Dakota Fanning to Join Kristen Stewart in 'The Runaways'

March 05, 2009 07:32:59 GMT

Dakota Fanning, the star of 'The Secret Life of Bees', is reported to be in talks for portraying Cheri Currie in biopic movie starring 'Twilight' actress Kristen Stewart, 'The Runaways'.

Dakota Fanning
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Moving on from her clairvoyant character in "Push", Dakota Fanning may be seen as a female rocker for her next movie project. The 15-year-old actress has been reported to be in final negotiation to star as the '70s all-female hard rock band's lead vocalist, Cheri Currie, in "The Runaways".

If she indeed joins the cast ensemble, she will share screen with "Twilight" actress, Kristen Stewart, who was tapped earlier to play Currie's fellow band member, Joan Jett. Fanning is currently in the same age of Currie when she made her debut as the lead singer of the band that delivered hit songs, such as "Cherry Bomb".

"The Runaways" will revolve around a '70s girl band of the same name formed by Joan Jett and Currie. The movie will follow the teenage band as they experience meteoric rise, and chronicles their dissolution and disillusionment. With Jett serving as the film's executive producer and Floria Sigismondi being the director and writer, it is expected to begin production in late spring.

Making her breakthrough with 2001 "I Am Sam", Dakota Fanning has since starred in various movies, including "War of the Worlds", "Charlotte's Web" and "The Secret Life of Bees". Early 2009 saw her taking major roles in "Coraline" as well as "Push". She has recently been linked to "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" for the role of Jane.


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posted by Sprmcandy on Nov 09, 2010
Beautiful & talented girl.
posted by angie on Jul 19, 2009
lydia B,you are so stupid! the managers are choosing actors! it's not that dakota want's to be in "runaways" because kristen is in "runaways"!!!!!! I like dakota very much,she is the great actress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by dkitten on Mar 08, 2009
dakota fanning never looked "chubby"...she looked like a KID. like she should. theres waaay too many 12 year olds that are trying to look like adults and its making me sick
posted by Andy_A on Mar 08, 2009
I think Dakota looks more like Lita Ford.
posted by Case on Mar 07, 2009
Joan Jett, Sandy West and Kim Fowley formed The Runaways. Currie, as much as I love her, was the lead singer they brought in after Michael Steele was gone. Just a minor correction there.
posted by MARÜ on Mar 07, 2009
I think that I'd rather Kristin Chenoweth as Jane She's Great !!! and I'm Argentinian and I am 12 years old! I love Twilight! I just wanted to leave a message , because I don't like Dakota , she's been appeared on a lot of horror movies , and her face,is like she is always scared! I love you Rob! MARÜ
posted by Lydia B on Mar 07, 2009
ok Dakota needs to stop trying to be in all Kristen Stewarts movies because she sucks compared to her first she wants to be in New Moon which by the way she officially is in!!!ugh!and now she wants to be in the Runaways thats bogus and she needs to find her own screen and get off of Kristens!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ME on Mar 05, 2009
dakotas looking really good! she has lost the chubby look and looks like a aproper adult now!

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