Video Premiere: Akon's 'I'm So Paid' Feat. Lil Wayne

October 31, 2008 02:08:43 GMT

Akon manages to flee with lots of money after selling a fake diamond to a rich person on his 'I'm So Paid' music video.

Video Premiere: Akon's 'I'm So Paid' Feat. Lil Wayne
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A music video in support of Akon's Lil Wayne-featuring song "I'm So Paid" has been debuted. Directed by Gil Green and shot on a big cruise ship, the music video has DJ Khaled, Tami Chynn, and Lil Chuckee as cameos.

On the video, Akon is seen making a grand arrival on a helicopter and dressing in a black tuxedo while his hand is clutching a white suitcase, seemingly to be loaded with something valuable. After his mission on selling a fake diamond to the owner of the ship is complete, he and a girl from the cruise ship run off using a speedboat with a lot of money in his case.

"I'm So Paid" is the second single off Akon's upcoming studio effort "Freedom". Scheduled to be released in the U.S. market on November 25, the record will feature T-Pain on "Holla Holla", Ray Lavender on "Against the Grain", and Wyclef Jean on "Sunny Day".

Akon's "I'm So Paid" music video:


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posted by wateve on Feb 01, 2010
posted by killa4life on Dec 14, 2009
this song is tha shit man!!!!
posted by PONY GIRL on Mar 02, 2009
this song is so cute. i love lil wayne hes the shit...
posted by yodaddy on Feb 13, 2009
this song is da bomb get it lol1
posted by murt da flirt on Nov 17, 2008
hey man akon is for real period!!
posted by cookies :) on Nov 13, 2008
loovvee it lil wayne is bomb !
posted by samantha on Nov 06, 2008
i love this song:)
posted by DJ I on Nov 02, 2008
ahah i love it...Wayne got it
posted by tanya on Nov 02, 2008
I love this song

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