'Twilight' Cast Talk 'New Moon', Dakota Fanning Comments on Jane Role

January 31, 2009 03:21:20 GMT

At the red carpet of 'Push' Los Angeles premiere, Ashley Green, Kellan Lutz, Rachelle Lefevre and Dakota Fanning are all addressing questions around 'Twilight' sequel, 'New Moon'.

'Twilight' Cast Talk 'New Moon', Dakota Fanning Comments on Jane Role
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Attending the Los Angeles premiere of Paul McGuigan's sci-fi thriller "Push" on Thursday, January 29, Dakota Fanning and several "Twilight" cast made time to talk about "New Moon". Talking to Entertainment Weekly (EW), they discussed various topics from the possibility of Fanning taking the offered role as Jane to the film's script.

Expressing her excitement over the possibility of Fanning portraying Jane, the Alice Cullen of "Twilight", Ashley Greene, said at the red carpet, "Dakota Fanning would be great as Jane. I really hope that rumor becomes reality." Yet, the soon-to-be 15-year-old Fanning revealed that she still isn't sure that she will take the offered role, saying "I think it is too soon to say for sure whether I will or won't be in [New Moon]."

Though confessing her uncertainty, Fanning was quick to say that portraying the role would be a "cool" thing to do since she is a fan of the Stephenie Meyer's novel series. "But it would be really cool to do it," she said. "I am a very big fan of the books. I read them all and Jane is an interesting part. We haven't really sat down and talked about it. So we will see. It was a good experience working with Summit. I guess I now have an in at the company."

Moving on to another topic, Greene fessed up that she has read the Melissa Rosenberg's script for the "Twilight" sequel. "I felt like a spy reading it," she recalled. "It does come very close to the tone and the events that are in book 2. There are a couple of things that were changed which I think make it more interesting for the visual medium but nothing that will upset fans of the books. I think it is safe to say that it will make everyone happy."

While Greene's co-star Kellan Lutz also claimed that he has read the "amazing" screenplay, Rachelle Lefevre unfolded that she hasn't seen the script, insisting "They are guarding the script like it is gold." Nonetheless, Lefevre told EW that she is preparing herself to play vengeful Victoria. "I have to figure out how to channel that much hatred and grief healthily because that is a pretty dark place to go," so she claimed.

"New Moon" will be directed by "The Golden Compass" helmer Chris Weitz. To start production in Vancouver in mid-March for November 20 U.S. release, the vampire drama sequel will still see Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner reprising their roles as Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black.


