It will tell the story behind the most bizarre unit in all of L.A. county lock-up, which houses transvestites, transsexuals, and the occasional high profile celebrity. To be shot this summer during a brief break between "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" and "Eclipse", it stars Jason Mewes, Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed.


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posted by oNe;;dEEp-** on Jul 18, 2010
I bet thesse badazz actracezzs make ten times in salary a year then hatersz do!!
posted by oNe;;dEEp-** on Jul 18, 2010
I swear mann people are such hatersZ if they couldn't act or looked likee men do you think they could have even been acter get ur factz stright if y'all don't got nothing nice to say don't say it I bet peoplez saying it about u to behind ur back so just shut up and grow up (get a life hatersz cause thats z all u do is hatez) true dat !!!** they great actrazzes y'all just jelous dat anit yall
posted by heterotic on May 26, 2010
Saying that a cisgendered (i.e. with a fixed and normative gender) person can play the part of a transgendered person is a lot like saying that white actors can convincingly portray a black role. What I would like to see is more transgendered actors hired to play cisgendered roles.
posted by Cilla on Mar 21, 2010
Reed can outact most of her Twilight costars, she's just less famous. In my opinion, Kristen isn't a very good actress at all - Nikki deserves the attention, not Stewart.
posted by ): on Mar 17, 2010
her character is not a male prostitute if she's a transwoman, her character is a female prostitute. i liked you, nikki reed!
posted by Princess on Feb 25, 2010
Yo yas jj wat ever u need 2 shut up because u dont have guts 2 tell in persons face
posted by emma on Jan 12, 2010
Nikki can act. Kristen sucks at acting.
posted by eva on Nov 23, 2009
it sounds interesting but a bit shady...nikki's actually very talented.and kristen.
posted by YasJJ on Jun 13, 2009
omg the girl CAN ACT. and if you think you can do it better. just fuck with the people that make the movie. and maybe someday I can say about you: that you CAN'T ACT and that you fuck with people to get a role. so bye losers
posted by not telling on Jun 11, 2009
HAHAHA i love how everyone is like "Nikki Reed sucks at acting!!" or "Shes just riding along with people to get the part" lol thats what alot of people do and personally ive met her shes really nice and down to earth. . .And most of the people that are saying she cant act havent even seen all the movies she played in :P like "Mini's first time" "13" and forgot the other 2. . .Any ways Chow Chow <3
posted by Bell on May 15, 2009
the girl can act! quit being haters,grow up.
posted by mama shores on May 13, 2009
wow a web site with the people with the same views that i have on nikki reed/ no talent and rides the coat tales of her famous friends... hmmm her next movie is directed by kristen stewarts mom...... wow she really had that dumped in her lap
posted by dj on Apr 06, 2009
won't have to do much in the make up dept with Stewart as she already looks like a boy.
posted by the wuski...for the on Mar 30, 2009
And..."the girl" in question happened to write an incredibly awesome screenplay when she was barely a high-schooler. So don't act like she's some talentless Lohan or Hilton whose just riding other peoples' coat-tails to fame. She's worked harder than most in the industry to get where she is.
posted by the wuski on Mar 30, 2009
"The only person who can convincingly, honestly, and truly portray a Transgender individual in film or theatre is a Trans Person!"---What a bunch of shit. That's like saying only a blind person can play a blind person or only a real atheist can play an atheist. 1-That's why they call it "ACTING"...try a dictionary for that definition again. 2-Every individual's life experience is vastly different, whether they're gay, straight, black, white, transgendered or a freakin' accordian player. To act like the transgendered experience is more unique than any other life experience is pompous and insulting. Get off your high-horse.
posted by alimae on Mar 25, 2009
This already sounds like an incredibly transphobic movie. Holy shit. Playing up stereotypes about trans people, and I cannot tell whether they are talking about transwomen (born male but transition to female) prostitutes or transmen (other way). If they're talking about transwomen then these interviews are already transphobic.
posted by Flaminggurl on Mar 25, 2009
You guys are all a bunch of losers stop bein haters the girl is makin her money and if you dont like it then dont watch or come up with your own project and fine a way to present it better
posted by roger on Mar 24, 2009
this movie sounds like if it's done well it could be good but for the simple fact that this Famewhore is in it spells great disaster. I curse Catherine Hardwicke for unleashing yet another fame seeking leech out into Hollywood.
posted by wes on Mar 24, 2009
please do not write anymore articles on Nikki Reed. She has sub-par acting skills and offers nothing to any movie she is apart of. Plus it seems all she likes is the limelight. i really wish that kristen would leave her by the wayside and find a more deserving friend.
posted by Gr. G on Mar 24, 2009
The only person who can convincingly, honestly, and truly portray a Transgender individual in film or theatre is a Trans Person! No matter how many Years, Months, Day's, Hour's, and/or Minutes a genetic female or male actor tries to "learn" how to act as someone who is Transgender, he/she will NEVER be able achieve the inner core reality and experience of the tumultuous life that exits for those of us who actually live it, 24/7!   If Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars, then those who are Transgender Encompass the stars!   Dr. Mekah Gordon, Ph.D. Pioneering Frontier Renaissance Woman & Visionary
posted by Bob on Mar 24, 2009
That is the most bizarre idea for a movie I have heard in a long time. I hope they can pull it off. Sounds terrible.
posted by dora on Mar 24, 2009
The girl cant act. All she does is cling to Pattinson and Stewart to get the pr

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