Miley Cyrus' Rumored Boyfriend Cody Linley Speaks of Their Relationship

September 12, 2008 04:17:31 GMT

The actor said he and Miley are "very, very close, and there is a connection", but didn't openly admit that they're dating.

Miley Cyrus
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Talks have been mounting that Miley Cyrus and Cody Linley are dating, but according to him they're just close friends. He opens up about their relationship to Life and Style magazine.

Miley and Cody, who plays her on-screen flame on "Hannah Montana", sparked dating rumors after they were seen leaving his Los Angeles apartment late at night on September 2. The co-stars were snapped as he drove her away from his L.A. pad. At that time an onlooker said, "Cody opened the door of his Mustang for Miley, who had a huge smile on her face. She couldn't keep her eyes off him."

Miley herself has previously expressed her crush on Cody, saying "He is so much fun to look at. He's really fun and down to earth. And he's hot!"

In a recent interview with Life and Style magazine, Cody explained that the day when they were seen together at his apartment they, along with his roommate, "all painted", insisting "We splatter-painted. He went on telling the magazine that he and Miley are "very, very close, and there is a connection" adding "Yeah, I think that's all I can say."

No words from Miley about her relationship with Cody, but it is widely believed that she began dating the boy after splitting from Jonas Brothers' Nick Jonas.


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posted by cody linle\'s real G on Aug 07, 2010
Hey cody its me again. I messed up on my screen name. Anyway come to my house tonite. We can eat dinner then have sex. Then we can sleep then we can go to the beach. Miley cyrus is a fickin bitch!!! Nobody wud wanna date her. And plz say ur not cheating on me!!!!
posted by cody linle\'s REAL g on Aug 07, 2010
Hey Cody. Y dont u cum to my house and we can go to the beach tomorrow? I am gonna look sexy for u ok? Im gonna wear my sexiest bathing suit ok? I luv u baby! Bye!
posted by Amanda stanzile on Aug 04, 2010
dare cody liney I love my kiss
posted by Butterfly on Jul 11, 2010
Cumon miley de guy is everythng dat a gal ned y breakin his fragile heart...liam is too old 4 u nt ur age
posted by mickerlange louis on Jun 22, 2010
love u miley and cody linley
posted by hey miley on Oct 21, 2009
miley.....why don't u date nick,he's cute really,me as ur fan i really support u even if everyone hates u i'm always behind u okay????luv ya!!!take care
posted by dehona13 on Jul 03, 2009
omg i mean really they should reall go out at least once or twice and see how it goes
posted by cheyanne on May 08, 2009
hi cody i loveyou
posted by laila on Apr 13, 2009
hi ana laila
posted by hayfa on Mar 27, 2009
hi miley i love you very much and i dream about you . i wish joe jonas your boyfriend because i love him too and please if you go to oprah show ... tell her the name to your boyfriend because iknow evry thing about you just this joe ? nick? cody?...? kiss
posted by miley cyrus number 1 on Jan 11, 2009
who cares about the age differens
posted by AMNDA STAZNZILE on Nov 11, 2008
posted by jayden on Oct 28, 2008
hey i will have sex with you miley cyrs bye hottie
posted by Betsy on Sep 27, 2008
i think u guys shouldnt be talkin lyk dat but dat was a great question can u give me mily cyrus number
posted by OMI on Sep 19, 2008
Man, I completely disagree with wowa. Miley's the hottest among the two
posted by miley cyrs on Sep 19, 2008
cody i am your gril friend and i am reddy baby boy for sex so love me and come to my house and we can sleep togater for the nigh ok love miley
posted by miley c on Sep 19, 2008
cody are you trening 19 this yer
posted by mitchell on Sep 19, 2008
cody linley are you thir i need you to talk to do you have msn
posted by mitchell on Sep 19, 2008
cody are you omg
posted by mithell on Sep 19, 2008
hey mailly and cody are you both relly boyfriend and grilfriend i need to ask you cody if you were lie to wat wood you do be cuse i was lie to last nigh my boyfrind navr call me back shod i brak up with him cody ples tell me lol lol sara i and iam also abig fan fo the ro and co show
posted by omg on Sep 17, 2008
That's so gross. Hello?? Where are her parents!? Have we forgotten she's 15!!!?
posted by amnda on Sep 17, 2008
dar cod liney love amnda mi kiss too deeta
posted by FYI on Sep 14, 2008
FYI he is 19 and the hottest guy ever and she is turning 16 November 23 and who gives a shit if they are going out like who woundn't go out with Cody
posted by Wowa! on Sep 14, 2008
Ew. He's hot; she's not.
posted by help them on Sep 13, 2008
i totally agree with oh please.. u guys are only 16 n u shouldn't stay late @ each others house...i don't care if u r a super star,mega rich teen, u need 2 set a good example 4 the little girls who looks up 2 u...
posted by miley on Sep 13, 2008
Cody Linley is 18 OKAY....... not 16 and Miley is 15 about to turn 16.
posted by me on Sep 12, 2008
10:00 at night is not all that late
posted by shut up on Sep 12, 2008
you obviously care if you're saying "omg please don't tell me you guys did it" so dumb
posted by oh please. on Sep 12, 2008
okay, you guys are like what? 15? 16? And you're already "staying late at each others house"? omg, please dont tell me you guys did it. and people! leave them alone... i mean, who cares.

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