Official 'New Moon' Release Date Set

December 16, 2008 04:45:38 GMT

Following the footstep of 'Twilight', 'New Moon' will be meeting fans on the big screen in late November 2009.

Official 'New Moon' Release Date Set
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"New Moon" is coming out in less than a year after "Twilight" opened big at U.S. theaters. Following report that the first sequel to the vampire drama has been tentatively set for late November 2009 release, Summit Entertainment have come out with an announcement that "New Moon" will indeed be debuted in theaters on November 20, 2009, as reported by Variety.

Of the schedule, Summit distribution topper Richie Fay commented, "Same time, same place. If it's also the same gross, we'll be very pleased. Hopefully, we'll have even better results." However, unlike "Twilight" which has to face competition from another newcomer "Bolt", "New Moon" will have to be up against serious contenders since "Sherlock Holmes", "The Three Stooges" and "Planet 51" are all slated for the particular date.

Based on Stephenie Meyer's second novel from the "Twilight" series, "New Moon" will chronicle the time Bella Swan is left devastated by the abrupt departure of Edward Cullen. Finding solace in her friendship with Jacob Black, she soon finds herself drawn into the world of the werewolves and her loyalty to the vampires tested due to the fact that werewolves are the ancestral enemies of the vampires.

Penned by "Twilight" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, this next Summit romance drama will be directed by "The Golden Compass" director Chris Weitz. It expects the return of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as Cullen and Swan, while Taylor Lautner, the actor who plays Black in the first movie has been rumored to potentially be replaced.


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posted by jacob/edward gir on Nov 29, 2009
i dont choose sides. i am a wolf and vampire girl just like bella. aand yeah if they change another character i'm gonna be pisse. i liked the old victoria. she was way better
posted by twilight crazy on Nov 18, 2009
summit beter not replace taylor he fits the part of jacob so well he is smoking taylor swift is sooo lucky
posted by edward girl on Nov 16, 2009
i love this saga better than twlight
posted by Twilightlover on Nov 03, 2009
These movies are honestly amazing, stephanie myers, is a genious to come up with something like this story line, love edward and bella as a couple, sooo cute, keep up the good work castcrew you guys are amazing ♥
posted by riko_4545 on Oct 29, 2009
posted by love19941254 on Oct 29, 2009
i love taylor, domt even think of replacin' any actors, especially taylor!!!!!!love
posted by thr biggiest fan eve on Oct 12, 2009
i cant wait untill the move comes out becusae taylor is such a hottie and alice is awsome
posted by twilightsagalover243 on Oct 02, 2009
first i liked twilight but they left out my fav. part when they are in bio and edward skips because of the blood. And second robert does take showers that was just a rumor. last get over it girls robert and kirsten r engaged fo rcryingout loud and getting married very soon so get over him. and jacob is nice even tho i hate him in the third book. i just think thye are adding to much things that are not even in the book so it is going to be so confuseing
posted by AustralianTwiliterGr on Oct 01, 2009
In Austraian Theathers it comes out on the 19th of November already got tickets =]
posted by me on Sep 22, 2009
is the u.k. release date the 20th or 27th every website says different? n Kristen stewart is a gret actress
posted by kristenISaBADactor on Sep 09, 2009
they really need to replace bella, she cant act for shit
posted by twihard on Sep 05, 2009
omg new moon is betta then twilight its goin to be a hit movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
posted by Guest on Aug 25, 2009
uk release date has changed to 20th november 2009 because of huge demand to see it on the same day as the usa
posted by kody on Aug 25, 2009
this movie sucks
posted by pipz on Aug 10, 2009
if u wanna watch more of twilight and u wanna c the official preview GO 2 YOUTUBE!