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posted by Edwardloverrrr:) on Nov 18, 2009
Soo can't wait to c new moon I like the idea of dakota playing jane BUT dam who thought up the idea of putting a preppy girl from HSM in the movie that's CRAZZY with a capital C!!!!!!!:(
posted by wolfgirl on Oct 24, 2009
i wounder on new moon if they use real wolfs, use real wolf but use animated wolfs also, or just animated
posted by Vick on Sep 12, 2009
Well i totally think that Taylor is the hottest jacob ever and im happy they didn't have anyone else be him. Hopefully they will finish with breaking dawn not just stop at eclipse
posted by Nadia on Sep 12, 2009
I both agreeand disagree with the person over me. I agree with what you said bout Michelle and Vanessa. I always imagined Leah as more of a blond girl. But I would rather see Dakota Fanning then Jodelle Ferland as Jane.
posted by blindh on Aug 10, 2009
i will admit it's strange to picture sweet and innocent dakota fanning play an evil, and almost demented, jane. but we heard her swore a lot in push, so i think this role in new moon can make her a great actress. we shall see november 20th. btw, vanessa hudgens will not be in new moon. maybe eclipse, but i totally agree with a lot of you who think she would ruin the movie. as "Stacey" said below, "she's too vanilla to play leah." :)
posted by Leslie on Jul 21, 2009
I totally agree with the person above me Jodelle Ferland would be a PERFECT Jane
posted by zoe on Jun 10, 2009
dakota will do a great job as jane but Vannessa Hudgens as Leah are you people nuts!!!!!!
posted by sank on May 22, 2009
i love dakota she's great we'll yll
posted by shark evansy on May 20, 2009
posted by lori on May 19, 2009
NO WAY WILL YOU PUT VANESSA IN THE MOVIES!! as for dakota i think you needed an actrss with a much younger looking face she lookis to mature
posted by Adelle on May 14, 2009
We can not let Dakota play Jane. She has never played "Evil" before. She is famous for playing sad, depressed, bratty little girls. NOT EVIL LITTLE GIRLS. She is going to ruin New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. We must stop her NOW
posted by :) on May 12, 2009
I expected "Jane" to be shorter and younger. I think Dakota Fanning is too old to play the role.....
posted by Twilightfan1 on May 04, 2009
Yeah defenently think dakota would play renesme very well so surprise us with the other cgaracters and jane needs to be. A mean actress who can play it well
posted by abigail on May 03, 2009
ok just a must do tip do not i reapeat not add vanessa to the movie i dont like her she is just too girly to play that roll and i personely think she sucks
posted by queenbee on May 02, 2009
ohh no... not vanessa .. she's SUCK. And i think Dakota will do juz fine playing Jane. She's a great actress.
posted by kiki on Apr 12, 2009
For real if you cast Vanessa Hudgens as leah you mine as well shot your self in the head because the movie will suck. So making Michelle Rodrigez Leah Would be much smarter. Oh ya and i think Dakota will do just fine as Jane, just as long she go's brunet and puts her mean face on.
posted by Maddiiee!!! :) on Apr 06, 2009
I feel that Dakota should not be in New Moon.She is to much of a young serios actress.Plus if you had Vanessa you would just kill the whole movie right there because Vanessa is to FAKE!!! I think the character of Jane should be someone we wouldn't expect,someone different.That's what Twilight is all about,SUPRISES!!!
posted by Kim on Apr 01, 2009
NO Vanessa,NO Dakota either.It would ruin the whole series.Vanessa cant act to save her life,and Dakota is no no no!
posted by Momo on Mar 23, 2009
The only way Dakota can play Jane is if she goe brunet and get contacts like Niki Reed lol and she needs to ditch her good girl act and get Sadistic
posted by jddd on Mar 22, 2009
Crap dakota fanning will ruin the whole movie if you ask me but its better than vannessa hudgens i can tell you that much cant wait for new moon
posted by S02971 on Mar 10, 2009
I think Dakota Fanning will be good as Jane, as long as they cast the right person for Alec... They need to keep the HSM kids out of this movie though, it wouldn't be the same, I might expect them to break into song and dance... hehehehe!!!
posted by twilight_heart_edwar on Mar 06, 2009
Dakota Fanning is a great choice for new moon. She is tiny yes, but so is the charater of Jane. She has the skills to do the movie and I think think that she will do amazingly well. And I too also go against having Vanessa Hudgens on the film. She is not Right for the part in any way what-so-ever! I am looking forward to seeeing who it is they choose. Hurry! I cant wait.
posted by CH on Mar 04, 2009
I think it is important to acknowledge and respect the fact that the Quileute are First Nations (Aboriginal, Indigenous and in the States - Native American) people, and being so, anyone cast to play one of the Werewolves, for example, should be First Nations. It has been far too long that non-Indigenous actors are playing First Nations people in film (look at the early westerns). In that spirit, I am thrilled that Bronson Pelletier, Plains Cree from Canada was casted!
posted by edward<33 on Mar 02, 2009
dakota won't be good for this role
posted by aleish on Feb 27, 2009
well....dont you think we should give them both a break. I mean though they are young but I think they are both good actress because they already proven thier worth.
