Sneak Peek of P. Diddy in 'CSI: Miami' 7.15: Presumed Guilty

Sneak Peek of P. Diddy in 'CSI: Miami' 7.15: Presumed Guilty

Rapper P. Diddy plays an attorney who protects his client from a murder charge in 'CSI: Miami'.

On Monday, February 9, "CSI: Miami" will present a guest starring slot filled P. Diddy. The rapper who has been dwelling himself in the acting realm, will play attorney Derek Powell whom Horatio and the team suspect as covering up for a murder. The episode is called "Presumed Guilty".

It was reported in November last year that Diddy's cameo in the police drama series will not be a one time stint. He has signed for another one which is also scheduled to air early this year. It will reportedly be the right one after "Presumed Guilty", which is titled "Sink or Swim" and is scheduled to air March 2.

In the episode, Horatio's team investigates the murder of Derek Powell's fiancee Nadine Walcott, but their case is sidetracked when Delko, who has evidence against Ken Taber, their prime suspect, is thrown into jail by the INS for failing to address the issue of his forged birth certificate and he gets no help from his natural father, Alex Sharova.



    Feb 15, 2010

    Diddy is the man, and you black m**** f***** haters knows that. Let him act. You read people in the same way you did with regard to Michael Jackson, another phenomenon which it was difficult to you to deal with the fact that the guy was better than beatles or elvis. So go ahead diddy...let all those loosers sniff on your ass.

    jenny 1
    Oct 16, 2009

    he make money. stop hating. he did okay.

    Mar 10, 2009

    he sure as well cant act. what the hell did he think he was doing? i'm not hating but he should stick to what he does best, producing. FIRST BLACK JAMES BOND MY ASS.

    diddy doody
    Feb 10, 2009

    saw the episode, the man can't act - actually he even brought down the acting calibre of the rest of the cast (ok not veritable thespians but still) this was, hands down, the worst episode of CSI Miami ever - and there have been bad ones - just sayin - diddy, do whatever it is that you do and stay away from acting - what does he do anyways?

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