posted by heartz on Aug 10, 2009
for all u guys who say don't replace jacob reall they aren't replacing any of the characters they were thinking of replacing victora but they didn't so stop talking about who they are going 2 replace and someone said up their it might bump bak 2 2010 it won't all the fans would get mad plus that's when eclipse is supposed to come out june 2010 so just calm down the movie is coming ilove the movie 2 but don't spaz about it coming out later GOSH!p.s if your gonna watch the movie in theaters 12 times ur stupid just by the movie
posted by alice cullen on Aug 06, 2009
uk release date 27th nov
posted by Alex880 on Aug 05, 2009
I wouldnt go so far as to say id turn gay for Edward... But I watched the movie with my gf and i actually enjoyed it- despite what most guys ar elead to bbelieve its not half bad.
posted by vamprina on Aug 01, 2009
taylor is fit to play new moon. he's a good actor same with my sister, so there.
posted by lololololol on Jul 27, 2009
don't you dare replace any actors they are great with the roles they right now. I love you robert, I love you Kristen, I love you Taylor and all you vampires. when is new moon coming out? will they make all of the books into movies? I loooove the twilight saga
posted by NEWFIEGIRL on Jul 20, 2009
posted by addieinlove on Jun 28, 2009
I have read Twilight and the rest of the series a total of 54 times, no I am not sad... Anyway, why on earth would they be replacing the AWESOME Taylor if he is in the trailers?! DUH, PEOPLE!
posted by twilight biggest lov on Jun 21, 2009
dnt change anything its just ryt (xx cant wait 4 new moon xx) read al books
posted by gonewild on Jun 20, 2009
I just can't wait! I've seen the twilight movie like 20 times and read all the books even more than that.
posted by I\'m loven it on Jun 18, 2009
I absolutely love twilight!!! I have seen it fourteen times and i'm still not sick of it.I cant wait for new moon to come out.hopefully it will be as good as twilight.
posted by tsb on Jun 18, 2009
can any1 tell me y in the books the wolves r huge, like 7 foot, yet on the trailer they r the size of a medium dog?? cum on. and i agree they missed 2 much story out of twilight pls dont in new moon
posted by dontreplacejacob on Jun 16, 2009
they better not replace jacob he is to perfect for the role... they all are. i think kristen stewart is good for the part but i am so0o0o0o0oo0o0 jelous that she gets to hang out with robbert patinson all day and kiss him and stuff. uuuggghhhh luck b**ch
posted by lisha on Jun 12, 2009
be3 baby btw you are ot the biggest fan i am lol (: and yeh it sucks how r.p is so fiit but they make bella ugly, although i agree how they have to make her pretty in breaking dawn (: xx
posted by lisha <3 twilight se on Jun 12, 2009
i love the film butt reed all the books, there so much better ! cant wait for new moon man !! xx
posted by Jacob&Bella on Jun 09, 2009
i agree with everyone who says that Kristine stewert is wrong 4 the part, Bella is insurcure and opinunative God team Jacob by the way, he deserves her more.
posted by jacobblackissohot on Jun 02, 2009
just in response to the comment at the top of the pagebella is not spossed to look really hot but she will when she is vampie cus how do you make someone hot look even hoter
posted by i LOVE EDWARD !!!! on Jun 02, 2009
i can't friigginnn wait !!!!!!!!!!!!! ouwah fuck lolv :) stoned right now ahah jk can't wait ! april and nellie :D LOL
posted by Lydia B on May 31, 2009
The trailer is the best!
posted by be3 babyy on May 28, 2009
umm just to say one things for sure taylor lautner is not being replaced information from the number one fann !!! mee (: and yeaa i just lovee twilight and i've read everybook over ten times its soo addictivee you just cant get enoughh, likee o m gee ; well yeaa btw isabella (kristen stewart) is soo uglyy in the moviess they could have at least made her a little bit pretty ayye !? well yea andd jacob blackk is gonna be fly as in the moviee becos he walks aroundd half naked in most of the moive and yeaa cant wait pissing my self (: and yeaa hope it'll be a gudd one ! lovee twilightt biggest fan right heree !!!! be3 xx
posted by kaityzcrazy!!! on May 27, 2009
posted by kaityzcrazy!!! on May 27, 2009
posted by hmmm... on May 26, 2009
hey =]]] did anii of yhu''z kno that new moon has a new director??? omg!!! his name is Chris Weitz ... o and im pritty sure the rest of the cast is still the same xD
posted by bee.xO on May 21, 2009
i love jacob blackk &#9829;
posted by brooke on May 19, 2009
the origanal cast are in new moon durrr edward nd bella are still the same actors i love robert patterson so amazinly fit!