posted by rose on Feb 27, 2009
i have a cousin named sam and she is so pale she looks like a ghost she lives in canada she would be a really good rolefor jane
posted by rose on Feb 26, 2009
i dont think dakota would be a good jane she should be rennesme from breaking dawn
posted by rose on Feb 26, 2009
i would like to play the part of leah but im 2 short id like to play jane to but im really dark because im half indian
posted by Regan on Feb 20, 2009
I would honestly love to play jane in new moon.... That would be soo much fun for me
posted by Char on Feb 19, 2009
i totally agree with the person under me. i liked how all the actors on twilight weren't incredibly well known that way it made it more realistic. dakota fanning is way to sweet, innocent and pretty to play jane. isn't jane meant to be like sexy. i personally think it should be an actress not that well known. and i dont think vanessa should play in new moon either. lets not ruin the twilight series by getting to well known actresses aye. x
posted by keaton on Feb 18, 2009
I personally think that Dakota Fanning should NOT play as Jane in the upcoming film 'New Moon'.She's already been in enough movies. I also think that the 'Twilight' movie was such a success because none of the cast members were really famous.And I agree, I pictured Jane as a more protective and serious girl. Pick anonymously! & no Vanessa for Leah!
posted by Lauren on Feb 18, 2009
I don't think Dakota should be Jane. I know they can't get a person that everyone has imagined as Jane but, Dakota Fanning is so young, sweet, and bubbly it is totally not how I pictured Jane. Also,when I see Jane on the screen I don't wanna think o there is Dakota Fanning. We need an unknown actress for the part. Although, many of us were upset that Robert Pattinson was casted as Edward, you never know Dakota could be a good Jane. I guess we will all have to find out.
posted by Ashley on Feb 17, 2009
A couple keep commenting on how they think Dakota Fanning is "too young" or "too little" to play Jane. Go back and read New Moon, in it Stepenie Meyer had described her as child-like. So why not have Dakota take th role. And about the entire Michelle Rodriguez thing, she probably would be great for Leah except for the fact that she is too old,(Leah is only around twenty-one.)
posted by Raee on Feb 16, 2009
posted by Lexi on Feb 13, 2009
YOU ARE ALL SOO RIGHT!!! DAKOTA should NOT play Jane!!! someone better get in touch with whosoever is directing this movie and tell him that JODELLE FERLAND is the PERFECT PERSON FOR THIS ROLE!!! Dakota is all sunshine and no spark, we need some mystical aura that only JODELLE can produce!
posted by vanessa 22 on Feb 13, 2009
think dakota would make a great jane she is a very talented actress and being young is part of the vanpire scene. also michelle rodriguez would also make a great leah.. however the little disney stars need to stay away from the twilight movie because they will ruin them!!
posted by riot!!! on Feb 10, 2009
i think that fanning will be great but i am really begguing not to put vannessa hudgens in as leah because she is pants at acting and jane isnt she supposed to be like not to young because she has her own family kind of thing and she used to really like edaward?=D either way NO VENESSA!!!
posted by Leah.T on Feb 10, 2009
Some of you guys are saying that Fanning should't do it because she's too little, well clearly you haven't read the books. Jane and her twin Alec are meant to look about 12, personally I think Jodelle Ferland would make a better Jane... But Fanning might be able to pull it off, I dunno, she plays a lot of 'nice' roles, she's never been a villain. Hudgens as Leah, I just don't see it..
posted by twilight 4 life! on Feb 10, 2009
well im sure who ever they pick will be perfect for the parts. just not vanessa. shes just to...... ugh i just dont like her.
posted by riotgirl on Feb 10, 2009
come on jane shoul be someone notwellknown and i please dont be so stupid to pick vanessa from hsm she sucks as an actress!, they should chose someone that is not wellknown!
posted by DONT BOTHER on Feb 09, 2009
i really dont think dakota should be jane i mean come on!!!! and none of those stupid disney stars either....oh and i heard that the kid from august rush is gonna be one of the vampires too....what are these people insane???!!!??!
posted by DONT BOTHER on Feb 09, 2009
i really dont think dakota should be jane i mean come on!!!! and none of those stupid disney stars either....
posted by To all the idiots on Feb 08, 2009
to lion&lamb most of the cast hasn't read the books and that isn't required because the movie is very different from the books and whoever said she's too young she's not even 15 yet.
posted by wolfperson on Feb 08, 2009
edward did not read twilight when he was acting
posted by New moon on Feb 08, 2009
I heard there is a knew director! Is that true?? If it is ugh! I like the old one! Some people say Shia Labeouf should play Seth C.! I think he is to old and whats with all the Disney actors??? Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cirus, Shia Labeouf. Oh and Dakota Fanning can't be Jane. I think Michelle Rodrigeus for Leah, and Jodelle Ferland for Jane. Taylor lautner should stay Jacob Black. And I hear they were thinking of giving Edward a Buzz-cut. Oh my god they would reck him!!!! P.S. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE WOLF SCENES IN NEW MOON!
