David Archuleta Signed With Christina Aguilera's Management

October 08, 2008 08:57:21 GMT

David Archuleta is now under the assistance of Azoff Management and his manager father, Jeff Archuleta.

David Archuleta
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David Archuleta is confirmed to sign a contract with Azoff Management, the same powerhouse team who helped Eagles, Christina Aguilera, Neil Diamond, and, most recently, Morrissey boosting their music careers. Meanwhile, his first manager, who is also his father, Jeff Archuleta, will still co-assist him together with Azoff's Jared Paul.

Previously, TMZ reported that Jeff had allegedly caused trouble by insisting to change the lyrics of David's first song in "American Idol" called "Stand By Me" by adding a verse from Sean Kingston's hit, "Beautiful Girls". The result of Jeff's decision at that time reportedly caused 'American Idol' team to pay a lot of money to the song's publisher as a compensation.

David's self titled debut album is slated for release on November 11 via Jive Records. Co-written by Jess Cates, Dave Hodges, and Emanuel Kiriakou, his lead single titled "Crush" peaked at number one on Billboard Hot Digital Songs chart and reached number two on Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart.


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posted by MRS.ARCHULETA on Oct 16, 2008
posted by Josie on Oct 10, 2008
This is great. Between Jeff Archuleta, a musician who knows David so well and is quite often an amazed fan of David's himself, and the Azoff team's connections and guidance, this should be super for David.
posted by gloria on Oct 09, 2008
david GOD BLESS U i love u so much! u deserve the best baby! n jeff is an amazing man i met him on tour he is awesome justas a david
posted by blueskyy on Oct 09, 2008
What a bonehead move by 19r - passing on David Archuleta? Thank God he's away from those idiots, and is with a company who will focus their attention and know how on him. A talent like his deserves the best management team, and I think Azoff is a briliant move. Way to go David!
posted by Questioner on Oct 09, 2008
I find it very interesting to see that a comment I wrote (facetiously stating that "'sources' say that the writer's father is a monster") has been deleted. Would that we could delete what an uniformed press has printed.
posted by Naomi on Oct 08, 2008
David' Mom did a Gret job in raising Him!!! only people real close to him can agree with this!! THANK-YOU LUPE!!!!!!!!
posted by Claudia on Oct 08, 2008
posted by Liz on Oct 08, 2008
We have known for awhile that David was looking for a co-manager to work WITH his dad. First of all, I think it's incredibly wise for David and his father to realize that professional, experienced, connected management is a must. 19M wouldn't want to share control over their artist, so I'm sure that is why he has signed with a manager within the Azoff who SPECIALIZES in co-managing.
posted by Violet on Oct 08, 2008
Jeff didn't change the words. David did it in rehearsals. And the producers and band leader heard it. They told him it sounded good. Supposedly later, 2 hours before the show, a producer emailed Jeff to have David take the words out out, but Jeff never read his email until afterwards. They do not blame Jeff for that. Jeff could not stick up for himself due to the AI contract so the press had a field day printing unsubstantiated rumors about Jeff from unnamed sources for weeks. Even AP admits that. And hurray for David getting new management. Maybe they'll finish his official web page and get him some great publicity and gigs.
posted by janddgaither on Oct 08, 2008
Way to go Josh. You hit the nail on the head.
posted by frenchie on Oct 08, 2008
why must you always insert a negative comment with beautiful news
posted by randy on Oct 08, 2008
this news are all rumors guys. so .. if it's not true, don't be so ... ridiculously mad ... c'mon ...
posted by josh on Oct 08, 2008
Your alleged report is wrong (whoever wrote it, know the fact.). It was David who wanted to sing part of "Beautiful Girls", and producers who encouraged him to sing that part, didn't stop him during the rehearsal. After David's performance, AI realized the problem, and blamed Jeff to cover their fault. AI manipulation cost David the crown and the bad reputation on Jeff. It is a wise decision to get out of the relationship with 19M like Kelly Clarkson. Jeff will protect David as a co-manager and a parent.
posted by grace on Oct 08, 2008
David's Dad has done a marvelous job and this is part of that marvelous job. Hopefully this new team can measure up to the goals of David Archuleta. As he state in a radio interview this week, "I don't really think about the money, it is all about using the time I have to produce some really good music."
posted by pastel on Oct 08, 2008
The reason for this teaming is experience...plain and simple. It's a good pairing, for all parties. Glad he's separating from the Idol machine.
posted by meg on Oct 08, 2008
i highly doubt that's the reason he got a manager. his father is a great guy. every major upcoming artist needs an experienced manager, that's just common sense. i'm so happy for him and his family, and i'm sure working with this new management will bring nothing but huge success for him. :) i couldn't be happier, he deserves it all.
posted by Georgeann on Oct 08, 2008
Good thing I don't believe what I read over what I have experienced myself. Like many who commented here, I have also met David & his father Jeff, and found them to be two of the most humble, sincere people on earth. David has repeatedly quashed these rumors by stating his utmost respect and appreciation for his dad helping him in his music career. They are both great guys who do not deserve the negative spin that this article has put on their relationship. Aceshowbiz, you need to use a new fact-checker before you print such "news."
posted by Cathy on Oct 08, 2008
This is a wise decision by David and his Father. Having the pleasure of meeting both of them - I have never met two nicer people. Everyone should be blessed with having what was obvioius to me as a most loving and respectful child/parent relationship. I am glad that this relationship will continue in a professional manner as well. Grace's comment speaks volume to the character of David Archuleta and the man who helped raise him.

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