posted by ju on May 19, 2009
that is not soonenuf!!!!!! have you changed any of the good people?...
posted by heheheh on May 17, 2009
i love robert pattinson
posted by Coolest on May 11, 2009
Hey! I reckon they should keep the same cast except rosalie. She did not suit the part. And edward was crap in that movie. They left out WAY too much but i liked the movie and LOVED the books!!! LUV A
posted by hmmm... on May 09, 2009
well i guess the longer yhu wait for new moon the better it will be so i think its worth the wait =D
posted by brellen7 on May 08, 2009
we loved twlight and cant wait until the next one.
posted by SHANE on May 05, 2009
please keep the actors and actresses the same...its so odd to see them being replaced by others...they have started it and they are the ones that should finished it!and besides i love them they sooo amazing!
posted by teamedward on Apr 26, 2009
why do yous want to replace taylor and kristen?!!!
posted by .. on Apr 26, 2009
i LOVE twilight :D the books were better but still thought the film was really good
posted by GWTW fan on Apr 26, 2009
In a previous comment someone mentioned that the book is better than the movie. Usually in most cases it is. Gone With the Wind is the same way. Although I adore Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh they missed alot of great parts that were in the book. The Twilight series if you figured everything into each book would be a three hour movie like Titantic. I agree also with another comment about Rob Pattison, I think if Paul Walker would die his hair and would agree to a part like that I would be more intrigued:D I doubt Paul would ever do that either. Oh well I guess I will have to see him in the race movies:( I guess there is alot to look forward this year too. Transformers 2, X Men Origins comes out as well. Then New Moon. I read that one in a day. Loved Jacob and have a fasination with Native Americans. IF I were Bella which of course I am not I would've taken the warmth of Jacob over the cold of Edward anyday and twice on Sunday. My husband always complains anyway about being cold.:D
posted by jezabelle on Apr 25, 2009
OMFG! why do you want to kill Jacob?!?!?!?!?! What is wrong with your head?????
posted by Jessem on Apr 25, 2009
Too Bad, So Sad, they don't replace Taylor. GET OVER IT!
posted by !ME!! on Apr 24, 2009
they should of started making NEW MOON after thery finished TWILIGHT (i cant wait that long)i mean how am i sapposed to wait till the 20th of OCTOBER!!!!!! also the book twilight is SOOOO much better than the movie they left so much things out and first edward cant stand the smell of her blood and next minute there kissing!!!! hopfully NEW MOON will be better but i still love twilight!!!!!!!!!
posted by kill jacob on Apr 22, 2009
we hate jacob get him killed
posted by Hannah+Abbie+Ella(: on Apr 22, 2009
Oh Yush, We rate Love It ;) Hannah <3 Jasper Love yoouuu byee x
posted by xx-Meee-xx on Apr 21, 2009
Okayy I Love Twilight And All Of The Other Books In The Saga, I Have Read Them All And I Am Reading Them Again Lol, But Anyway I Love The Twilight Book And I Love The Film But TBH The Book Is Sooooo Much Better. They Leave So Much Out Of The Film And One Of The Things That I Thought They Would Have Had In The Film, Even Before I Saw The Film, Was The Blood Testing That Bella Does At School, They Missed Out That WHOLE Chapter! I Hope They Don't Miss As Much Out Of NEW MOON! I Can't Wait For It To Come Out! I Can't Wait To See The Papercut Scene LOL :) Yeyy!
