David Archuleta to Duet With Miley Cyrus in 'Hannah Montana'

March 11, 2009 07:00:14 GMT

David Archuleta will ask Miley Cyrus to team up with him in a single called 'I Wanna Know' when he makes a cameo in TV series 'Hannah Montana'.

David Archuleta to Duet With Miley Cyrus in 'Hannah Montana'
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David Archuleta will make a duet with Miley Cyrus when he guest stars in TV series "Hannah Montana" later this season. Portraying himself, he will be seen coming to town and asking Miley Stewart to collaborate with him in a song called " I Wanna Know".

In regard of his appearance with Miley in the Disney Chanel's TV series, David claims it as "a real fun episode" and "a really funny too." He also praises Miley saying, "She's cool and has a strong personality."

Up to date, there is no word on when David-guest starring episode in "Hannah Montana" will be aired.

In related news, David Archuleta has been tapped to perform at the Stephens Performing Arts Center in Pocatello on March 23. The following day, the runner up of "American Idol" season seven will sing at the Burns Arena in St. George.


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posted by zeze on Mar 28, 2010
david and miley are too awsome!they are two of my favourite singers. And David is free to chose if he wanna sing with miley.what you have with her?she is a nice person and funny too.
posted by ghie on Jul 26, 2009
nice episode...
posted by kimmy cupita on May 13, 2009
love david hate miley(she sucks ass)
posted by kimmy cupita on May 13, 2009
i love you david!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by the one who gotta cr on Apr 27, 2009
yup.i cant wait for it too.i love archuleta. .and i'm ok with cyrus too. but if they going out together. . .then HELL NO! We know archie is talented as well,and miley is a funny girl in hanna montana. attention everyone,i said miley is a FUNNY girl not a GOOD . . .and i dont know if miley is a right one for archie,i mean miley has too many ex-boyfriends,and always 'wow',if there's a hot cute guy.and archie is never has girlfriend,he's even never kiss before,really a good guy. so i think it cant work it out.sorry. . .i just trying speak my mind.
posted by GoArchieMiley on Apr 20, 2009
WOW! This will be one of my most favorite episodes of all time!!!!!!! David and Miley are 2 of my all time favorite singers!!!!
posted by pandalover on Apr 06, 2009
ihate miley but david is awsome!
posted by meleah on Mar 24, 2009
adamlamberfanx - are you serious? David can't SING? You don't have to like his style but to claim he can't sing is SO ridiculous.
posted by Korady on Mar 17, 2009
Sweat this is gonna be ausome. hi im from Crandon Wisconsin so Rock On Miley And David
posted by davidfannotmiley on Mar 14, 2009
david david david WHY? no effense to you but nobody likes miley or her looks or her singing or her acting or anything about her! yah i guess it might get you a little more fans but i think all your really doing is having a few more people watch that episode of 'Hannah Montana' whatever dude it is so not worth it good luck with the freak anyway :(
posted by farah on Mar 14, 2009
hay what's up iam farah from lebanono i like you miley and you david i always listen to your song crush and it's so awesome teshaw mawahh
posted by sema on Mar 14, 2009
i think it will be a nice episodes because the two of them ara talented and i like you david iam sema i love you all
posted by cherrychapstick on Mar 14, 2009
adamlambertfanx- haha, exactly, don't watch :) honestly though, im standing up for David, cause everyone knows he can sing, he won 2nd place! haha, let's hear your singing voice then, huh? :)
posted by chyble on Mar 12, 2009
Miley Cyrus? What are you doing David? I hope this is only a stepping stone,publicity thing. P.S.Don't get tarnished.
posted by archie on Mar 12, 2009
hell david....why miley....weird..
posted by pastel on Mar 11, 2009
This should be a fun episode for both performers. Looking forward to more buzz on this!
posted by grace on Mar 11, 2009
David, What do you wanna know about Miley, huh? You and Miley are too different. Well, but maybe the duet will be good. I've never watched the show but becuase of David, I will watch it.
posted by SoSoFly1 on Mar 11, 2009
adamlambertfanx - Then don't watch. Not even going there with your silly behind about the singing. Your boy sounds like a dying cat in heat, on a good day, so you need to watch who you accuse of not being able to sing.
posted by northernangel on Mar 11, 2009
I'm really looking forward to seeing the combined talent of David Archuleta and Miley Cyrus! Be sure to watch it!
posted by gloria on Mar 11, 2009
i really can not wait 4 this episode i know it will really intersting!!
posted by adamlambertfanx on Mar 11, 2009
oh hell no! both can't sing so this will sound like crap..
posted by mileyarchiejobro on Mar 11, 2009
I love David and Miley. This will be one of the best Hannah Montana episodes yet!

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