posted by Jacob Blackz 4ever on Feb 07, 2009
Talor lautner should stay Jacob, I know!
posted by I love Kellen Lutzi on Feb 07, 2009
I really think that Vannessa and Miley are really bad role models too. And it is pretty bad when they are disney charectors and they are giving the finger and stuff. I agree with Twilight!!
posted by Twilight on Feb 07, 2009
I think Jodelle Ferland should play Jane, and Michelle Rodriugez is a awsome Leah! Vanessa as Leah, and I sue the Director man!And Dakota fanning, I like her acting but she is to old to play Jane like COME ON!
posted by lion&lamb on Feb 06, 2009
Dakota hadn't even read the books last time I heard...
posted by people read these on Feb 04, 2009
i do think dakota should play jane. i think she would do a great job. i dont really know who michelle rodriguez is but i looked her up and i think she can play a great leah. i dont knopw what vanessa is thinking in her head but i know she can play leah at all. vanessa should stick with diseny plus shes a little to light to play her. but im super glad at taylor lautner is still playing jacob black!! i love him soo much. i cant wait to see new moon. i love you taylor lautner . ps. the books are awesome i love reading them and i never read so its a good thing.
posted by wow on Feb 04, 2009
why could they do something like that
posted by Mrs.Lautner<33 on Feb 03, 2009
i do think dakota should play jane. i think she would do a great job. i dont really know who michelle rodriguez is but i looked her up and i think she can play a great leah. i dont knopw what vanessa is thinking in her head but i know she can play leah at all. vanessa should stick with diseny plus shes a little to light to play her. but im super glad at taylor lautner is still playing jacob black!! i love him soo much. i cant wait to see new moon. i love you taylor lautner <33. ps. the books are awesome i love reading them and i never read so its a good thing.
posted by CrYsTaL on Feb 03, 2009
eeww NO on michelle rodriguez! nothing against her she is great with fast cars and vin diesel but she is too old to be Leah.
posted by KRISSS on Feb 03, 2009
posted by tribalink2978@hotmai on Feb 02, 2009
definitely have Michelle Rodriguez! i love her tough side! I think Dakota can pull it off, just a li practice! ;) p.s. loved Twilight, and the book series equally ;) cant wait for the Twilight DVD and the New Moon sequel ;)
posted by alice_stewart on Feb 01, 2009
yes alicse stewart is my real name!! and i agre with everone venissa for leah, hell no id reather die!! and dakota for jane i have nothing agenst her shes just to little so idk im not the drictor so u do what u want to do just no disney stars k thxs !!
posted by Lindsay on Feb 01, 2009
Dakota can not play jane, she doesn't have the right aura and vanessa forget it, i will NOT let them ruin New Moon If i don't cry ill be disapointed.
posted by CHANGE on Feb 01, 2009
NO Vanessa or Miley ON new moon. Why? They're a realy bad role modelS. Search their images on google. You'll be surprised to see them in undies and sticking up rude fingers. If they take bad pictures of them selves and make teenage girls copy them why should they be on TV? I DONT CARE HOW MANY PEOPLE SAY WE SHOULDNT JUDGE THEM BECAUSE WE DONT KNOW THEM WELL WE DONT NEED TO KNOW THEM , JUST HOW THEY PORTRAY THEMSELVES TO PEOPLE WHO LOOK UP TO THEM AND WANT TO BE LIKE THEM!!!!
posted by twilight and Taylor on Jan 31, 2009
okayy i like dakota playing jane but vanessa needs to keep her High School Musical out of our vampire world..... sh'es to preppy and probably wouldn't knowo how to play a rude stuck up leah. thats how leah is supposed to be in the movie...but this is my opinion and i just don' like her in our movie....but i'm perfectly fine with dakota playing jane and i think that Jessica Szohr would be prefect...she has the look and she can totally pull off being leah.....
posted by chnz on Jan 31, 2009
VANESSA HUDGENS to NEW MOON?.. seriously, what the hell is she thinking?..
posted by N. on Jan 31, 2009
I don't think dakota fanning should play Jane. She's a great actress but she's too young for the role. I pictured Jane to be much older and much more serious. I'm definitely against Vanessa Hudgens playing Leah. Leah isn't this preppy & pretty girl. She's tougher and bitter. Vanessa can't play her role.
posted by OCD on Jan 31, 2009
Yes please Michelle Rodrigez as Leah,perfect!Dakota for sure,No No Vanessa please.
posted by Kelly-Anne on Jan 31, 2009
I agree...i love Dakota as an actress but i feel she wouldn't completely fulfull the role...she just too little...and i'm also behind the idea of NOT casting Vanessa Hudgens
posted by WoLfChIcK on Jan 31, 2009
Just a suggestion... Michelle Rodrigez would play a fantastic Leah Clearwater to Vanessa Hudgens...=D...please take it on board...and Dakota would do a good job at playing Jane...but there's something that doen't sit well with me on that topic
posted by Stacey on Jan 31, 2009
*Unknown, not inknown.
posted by Stacey on Jan 31, 2009
Michelle Rodriguez is too old and butchy to play Leah. Btw, Leah is not "rude" and "stuck up"; she's bitter because she's scorned/heartbroken. And, the Vanessa girl is too vanilla to play Leah. I'd like to see an inknown get the chance. Lastly, I'd like to see Jodelle Ferland, not Dakota, play Jane.

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