posted by klov on Apr 20, 2009
i think if they replace any of the characters it will ruin the movie thats just me i hate to watch a movie if they change the ppl its annoying
posted by klov on Apr 20, 2009
i just cant wait till the movie comes out
posted by klov on Apr 20, 2009
another thing does rob take showers it seems like he would have to
posted by klov on Apr 20, 2009
another thing does rob take showers it seems like he would have to
posted by Nameless on Apr 18, 2009
Ugh, I Hated Rob Pattison As Edward!!! Didn't Anyone Else Notice He Looks Like He Was Hit In The Face With A Frying Pan?? Also, He Was Too Manly To Be Edward, Edward Was Supposed To Be The Most Boyish-Looking, and I Believe Jasper Stole That From Him In the Movie. Also, Bella Wasn't Portrayed As I Thought. Kristen Looks Like her For Sure, But She Was Kinda Bland And Boring. Also, I Didn't Like How A Lot Of Important Parts Were Taken Out Of The Movie, Like Especially With Jacob, Because She's Supposed To build A Relationship With him Later, And It Didn't show Even The Slightest Chemistry There. Or Even That Jacob Was interested In Her, Which He Was Supposed To Be. Also A Suggestion, Max Theirot Should Totally Play Seth!! ;]
posted by Jacob Black Lover on Apr 15, 2009
Ok. Well this is my opinion so please don't hate me. I am a great fan of Kristen Stewart. She's sweet, pretty and a wonderful actress. But she does not play the role well for bella at all. Bella is supposed to be bubbly and opinionated, Kristen is expressionless and NOTHING like bella. only kristen's looks are like bella, nothing else. she shows no emotion what so ever and I really don't think they should have chosen her for bella. anyway, I loved Taylor as jake, no mistake there, probably the best part of that mixed up movie that wasn't anything like the book. Overall, I am a huge twilight fan but I have a feeling that the books are going to be better than the movies. Which is understandable because Summit Entertainment is a small company and probably can't afford that many special effects.
posted by EdwardHottiii!! on Apr 14, 2009
i think twlight was a good film but the book was better they director didn't include the good details like for example when Bella gets bitten in the book it says Edward stopped and said"thew blood tastes clean" but im the film he cudnt stop sucking her blood!!!!!!MADE IT UP!! i doo like the film but if they don't add those details in i swear it won't be that good!!!!!by the way Robert Pattinson is soo hot i love you man!!!!!!!ur sexy !!!!! xxxxxxxxx
posted by jilly26 on Apr 12, 2009
Yeah, I'm so not into Kristen as Bella. I love the character, but feel Kristen is too one dimensional to play the role of Bella. Too late now. Hopefully she steps it up, especially for "Breaking Dawn". I think with the emotional changes with Bella in "Breaking Dawn", it will be her biggest challenge.
posted by lol on Apr 11, 2009
the release date is november 20th 2009 and tyalor will play jacob inn mew moon. you can even look on the internet . LOL
posted by melllll on Apr 10, 2009
does anyone else hate kristen stewart as bella? i despise her acting.
posted by MikeyJ on Apr 06, 2009
I HATE JACOB!!! lol... not the actor that plays him, just the character of Jacob. Lol, I'm the same height as Bella 5'4 :P
posted by shelbyhotrod on Mar 26, 2009
Nikki is amazing nad so is everyone else. Taylor is a good Jacob even though i choose edward anyday. leave everyone the same it would be stupid to change the cast for any of the movies.
