Rihanna to Perform at America's Presidential Inauguration Charity Ball


Rihanna has been confirmed to perform at America's Presidential Inauguration Charity Ball to raise funds for hunger relief organization Feeding America.

Grammy-winning singer Rihanna has been confirmed to take the stage at the Recording Industry Association of America's Presidential Inauguration Charity Ball on January 20. Headlining the event, she will, at the same time, help feed millions by raising funds for Feeding America, which is the largest hunger relief organization in America.

Rihanna's performance at the charity inaugural ball was confirmed by Access Hollywood on Saturday, December 20. The site quoted Vicky Escarra, president and CEO of Feeding America, as stating, "We are thrilled to have Rihanna's participation in the inauguration charity ball."

"As the prevalence of hunger in America increases at an unprecedented rate, we are most grateful to Rihanna and to RIAA for helping us bring greater visibility to this tragic reality and helping us feed millions more people in need," Vicky continued in a statement.

In addition to Rihanna, Aretha Franklin has also been announced as one of the performers at Barack Obama's presidential inauguration. The R 'n' B and soul singer is set to make a live appearance in front of selected guests beginning at 10 A.M. on the West Front of the Capitol.

Some other A-list celebrities who are anxious to join Obama on his inauguration day include actor Will Smith and music mogul P. Diddy.

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    Dec 31, 2008

    @ somethin\' Rihanna is an amazingly taleneted singer and entertainer! She may not have the voice of the great Aretha Franklin but, she is a great entertainer! She is not stiff. Just because she doesn't go doing some HUGE workout on stage doesn't make her stiff! You don't know if shes stuggled or not. Her dad was a crack addict for years! She comes from Barbados where they don't have food stamps and well-fair! I love Rihanna keep doing your thing honey!

    Dec 29, 2008

    "She can really sing". Oh please, Rihanna is the worst live performer EVER!!!!!!! Her voice is either incredibly flat or she lip-syncs! And she had the nerve to laugh at Britney Spears at the MTV VMAs, when she is HARDLY a talent herself. In addition to her INABILITY to sing, she is stiffer than an elderly person with arthritis, I have never seen someone remain so rigid and stiff while singing (or lip-syncing) dance songs. And all that charity work she does is STRICTLY for her image, she is NO Audrey Hepburn. Remember that leukemia patient Rihanna made a plea for on her website to get a bone-marrow transplant? She didn't do it alone, as the media would have you believe! At least 4 other celebrities made public pleas for that woman, one of which was Ashanti! I can't believe Rihanna will be performing at the Inauguration! She's not even American! She's a two-bit flash-in-the-pan who has practically every major opportunity handed to her on a silver plate, when more talented and hard-working people are deserving of it! I don't think she's even appreciative of her success and how could she be? Everything has almost been easy-come for her, I bet she's never struggled for her career at all.

    baby girl
    Dec 24, 2008

    you are a very good singer im your biggest fan luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    Dec 23, 2008

    Special Thanks to all who are performing at this historic event. Your participation is much appreciated. Sincerely, the Volunteers and Staff at Charity Music Inc.

    Dec 22, 2008

    that is so good for her.she can really sing

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