posted by twilightllover on Mar 25, 2009
keep all of them the same they did a really good job they were just in the film as they were in the book keep the all of them the same
posted by juli4eva on Mar 23, 2009
taylor not BIG enough to play jacob when he turn werewolf lol
posted by #1TwilightFan. on Mar 20, 2009
Twilight is an amazing film, i love it to bits, ive read all the books, im reading them over again. Im happy that kristen and robert are rejoining the cast, but sad that taylor may be replaced ((i hope he aint)). Twilight will not be the same if anyone is replaced. I have many posters OF TWILIGHT, i really cant wait for new moon to come out,, i started crying when i found out when new moon was coming out ((sad aint I)). When i read new moon for the first time i was sayin to myseelf,, "Forget Edward go with Jacob" Only because he was so nice to her,, but then in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn i was sayin "Okay go with Edward,, But dont forget Jacob". My friends say i will get over twilight,, but i cant,, Its like a drug to me,, im not just taking tht out of twilight,, it really is. I cryed myself to sleep once because i wanted my life to be like twilight and i couldnt have it tht way. I love Robert Pattinson soooooo much, Kristen Stewart is also great,, Taylor Lautner is hot aswell, but Roberts HOTTER!. I cried at all the books,, The film is great,, ive watched it 12 times exacly I WAS COUNTING. I dream aboutt being in the cast of twilight,, and meeting the whole cast,, it would be my dream. My friends say im pale enough to be one of the Cullens and now they call me Mrs Cullen. Well my first name then Cullen. Its funny coz my name is isabella ((bella)) and im going out with a boy called Edward, its been 3 years now :D. Not trying to be like the cullens but,, Have you tasted blood, i think its quite tasty. My fav Colour is GREEN,, My fav number is 17!. Well i cnt think of anything else to say,, OH one more thing. I LOVE TWILIGHT SAGA SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!.
posted by twilightmoviefan on Mar 19, 2009
PLEASE!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!! keep all the orig. cast dont change anyone they all played their part so well together they made the movie SO!!!! very!! GOOD!!!!
posted by whatever on Mar 17, 2009
Sorry. I mean he's in loove with HER!! Also evyone whpo's hating on Taylor as Jacob... HE IS JACOB!! Bella sayshe lookes like Jake still (it's all in the smile) and Taylor has the PERFECT smile. I have seen him since he put on 30lbs. of muscle and he looks ALOT diffrent from Twilight. I love Jacob. He's my fav. I really think they should keep all the same cast. They were great!
posted by whatever on Mar 17, 2009
They should keep all the same cast. Remember everyone that Bella's not super pretty. she's plain the eyes of mortals. she's just extremly beautiful to Edward because he's completly in love with him, and Kristin Stewart was the pefect size. Bell's only 110lbs. Krisitn looks about that.
posted by Mab. on Mar 12, 2009
don't change anyone excpet rosalie. She DID do a good job at looking and acti ng mean, but in the book she was prtrayed as like stunningly perfect and really skinny and blonde with perfect skin. but her skin looked human, and she was definatly not stunningly perfect. just change her.But Keep Edaward and bella the EXACT same Edward was a god in twilight. <3
posted by parisyoo on Mar 11, 2009
omg keep everyone the same! dont listen too any of these fools! but i think it would be smart to send out new moon to theaters around june 21st it would make fans happier
posted by Sofiecullen on Mar 08, 2009
I think rosalie should be changed!!! Blah she was terrible. she isn't tall or pretty or thin!!! Or even blonde!!!!!!!!!! Jacob was perfect don't change a thing about him!! so hot! and as for edward and bella they are soooooooooo hot!!
posted by Drusilla on Mar 07, 2009
I think all the cast people are amazing, they all suit the charcter's really well, and, they shouldn't change any of the actors/actoress :]
posted by till on Feb 28, 2009
I don't think they picked the right person for Jacob, he isn't what i pictured him to be but i'll admit he did an okay job they can't change him now. If they did it would not be the same. Everyone know what happins to movies when they change the cast. Twilight could of been much better if they didn't cut out so much stuff from the book i still enjoyed watching it. I'm curious about what there going to do with New Moon.
posted by twilightlover on Feb 28, 2009
NO you can not change any of the characters they are all great for thier parts especilly Kristin Stewart she was perfect for the role exactly waht i imagined and plz dont replace taylor(jocob) he was great and if you do change him or any of the other people it would ruin the next movie and all the other ones.PLZ just keep all of the people the same........PLZ
posted by apes<3 on Feb 19, 2009
everyone in the movie was great. i wasnt really into the twilight series but when i seen the movie, i went crazy. i read all the books and i just want all the other movies to come out already. i really think that all the characters were great in the movie. bella could have thrown on some eyeliner and done something with her hair, to make her a little prettier, but she was okay. none of the characters should leave though, if any of the characters leave and dont come back, it will throw off the next movies. so all the characters need to stay. peace
posted by kitty on Feb 15, 2009
i think everyone was great ..i heard from my friend that the actris playing alice had gone on vaca just before the statred on the movie and had a major tan.. wonder how much make they used haha. but kristen was amazing she was perfect her skinn tone her hair i think she was a lil skinny but who isn't in holly wood other then that she seem pretty normal in the movie, and robert is now and forever my dream guy, shh i don't want anyboys to know, haha. i can't wait to see it again i feel sad just hading stetred reading the seiries now i mean i statred on the friest week back to school cuz my eng teacher made us go to the libraray to get a book and i hadn't read it yet so i thought why my surprize i couldn't put it down i read for like 3 days non stop andthen i got new moon a day later and i just finished eclipse yesture day and im getting agrrivated not being able to read breaking dawn right now i watched a bunch of movies with kristen way off topic but im just saying i love the beoock all the actors were perfect for the rolls they played and i can't wait to see the movie again gonna cry when new moons comes out
posted by Changeisgood1189 on Feb 12, 2009
Honestly the cast was great though I wasn't too happy with Bella... She did a great job as an actor, but she was not beautiful. She was too plain and with how the cullens girls looked, it really made her look like crap. I think they could have gotten someone who had more qualities. She's supper skinny, pale white and she BLIKNS TOO MUCH! The guys were great especially Robert! If they replace Jacob then the next movie will be really weird. We fell in love with these characters so for them to change anyone it will screw things up... But they can consider changing Kristin Stewart... I mean BORING! All the guys were all over her and there was nothing special about her! They should have done a better job at picking the actress for the role of bella, I mean seriously! Pisses me offf! I think the should have used alice! She would have made a beautiful bella :o) I loveee alice!
posted by Sunny on Feb 01, 2009
À ìîâåòå íà ðóññêîì???
posted by Renesmee Is A STUPID on Jan 29, 2009
Dont replace anyone! Jacob wasnt how i expected him, but i think it worked, also it'll work even better with his hair cut. And does anyone know the UK release time, because i dont think im allowed to fly to america for a film . . .
posted by strawberiie018 on Jan 29, 2009
update! they won't be replacing Taylor Lautner anymore. he's definitely staying for New Moon :) and i THINK they're planning to take Dakota Fanning to play Jane.. one of the Volturi people. well.. i'm just soooo excited to see New Moon!! me and my friends are total Twilight addicts and we can hardly wait!! :D
posted by Jacobluver on Jan 28, 2009
posted by lovethis.series on Jan 26, 2009
i do agree you guyz so should keep the actors that played in twilight cause if you guyz dont stay in the film then the rest of series will be just dumb to watch because looking at hot actors in the film is the best way to watch a you guyz are really good actors
posted by charlie on Jan 22, 2009
I think they should keep all the cast members as it would ruin the films altogether. The lads who play Edward, Jasper, Emmet and Jacob are all fantastic in the roles they play.
posted by Obsessed With Twilig on Jan 18, 2009
I mean Transformers lol
posted by Obsessed With Twilig on Jan 18, 2009
I really dont think u shud repalce any of the cast members, it wud be a real disappoinment.. Kirsten & Rob are perfect for the part- they have such a connection!! Stephanie is a great writer, the books are amazing! Iv seen Twilight 4 times in the cinema && Cant wait 4 it 2 be released on dvd..Have 2 say im not at all impressed that we have 2 wait till november 2 see New Moon- I cud be dead & buried by then lol- Isnt there any way 2 speed things up, the excitment is killing me lol..Im almost 21 and my friends think im a lunatic- havent been this excited about a movie since Transfers!!...Please dont change Jacob, he's really good!!
posted by me on Jan 10, 2009
ok well why the hell didnt they put a lauren in the movie she has a pretty good role and we need a lauren for new moon shes the one who turns jess away from bella
posted by lydia b on Jan 10, 2009
taylor is playin jacob in new moon!
posted by dollfinlvr24 on Jan 06, 2009
please keep taylor as jacob black he was a good actor and he did really good in the first movie so please summit don't replace him please.
posted by sassyx3samm on Jan 04, 2009
they CAN NOT replace taylor lautner thats horrible hes the perfect role for jacob black
posted by twilighter on Jan 03, 2009
ok i heard it was coming out july 2-4 of 09 an sum sa 2010 so umm dnt go back none please keep it within july an november i mean 2010 are you for real by the time this is all over ill like 21 or 22 and thats gonna b to ol dfor me to watch these an i wanna remember these movies throughout my teens not 20's
posted by kristan stewart fan on Jan 03, 2009
ok Kristan ur gonna b so good in new moon u an robert have this unexplainable connection really ur gonna b great but yall dont need to chang taylor bc he is small but summit can work around it i mean special effects but dnt go overboard bc yall did perfect with twilight i love the movie saw it twice already bout to c it again an goin monda to watch it an new moon is the greatest book so i agree with lydia b it should b a long movie so u can fit in the best stuff there is nothin yall need to take out because that movie is gonna b great but dont cut out as much as u did in twilight bc the biology part where they prikd the fingers should have been in there it would have made it better but be asolutely sure to include the birthday scene all my friends an sum family think that the movie is nothin without her birthday party at the cullens!
posted by lydia b on Jan 03, 2009
ok please dont change jacob blacks character he is so great the entire cast is wonderful an for the people who dont like kristen stewart u all are crazy she is absolutely the best bella swan that could ever exist and robert pattinson is absolutely great he is a trus leave the cast as is the only person who i felt wasnt perfect but he was great is jasper but he did a great job with the role and dnt cut out a bunch of scenes that movie needs to be like three an a half hours long seriously 2 aint gonna do it
posted by rayan on Jan 01, 2009
they cant replace him i love him playing as jacob black he plays the role soo well. i dont think anyone can play it as good as him. his the best!!!!they better keep him
posted by Jenna K on Jan 01, 2009
they cannot replace him if he was already in the first movie that would be reaaaally stupid no offence haha but yeah THATS not how i pictured him but since he was in the first movie they just can not do that :P
posted by on Dec 31, 2008
This is NOT an official date ! It was penned. They could bring this forward or push it back. And Taylor better not be replaced!
posted by JacobsLover on Dec 31, 2008
The Twilight movie was the worse dissapointment in my life. It was just( use's fowl language). Taylor was the best part about. Sorry all you Robert fans..but he does NOT fit as edward mother effing cullen ok? I would kiss the new director if he just got a whole new cast. Except Taylor of course..he is my homeboy :)
posted by tomas on Dec 27, 2008
You guys are gay. Taylor is made for the part, though he wasn't exactly how I pictured him but Bella wasn't like I pictured her and she was 100% hot. Taylor has to stay Jacob or I might cry.
posted by gee on Dec 26, 2008
well i rili dont imagine taylor as jacob.he is too miles away from that role in new moon.and guys dont blame summit or the director coz stephanie describe and wrote jacob to have a huge tranformation in the first place! they were juzt doin thyre job to rili put the book into life! since i'd read new moon i was looking forward for the new face of jacob in the movie and im not goin 2 vote for that taylor kid!he juzt need to back off,rili it annoys me!And NOT EVERYONE IS SAD TO SEE TAYLOR AWAY!!!!!!!JUST GO SEE HIS OTHER MOVIES IF U WANT 2 STICK WITH HIM!honestly he's not even a big deal to me for being jacob so it doesnt hurt and it will make new moon even MORE BETTER!
posted by THINKBEFOREUCOMPLAIN on Dec 26, 2008
if the taylor fans is deadly convinced that the only thing theyre replacing taylor is bcoz they WANT it and he's not good enough.No its becoz they HAVE TO.they need to replace taylor! im goin to be dissapointed if this taylor is not replace! i imagined a Very Different person to play jacob on new moon and its michael copon! Summit Replace Taylor LAutner.he's done here.
posted by IWantAnEdwardCullen on Dec 26, 2008
English Fan:) Anyone Know when it comes out in the uk?
posted by RosalieHale on Dec 26, 2008
NO! Do not take Taylor Lautner out of New Moon. He deserves to be a part of this. If he chooses to not play the part so be it. He should not have to be told to. Why don't they just do what they do for all the other actors and actresses to make them seem taller?
posted by addicted to twilight on Dec 23, 2008
mm., can you plz. don't change taylor lautner as jacob black in newmoon.?! plz..?! 'coz all of us fans will gonna be disappointed.! we are expecting the same characters in twilight as in newmoon.. i do think taylor fits the role.! damn., he's so handsome.!
posted by iloveedward on Dec 23, 2008
please do not change anything about edward..especially his hair!!PLEASE...HE is so handsome with that style of hair..I SWEAR!!SO PLEASE DONT!!
posted by TwilightGirl on Dec 22, 2008
I hate when people change the cast members during a another movie. Its really dumb if you hirer a person for that movie then the next one comes and you dont think that person is whant you are looking for anymore. and for those people who want a new person GO OFF YOUR SELF!!! Tayor you are the best!!!
posted by iluvtwilight on Dec 21, 2008
taylor lautner fit the role for young jacob u just can't see taylor standing up to robert but copon shouldn't replace him P.s for all jacob fans think about what is going 2 be the difference he's going 2 be digitalized the only thing about him that will be the same is his face
posted by iluvedwardcullen on Dec 20, 2008
Jake had no significance in twilight... PLEASE REPLACE HIM! It won't hurt new moon... It could only improve.
posted by iluvedwardcullen on Dec 20, 2008
please get a new jake! Dude so does not fit the part... I realize i will never enjoy the movie as much as the book ... Jake was my biggest disappointment in the movie!
posted by iluvedward! on Dec 20, 2008
pleasd replace jacob! He doesn't fit the part at all. He was my biggest dissapointment.
posted by Dee on Dec 20, 2008
as I said before I would boycott new moon if they change jacob
posted by ILOVEJACOB on Dec 19, 2008
They cannot replace Taylor Lautner! He is so perfect! I can't believe New Moon is comming out so soon.
posted by TeamEdward on Dec 19, 2008
I promise you that if you DARE change Edward I will kil myself!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by TeamEdward on Dec 19, 2008
Please keep everyone person who plays people in the movie the same except for Jacob the same!!!! I don't think that Taylor fits the part AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Jacobfan22 on Dec 19, 2008
Plz!!!! Do Not Replace Taylor Lautner(Jacob Black) I will not come see them and other ppl probebly wont either cuz he fits the part!!!1
posted by Stacey A. on Dec 19, 2008
You can't replace characters....that is how movies flop. You have to keep all of the same actors because people already feel a connection. Please do not disappoint us.
posted by NANI0121 on Dec 18, 2008
posted by Hillaryroseenmeyer on Dec 17, 2008
They should give the role of Jacob to Steven Strait.
posted by Leah on Dec 16, 2008
Nooooo this cannot happen i looove taylor as jacob he was made 4 dat part and when i read the books i already imagine taylor as him so plzz summit don't ruin dis awesome movie sequel
posted by lovecullens6767 on Dec 16, 2008
NO NO NO. pleasee dont take jake out of the 2nd movie. I read all of the books and i pictured jake exactly like Taylor. Pleasee summit, DONT TAKE HIM OUT OF THE MOVIE!
posted by nafereti on Dec 16, 2008
Summit can not replace Taylor. I will boycott if they do & refuse to support any future Twilight movies. This will suck because I was a Twilight fan way before the books made it to the big screen. Please DO NOT ruin twilight for me Summit.
posted by fairywihitetiger on Dec 16, 2008
summit HAS to replace taylor, he just doesnt fit to play the role for new moon, he doesnt have it in hi to do so. i suggest that summit replace him with michael copon.

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